“WRAPPUP” – Best Voice Recording App Yet?

Developer: Wrappup, Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


 Whether you consider yourself white collar or blue collar, inevitably, you will find yourself sitting in a meeting. Your attendance may have a purpose, or you are just a fly on the wall. I find myself in both predicaments as often as corporate America dictates. Guess what? There is an app for us all now so we can easily document the conversation and support our relevance and attendance. Let me introduce the recording app, “Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder.” (You see how the developer put the word “app” in the name…very clever. I’m sold already.)

This app has more features than the standard voice recorder which your phone already comes equipped with. The features are promising, and as the tagline suggests, it is a “Meeting with Momentum.” (Catchy alliteration, too.)


This app is both Android and IPhone compatible so go ahead and do yourself a favor, and download it to your smartphone and/or tablet. After downloading, you will be presented with a tutorial and screens illustrating on how to record and highlight, playback, send summaries, and speech search which will demonstrate the features of the app. You will have to sign in with a registered email account. Then you are prompted to sync your calendar, location, and media, if so desired. The app automatically populates your calendar. Now, you can determine what meetings you will use this sweet app for.

Easy Voice RecorderSo let’s just say your attendance is mandated at a meeting called by the HR director who wishes to discuss how to implement a system for determining who has donut duty every Friday. Corporate America strikes again! (Because alphabetical order would just make too much sense.) You immediately determine that you’re A.D.D. will set in or you will be too hungover to focus at this meeting. This is where “Wrappup” steps in to save you. Engage the app, and then just press the microphone. Your recording will start immediately. Whether you are in LaLa land or actually paying attention, you can tap the app during the conversation to highlight or note a point. After the HR director justifies her job and the meeting has ended, hit the stop button. You can then add an appropriate title (Donut Duty) for the recording and playback at your leisure. The app will then create a smart speech search for the recording This will take a couple of minutes to hours to generate based on the duration of the meeting so don’t be alarmed when this feature doesn’t immediately pop up. You will be notified when your recording is ready for the speech search function where as you can search for particular words, phrases, and names. Even more so, you can choose the options to send summary, add people, share link, download audio file, get transcript, or delete the recording.


This recording app offers has many more advantages than disadvantages. This is an extremely useful app for project managers and administrative assistants responsible for publishing meeting minutes. This also offers back-up for the guy who says “I never said that!” Additionally, I would also suggest this as a recording tool for students to record lectures while taking notes because we all have slept during class at some point. On the downside, this app will not capture any of the visual presentation or portion of a meeting, lecture, or conference, and it might not pick up all of the voice recognition in larger rooms but it is still a smart recording app. This app should also not be used to record snoring. I know what it sounds like! Seriously…this app is even fun to mess around with so try it out before you get comfortable with it and make sure your device’s battery is charged. Written and verbal documentation is very important in any profession, contrary to my lame example above.

GPS Map AppsDeveloper – Tom Desmet

Price – Free

Quick Overview

Points for Places That Matter is basically Google Maps that uses your GPS location to pin point your destination for future reference.  The maps are clear and appear similar to Google Maps. The app enables family sharing (allows up to six members to share the all of the data information) so I used the app this weekend at the zoo with my family.  We have young kids and frequent the zoo six or eight times a year. They never get tired of those crazy seals.  It always amazes me how kids always have to go the bathroom the second you mention it’s time to leave.  Despite being a regulars to the zoo (I used to be a regular at the local watering hole), we can never find the family restrooms quick enough.  I used the app to pin point all the family restrooms plus the only concession stand that sells margaritas.  It was convenient to pull up the app and locate the closest family restroom.  The app will organize your points in lists for quick reference.  Create unique lists for local bars, entertainment venues, and/or the best vegetarian restaurants.  The app will allow you to create individual lists which can be shared with friends.  Going bar hopping? Plan the bar stops before you go and share it with your friends, and no one will get lost this way unless he/she can’t see straight.

GPS MAP APPWhat I particularly like about Points for Places That Matter is the app gains value the more you use it and the more time you invest in it. We are planning a vacation to Chicago, and most city adventures with my unorganized family is wasted trying to figure out where to go and how to get there.  We will be using public transportation so I will spend the few extra minutes ahead of time pining all of the L-train locations.  The time spent will not only save us time on our vacation, but will certainly cut out an ugly public dispute with my wife while I walk aimlessly around the city hoping to find the L.  In short, I recommend this app for anyone who enjoys getting the most out of technology and who is willing to utilize the app for its resourcefulness.

