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Developer: Jam City, Inc.

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Family Guy APP Overview

Are you a Family Guy fan? It doesn’t matter. This gaming app is one of the best gaming apps I have decided to occupy my time with. It is simple in its format, very similar to that of Candy Crush, whereas it is a level based, matching game and addictive, in a good way. The family guy app brings all your Family Guy characters into the mix including Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe and even bouts with the Ernie “The Giant Chicken” and Jerome. I will explain more below.

Family Guy AppHow to Play

You will start with five hearts and you lose a heart if the level objective is not completed. Hearts will regenerate every half an hour which isn’t bad at all. The levels are organized in intervals of 20 related to a World Map with storylines included. Each level has an objective with a maximum allowed number of moves consisting of matching drinks for the various characters such as finding Meg’s make-up, collecting condoms for Quagmire, uncovering dog treats for Brian, unwrapping Choco balls for Brian, and even accruing marshmallow bowls for Cleveland. This app offers a plethora of diverse objectives which keeps you interested and entertained, but most levels are of the matching type associated with the quotas of the drinks per character. Each character has a drink or in reality, a drink cup, or choice. Stewie has his blue, sippie cup, Brian drinks martinis (green), Peter chugs bottles of beer (orange), Lois slams wine (purple), Joe throws down jugs (yellow) of moonshine, presumably, and Quagmire sips on what appears to be a heart-shaped flask (red). There are several methods of matching, here again, similar to those of Candy Crush. Basically, match three, four, or five like types in a row or column or even of combination thereof to help meet the level objective and quotas. Match three, this only helps subtract from the quota; match four and this will subtract from your objective and you will receive a column or row “eliminator” matching the specific drink(container); match five and oh boy, you will be rewarded with a rainbow star.  Additional “power-ups” such as Molotov cocktails, bombs, and diagonal row/column eliminators are achievable by matching combinations of rows and columns, but I will let you figure that out. At this point, I am sure you may have already stopped reading this and already downloaded this app. In case you haven’t, I will continue to be long-winded because there is so much more this gaming app has to offer.  In the opening of this paragraph, I mentioned objectives such as unwrapping Choco balls for Brian and collecting dog treats for Brian. These objectives can only be met by matching of items adjacent to or on top of the specific item. I won’t take all of the fun out of it and will let you figure that out, too.

Family Guy AppOnce you beat a level, a ridiculous celebration is performed by a character. These are entertaining at first, but get old after a while. After conquering a series of levels, you will notice a level featuring Ernie “The Giant Chicken” or Jerome which usually occur about every 10-15 levels on average. Put your gloves on because you’re gonna fight! I wouldn’t recommend the gloves Connor McGregor used, but anyway, the objective is the same; match drinks with the real goal of matching items in different rows and columns. If you don’t, your opponent will punch back and regain strength. If you knockout Ernie or Jerome before using the allotted amount of moves, these moves will carry over to the next round. Knock ‘em out three times in a row for a TKO and you are ready to move on. These guys are harder to beat as you continue to progress through levels so don’t take these guys lightly.

Other Freakin’ Fun Stuff

There exists bonus “power-ups” which are shown at the bottom of the gaming screen. Stewie’s time machine disk wipes out a small perimeter of items, and a human bullet and a kitten crossbow clear out an entire row or column. These are awarded to you, or you can purchase them with “Peter” coins. ”How can these be awarded?,” you ask. Well, the app randomly presents you with in game challenges whether it is filling up gas for the Booze truck or gathering keys to unlock hotel rooms. Once again, you simply must beat the provided levels within the challenge to be granted a treasure chest. Treasure chests provide for “Peter” coins, bonus “power-ups” and uranium. Uranium, huh? Uranium can also be distributed by achieving quests. Click on the Uranium icon (looks like Kryptonite to me) to learn more. Uranium will enable you to purchase mystery boxes which contain items that contribute to the Family Guy collections. Collections? I know, I know…where does the fun stop? I simply encourage you to press the Backpack icon to learn more about collections.

Closing Arguments

One of the best things about this app is that it doesn’t contain annoying ads or pop-ups and doesn’t constantly prompt you to buy “Peter” coins. It’s your choice!

This gaming app is extremely addictive and entertaining which is why I highly encourage you to download this app to your Android, Iphone, and/or tablet. My wife and I are actually in a competition, and the one rule is that we are not allowed to buy anything. At this point, I am leaving her in my dust as she claims I am always playing this at work…wrong! Don’t play this at work and more importantly, don’t play this while driving.

After reading this article, you are probably convinced this might be one  of the best gaming apps, but it can always wait. No worries…the appwill notify you when your “hearts” are restored and even when in-app challenges are available. I honestly found it be a very useful app when in waiting rooms for the dentist, doctor, etc.  Put it this way, Mr. Humes is on level 303 and it’s only been like three months. WHAAAAT! I am setting records on this app! Who wants some?!



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