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Maze GamesDeveloper – Michael Le

Size – 64.02 MB

Price – $.99

LYNK Game Overview

maze puzzle gameYou remember mazes from grade school, right? Think of LYNK as a maze game on steroids.  This puzzle game play is really simple and easy to pick up: use your finger to connect two dots.  Easy enough, right?  Not so fast. The game will throw in a series of obstacles, color dots and green squares adding new elements of difficulty as the game proceeds.  In the example pictured to the left, you have to maneuver your line between the two large blue dots while crossing through each green square and keeping the purple and orange dots on separate sides of the line, ultimately connecting the two blue dots.  This was level thirty and took me a couple minutes of scratching the old noodle and a total of eight or nine attempts to figure it out.  There are a total of one hundred and thirty levels (They just added 10 more so download the new version if you happened to make it through all 130), so you can only imagine if the difficultly continues to rise, this little app will chew up some time.  I am currently on level forty-five and have been playing off and on for two days.

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LYNK Recommendation

This is a cool take on mazes and is a different style of puzzle game which provides quick entertainment and makes you utilize a little brain power. It is really straighforward to play, but offers enough unique challenges to provide a decent amount of game plan while reinventing itself right before you start to get bored with it.  This gaming app isn’t a going to provide fifty or one hundred hours of game play, but for .99 cents it’s a great value and is available offline.  My recommendation is to wait until your next flight and play it during the dreaded “airplane mode only” announcement from your airplane pilot, who hopefully isn’t thinking the same thing.

Warship Rising Review – Revolutionary Mobile Gaming App

Developer – Six Waves Inc

Size – 211 MB

Price – Free with in game upgrades

Warship Rising – The Goods

Warship Rising, to my knowledge, is the first true real-time multiple player online app. The games are short enough that you can catch a quick game while waiting for a prescription to get filled or waiting for a sandwich at lunch.  The game is 5- on-5 real-time shooter featuring many different warships and upgrades that keeps you wanting to play.  You operate either a cruiser, destroyer, submarine or battleship on a team of five.  There are two types of gameplay, Occupation in which the goal is to occupy a zone the longest while sinking the most ships, and Team Death Match, with the team scoring the most by sinking ships wins.  The graphics are great for a mobile game, and the team options allow you to invite friends to play together.  The game offers easy controls, which are picked up rather quickly during a quick tutorial phase and many different ships that you unlock as you collect silver and gold.  Each ship also has many individual upgrades to improve the ships speed, handling defense, and fire power.  The easy gameplay, quick maps, and tons of upgrades makes the game an addicting game.  I was late for dinner trying to squeeze in just one more game.


first person shooter gamesWarship Rising – The Bad, and The Purchase Gimmick

Like most free games, gameplay is limited unless you buy upgrades. Silver is earned at a quick rate through normal game play and silver can be used for upgrades and some new ships.  Gold on the other hand is the purchase gimmick in this app.  Gold can only be bought and is needed to upgrade to the best ships, plus it is used to purchase oil (oil is the metric used to start matches and limit the amount of games that can be played per day).  Purchasing gold to continue gameplay is fairly cheap starting at $3.99.  Expect to play about 8 or 9 matches a day without having to purchase any of the add on options.  The game plan while fun, lacks true team cooperation.  The strategy is minimal with the winner usually being the team with the most upgraded ships.  I find skill and experience to be somewhat irrelevant in the game outcome.  While the game offers a ton of grades, the upgrade system is confusing and hard to figure out what needs to be accomplished in order to unlock ships or buy upgrades.  The speed of the game is also slow lacking that quick gameplay we are used to after great fast games like call of duty.  The health of the ships are high making it time consuming to get a kill.

Conclusion and Impact to the Mobile Gaming World

While the gameplay is kind of slow and lacks any real strategy or game experience, the graphics and multiplayer option are really entertaining and definitely worth your time. In the internet app world, this game is receiving a lot of good reviews and hype.  I am most excited to watch and see how the live multiplayer internet gameplay might start to change the gaming apps, similar to how SOCOM for the PlayStation 2 in the early 2000’s changed how we played console games and basically, started the internet, online gaming boom.  I hope to see many more team oriented online games in the future and can’t wait to explore what comes out in the next year.

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