The Peoples’ Best Calorie Counter & Weight Loss App, “BALANCE FOOD TRACKER AND CALORIE COUNTER.”

Simple Calorie Counter app

Developer: Runtastic

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and use with in-app purchases.

The Best Calorie Counter App

 As some of us watch the Biggest Loser, it is evident the struggle with weight loss is real. It can be difficult eating healthy as fast food ads are blasted in our faces daily, and you can’t travel very far in suburbia without seeing an ice cream or frozen custard shop. There are even some people (not me) who battle with weight gain.  Well, the “Balance Food Tracker and Calorie Counter” is the best calorie counter app on the market and is at your service.

Let me be very clear about this weight loss app. It will NOT lose the weight for you. This would be a monumental achievement in the world of apps so don’t hold your breath…it isn’t happening.


I will also refer to this as a “dieting app” because once you download the app to your smartphone or tablet, you are prompted to select either Lose Weight, Gain Weight, or Eat Healthy.  I like to be given a choice so this is an encouraging start for the balance food tracker and calorie counter app. Tap the screen to select your diet. I will make this personal as an example, and inform you that I chose Lose Weight.  The next screen will require you to input your demographics such as name, birthdate, height, weight, and goal/target weight. Make sure you pay attention to the units when entering these statistics whether you utilize metric (most of the world) or imperial (US) units. After I filled out all the necessary fields, the next screen pulls up your “Diary.” This is basically your home page for this app. From top to bottom, the page displays the following: your personalized daily calorie allowance, dietary info like carbs, proteins, and fat, categories for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, your current and target weight, and an update your weight button.<<take a breath>> The page does contain intermittent ad ribbons so take notice of these, as well. You can also change you goal which is shown directly under the snacks category. For example, if you reach your target weight, change your goal to Eat Healthy.

best calorie counter app Now, it’s time to make use of this app as your daily journal or diary as the app calls it. I would recommend updating your weight in the morning since this when you typically weigh less. You can skip a couple of days to update your weight and surprise yourself, or go on vacation like me and gain five pounds to only start a new weight loss diet. I digress. Anyway, this app is very user friendly, and it is as simple as inputting your food and drink of choice. Select the meal or snack category from the diary page, Press the “+” to add an item, search for the specific food or drink, slide to the appropriate portion size, and tap the check mark icon to accept the entry. Back out to the home screen and watch the calorie allowance counter update, and the carbs, protein, and fat will be tabulated. The best calorie counter app contains an extensive library of foods and drinks and is even populated with your favorite restaurants and fast food joints. I wouldn’t recommend fast food for the Lose Weight goal. It is good, though.

If you forget a meal or even want to look ahead, no worries…you can always revise your daily diary in retrospect or plan for meals for the future by simply tapping the calendar icon in the upper right corner of the diary home page. You also have the ability to delete a meal or drink, but you will have to go to the specific category, select the entry, press the icon shown as three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and push delete.

More Than a simple calorie counter app

The bulk of the app benefits have been described in the aforementioned paragraphs. However, there is more. In the bottom ribbon of the home screen, pictured are “News Feed,” “Plans,” and “Profile” icons. The News Feed icon links you to Runtastic sponsored articles and blogs and affiliates (i.e. – Adidas). The Plans icon directs you to specific meal and drink plans related your goal which is Weight loss in my case. This is where the in-app purchases come into play in the form of 3-6 month intervals ranging from $.97/week to $2.33/week. The more months you subscribe the cheaper per week rate you will be charged. A successful diet requires a good meal plan so this feature could be right up your alley for a small price compared to that of the actual food. Lastly, you can also view your Profile and modify your previously entered settings, if necessary, and include an associated picture, if so desired.

CLOSING ARGUMENTSBest Calorie Counter App 2017

I took the time to make this blog a little longer than usual and more detailed as I feel it is important that we do everything we can to be healthy and live longer. I am not going to act like I am educated in the field of nutrition, but I will state the obvious. As the typical diet regimen requires discipline and exercise, take the time to use this dieting and weigh loss app as a journal to help you meet and exceed your goal(s).

DAY ONE – The Daily Journal App

One Day App Review


Developer: Bloom Built, Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and use with optional upgrade purchase


Our everyday lives can range from being very routine to being extremely diversified. Keeping track of our schedule(s) and remembering events and people of relevance can become an afterthought during our daily grind. Well, there is a new journal app, “DAY ONE,” to help us capture memories, happenings,  and even plan ahead whether you take pride in being organized or consider yourself a procrastinator. This app is available for both the Android and IPhone smartphones.


Open up ITunes or Google Play store as applicable and search for journal app or simply “Day one” as a keyword. Download it, and you are on your way. FYI, it’s about 29MB.

Upon opening the app, the home screen or the timeline screen is populated whereas the first thing you will probably take notice to is the large camera icon, “+,” day, and date. The upper ribbon will display the word “Journal” with the typical main menu icon (three horizontal lines), the search icon (magnifying glass), and the more icon (three vertical dots). Under the main menu and more icon, you can create your account under the settings tab, and it’s easy as entering your email and following the hyperlink sent to your email immediately by Day One support. The settings tab also offers other options such as units. Units can be set to imperial or metric units. This is a very important setting as each journal entry contains specific metadata identifying the time, location, and even temperature. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, the additional icons in the bottom ribbon allow access to your timeline, photos, map, and calendar. The calendar will allow you to view you past entries or even schedule appointments in the future.

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Now that you are finally getting acclimated, let’s get down to the fun part. Inputting a journal entry is easy as pressing the plus(+) sign or camera icon. Simply type in the event, reminder, or note-to-self, click the checkmark, and your entry is logged in. If you want a visual component to your entry, you would obviously press the camera icon which allows you to snap a photo or insert from your personal image storage. So for example, if your wife has someone take a picture of the two of you on the beach, she can type in the caption “Me and my trophy husband.” Priceless memories like these are what this app is all about. More so, there aren’t any annoying ads or pop-ups, but there is a premium service feature offered starting at $2.92/mo which allows for multiple journals, additional features, and unlimited cloud storage. The free version is still well suited for the average user, but could bog down your smartphone storage.


In general, this app is a diary on steroids. It is very straightforward and enables one to capture every day thoughts and recollections. In our day and age of technology, I can see this journaling app as probably one of the best of its kind. This is a very useful app and could double as a supplemental travel app. Make your memories personal, professional, and exciting. It’s all about you and yours!

YESMLS – Changing How We Buy and Sell Houses

New MLSDeveloper – Anthony Deketelaere

Price – Free

You remember when the internet was a one way form of information, when you only received information? Then in the mid 2000’s, the internet quickly changed to a two way information machine with the advent of social sharing sites Myspace and Facebook and the beginning of informal free advertising on Craigslist.   YESMLS has the unique potential of following suit and making a separate MLS (Multiple Listing Service) accessible to all, not just realtors.


New MLSYESMLS – How It Works

Like all great new technology services, it is easy. Simply sign up with your email, Facebook account or Google+ account and you are good to go. You are welcomed by four simple menus.  The Members menu allows you to connect with other members creating a database of potential buyers and sellers.  The Portfolio menu shows the active listing and your active listings.  The Groups menu allows you to create separate groups for buyers and sellers and the newsfeed menu.  I listed my property on the service just to see how it worked.  It was as simple as filling in fields describing your property characteristics and loading some pictures.  It did take a while for the software to process my information which I think are typical little hick ups which has to be expected from a first version software being out for only a few days.


YESMLS and How Will it Evolve

I think YESMLS will have a tough road ahead to create a completely free, organic MLS that has no legibility requirements. I don’t see traditional realtors embracing the service as it threatens their biggest selling point for service which is the ability to reach audiences.  Currently, access to list on the traditional MLS is restricted to MLS members (usually only realtors).  Starting out, I see this app’s services being a great tool for wholesalers (real estate professionals who buy and sell distressed and bargain homes off the MLS) who typically reach audiences through personal data bases of clients and craigslist.  This app is a great tool for such sellers and will quickly be picked up by wholesalers around the country.  The second group that must be smiling about the app, is the “For Sale By Owner” who doesn’t want to pay the typical 6 percent commissions.  Don’t get me wrong…realtors provide more services then just getting your property listed as they advise of price, negotiate the terms of sale, and see you through closing, and much more. On the other hand, for the real estate savvy investors and for the sell by owners who have these other abilities can access this app and save money.  Today the app has limited users and limited listings, but I know how new unique internet tools can explode quickly.  To my point, Netflix in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s changed how we rented movies, and they went ahead and followed up this evolution with changing how we watched television.  Time will only tell if YESMLS can change how we buy and sell houses, but I love apps that provide a social community while providing a unique service not seen before.

Parenting Apps – Make Your Life Easier

I recently had my second child, and my first child was born before the app boom. I have seen major benefits in the apps as it relates to raising a child.  The days of spending money for a noise maker (which was worth it then) and keeping a pad of paper with notes about when they just last eat or had a diaper blowout are done.  In this post, I focused on free apps that save you money and time when raising and caring for a children.  I have used all of these with my second child, and the convenience of the mobile apps plus the stress relief they provided is making my life (and my wife’s) much easier.  Use these apps to reduce your stress and allow for the time that can be used for drinking a glass of wine.

Baby AppsParenting Apps 1 – Sound Sleeper: White noise machine for baby sleep

Developer – Michael Feigenson

Price – Free

A traditional white noise generator r costs around $50 while the Sound Sleeper app is free and comes with 16 preset soothing sounds that are categorized based on your child’s age. The sleep tracking feature will listen for any noise your child makes and will also track how long your child has slept (hopefully awhile).  You can even connect the sound sleeper to Wi-Fi and use a remote (is your phone the remote?) to turn it on and off so there is no need to risk waking that baby.  For an additional in- app purchase you can download lullabies and other sounds.  Don’t waste the money on a traditional sound generator, but rather download the free app on an IPad and get more features.

Baby AppsBaby Apps 2 – Baby Tracker (Feed Timer, Sleep, Diaper Log)

Developer – Nighp Software LLC

Price – Free

The Baby Tracker app allows you to organize all of your baby’s important activities and functions. Set timers for when your baby needs to feed, or if nursing, set the time schedule and receive an alert when it is time to nurse again.  You can also save information on how much your baby eats and compose notes specific to each feeding. During the first few weeks of having a baby, your pediatrician will require you to keep track of your baby’s dischargers (don’t k now how to say this in a more tactful manner).  The baby tracker will allow you to enter these events and even document important notes.  Remember, if your baby is sick, the more information you can provide to your pediatrician the better he/she can diagnosis the ailment or sickness…  The app offers a baby sleep tracker (this is an add-on for an additional cost) which is helpful to ensure your baby’s sleep habits are adequate.  The tracker will even chart all of the logged activities such that you know the trends of your baby.


Baby AppsBaby Monitor Annie:

Developer – Master App Solutions

Price – Free

For our first child, we spent approximately $300 dollars on a video baby monitor, Don’t get me wrong, it was a great purchase as we always had piece of mind  our baby was safe and comfortable. As having a visual of your baby creates a better sense of security.  However, with this app technology, buying a video monitor is just a waste of money. Baby Monitor Annie essentially performs the same services for free. Connect one of your extra Wi-Fi enabled devices at a viewing point of the baby, and then you can interface any of your other Wi-Fi devices to view your child as your viewing device.  Similar to Bluetooth, the viewing device has features that monitor the video devices battery at the viewing point. Additionally, the viewing device allows you to listen and talk to your baby through the recording device.  It even has features to allow you to watch multiple babies (for those blessed with this nice surprises).  I recommend using an old IPhone or extra WIFI device and permanently mounting it along the top of the crib allowing for the maximum viewing angle.


Having a new born can be overwhelming and stressful, but these free apps will help you maintain sanity and provide great value. Enjoy these apps, but most importantly, enjoy the creation of new life as a child(ren) will bring you enjoyment and a new purpose that I can’t explain.

HAPPY COW- A must download for Vegetarians and Vegans

Developer: HappyCow

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free download and use with optional upgrade purchase


Happy Cow Overview

In a world dominated by carnivores, we must not forget about the herbivores. (I feel like I am in my sixth grade science class learning about dinosaurs). Anyway, I preface this article by saying I am nowhere educated to near the level of a nutritionist or a dietician as this app relates to food so the contents of this narrative are completely unbiased and for informational purposes. Without further ado, let me introduce “Happy Cow.” This app has been available for some time and as the tagline of the app suggests, it is a “healthy eating guide.”

How the App Works

It’s very simple. Download to your Android or IPhone smartphone. Open the app and you will be prompted to provide your typical demographic information. This app works off of your built-in locator and GPS in your phone. Once you get past the registration and a quick advertisement, the home screen appears. You are given the choice to select one of four categories; Vegan, Vegetarian, Veg-Options, and Stores+More. You can also simply tap the “See Everything Nearby” button to view places listed in all of the aforementioned categories. Once selecting your preferred option, a list populates with all the APPlicable restaurants, cafes, stores, and markets listed from closest to furthest away rounded to the nearest hundredth of mile. Each line item shows the venue name(obviously), category (vegan, vegetarian, etc.), rating(out of five stars), and cost(number of dollar signs). You can also tap the world icon in the upper right corner by which the list is populated on to a map.

If you find something to your liking, tap your preference for further detail. Here you can view specific details such as venue description and offerings, hours of operation, phone number, website, directions, read and add reviews, and you can even report updated information particular to a restaurant or store.

There are no obnoxious ads in the free version either. However, like most if not all apps, the app offers an upgrade by purchasing the “Trips” function for a measly $3.99 which is good for the avid traveler and also allows for offline access. Press the menu button in the upper left hand corner, and the rest is self-explanatory if you do desire this function.

Happy Cow Recommendation

I have a best friend who has been using this for years and swears by this app. He has used the app internationally in places like Italy, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic, and I will trust his testimonial. He will probably also live to 150 with no medications, but hey, it comes down to a lifestyle choice where food weighs heavily (no pun intended) into peoples’ quality of life.

If you so desire to change your personal diet and are thinking about exploring the world of vegetarians and vegans, give this app a download. I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised with the available options.

StudyPlan – Study App That Has A lot To Be Desired

study apps for college studentsDeveloper – Vance Chung

Size – 9.9MB

Price – Free with future upgrade to the pro version

Background Information

When I was in college, organization meant keeping a pocket calendar that was covered in coffee stains and had illegible test dates jotted down on it. If I was lucky, I would have a syllabus let alone study apps and it showed on the grade card.  So when I came across this app I was excited to see how this app could help college students in particular, I know organization is difficult for all age groups but especially difficult for students whom may be living on their own for the first time and discovering all the great things associated with college.

Study Apps For StudentsStudyPlan Overview

So here we go, StudyPlan like most apps today is really easy to navigate, with basically only two menus that will be used on a daily basis. You have the “My Subjects” page where you can add categories which will take you to another page where you can add all of your important test dates, study tasks and homework.  The second menu is the “Study Group” page where you can invite other StudyPlan App users to share a subject.  In addition to the two menus that I would consider the little bit of meat on this app, there is The “More” menu that allows to log out and upgrade to a future Pro Version (currently not available) and the “home” menu which currently only displays the current version of the app.  I do find the study group feature valuable for not only your study groups, but also for teams working on semester long projects. The ability for your group to add and remove tasks from the study group function adds accountability and transparency for group projects, no more sliding by with the rest of the group asking “what has he done” while you sit in the dorm crushing people in Battlefield Earth.

This is Not The Best Study Planner App

So that’s it, you must be as puzzled as I am. I understand the this is a brand new app with such little functionality the standard Apple “Note” app can accomplish most of the StudyPlan app functions and do it better.  So let’s hope the pro version will include features that will allow you to upload pictures of notes and set simple alarm clock notifications for tasks.  Additionally, a calendar that automatically populates from your content is a must for an organizer.  Finally, being able to email your content is a must and is simple, even the “Note” app can perform this task.  Unless you have a group project where the study group feature can be utilized, skip the StudyPlan app you use your Note app until I find a better solution.  I will circle back around on this one when the Pro version is available and I will continue researching the college study apps out there to find you a good solution.  Thanks for reading and remember while college is about the education, it is also about learning others cultures, making lifelong friends, growing as individual and just plain old having fun at times.


Whether or not you consider yourself the blue collar or white collar type, I think we all have been in a situation where we wish had a common tool on hand and not sitting on our workbench at home, or it may come down to just a matter of convenience. Well thankfully, there are very intelligent people who are creators themselves or are employed by developers who have endowed us with apps. Today, I have chosen to spotlight a few simple construction apps used on an everyday basis, and they are all FREE! Now, please focus your attention on the below.

Construction AppsBubble Level

Developer: Gamma Play

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free

Hence the name, we have a leveling tool in app form both Android and IPhone compatible. It does contain ads, but they are not of the annoying type and are located at the bottom of the screen pretty much out of your way. You simply set it on a surface, lay it flat on a work plane, or on top of a piece of equipment or appliance, and Walla! You now know if your 2×4 or laundry machine is set level and plumb. I would make sure you smartphone case doesn’t contain any “appendages” such as a pop socket because this would obviously throw off the leveling tool since the app cannot account for any irregularities of your phone case construction. CAUTION: Please be careful when using this level app such that you are not balancing or placing your phone on a “sketchy” surface. I don’t want to receive any feedback stating it’s my fault your screen cracked because I recommended this app. It is a very useful app when used properly.


Best Construction AppsSuper-Bright LED Flashlight

Developer: Surpax Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free


There is a variety of flashlight apps out there so I am going with the one that I have used since the inception of the app. I like simple and effective and that’s what this is. Your modern Mag-Lite or typical flashlight will obviously be your “go to” when handy, but that’s bulky compared to that of a smartphone. This app is basic in its functions. Slide up to turn “on” and the default setting is “0” which is steady on. You can then slide to the right which will adjust the setting all the way up to “9” which is a fast paced strobe effect while “1” would be a slow and intermittent flashing. I typically use this app often in the field as my job requires me to do so, but personally this app lends it most value to me when I am doing my morning routine prior to work, and I have to use this flashlight in an effort to not wake up the rest of my family particularly in the winter. I figure the strobe function would lend itself to call attention to your location if you are lost and trying to signal a visual notification. In any event, the only real downfall of the flashlight app is the drain on the battery so be prudent and remember to turn it off. Also, it does contain an add ribbon at the bottom of the screen but it’s negligible. This app is extremely useful from a convenience standpoint so don’t forget to install it on your Android or IPhone.

Best Free Construction Apps 2017Handyman Calculator

Developer: Kalyani

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free

So I have saved the best for last, and by no means do I consider myself a handyman. This app is loaded with features. It comes equipped with a note pad, to do list, time tracking tool, and almost every freakin’ calculator and conversion table you could think of or ever need. I honestly don’t where to start. It is almost like a gaming app where you can just mess around and play with all features this app has to offer. If you stumble across some quality and common features for everyday use, you can add them to the “Favorite” tab. I am speaking of anything related to asphalt, electrical, paint, roof slope, travel time, wood fence calculators and reference tables, and even a metal detector. Don’t use the flashlight function. It is lame, plus, you should have already downloaded the Super-Bright LED Flashlight app featured in this article.

I could ramble on more about this construction app as there much more it provides for, but I feel I might ruin your experience. Install this useful app on your Android, Iphone, or Tablet or all of them for that matter because it’s worth it. Oh, and yes, there exists ads along the bottom of the screen and some will pop up the longer the app remains open. The developer has offered a “Remove Ads from this App” option a price tag of $4.99 and will also upgrade you the Pro version which includes even more great tools.

Zello Walkie Talkie App

Developer: Zellowork

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free For Personal Use


Check out the free Zello Walkie Talkie app.  As the name says, it is two way talk radio, that is easy to use.  It allows you to set up private channels and is great if you are working around the house and need to have frequent and easy communication between multiple people or just one other person.  Just push the button in the middle of the screen to intiate the radio.  The only downside is the app will drain your battery.

LYNK Game Review – Crazy Maze Games


Maze GamesDeveloper – Michael Le

Size – 64.02 MB

Price – $.99

LYNK Game Overview

maze puzzle gameYou remember mazes from grade school, right? Think of LYNK as a maze game on steroids.  This puzzle game play is really simple and easy to pick up: use your finger to connect two dots.  Easy enough, right?  Not so fast. The game will throw in a series of obstacles, color dots and green squares adding new elements of difficulty as the game proceeds.  In the example pictured to the left, you have to maneuver your line between the two large blue dots while crossing through each green square and keeping the purple and orange dots on separate sides of the line, ultimately connecting the two blue dots.  This was level thirty and took me a couple minutes of scratching the old noodle and a total of eight or nine attempts to figure it out.  There are a total of one hundred and thirty levels (They just added 10 more so download the new version if you happened to make it through all 130), so you can only imagine if the difficultly continues to rise, this little app will chew up some time.  I am currently on level forty-five and have been playing off and on for two days.

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LYNK Recommendation

This is a cool take on mazes and is a different style of puzzle game which provides quick entertainment and makes you utilize a little brain power. It is really straighforward to play, but offers enough unique challenges to provide a decent amount of game plan while reinventing itself right before you start to get bored with it.  This gaming app isn’t a going to provide fifty or one hundred hours of game play, but for .99 cents it’s a great value and is available offline.  My recommendation is to wait until your next flight and play it during the dreaded “airplane mode only” announcement from your airplane pilot, who hopefully isn’t thinking the same thing.

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