StudyPlan – Study App That Has A lot To Be Desired

study apps for college studentsDeveloper – Vance Chung

Size – 9.9MB

Price – Free with future upgrade to the pro version

Background Information

When I was in college, organization meant keeping a pocket calendar that was covered in coffee stains and had illegible test dates jotted down on it. If I was lucky, I would have a syllabus let alone study apps and it showed on the grade card.  So when I came across this app I was excited to see how this app could help college students in particular, I know organization is difficult for all age groups but especially difficult for students whom may be living on their own for the first time and discovering all the great things associated with college.

Study Apps For StudentsStudyPlan Overview

So here we go, StudyPlan like most apps today is really easy to navigate, with basically only two menus that will be used on a daily basis. You have the “My Subjects” page where you can add categories which will take you to another page where you can add all of your important test dates, study tasks and homework.  The second menu is the “Study Group” page where you can invite other StudyPlan App users to share a subject.  In addition to the two menus that I would consider the little bit of meat on this app, there is The “More” menu that allows to log out and upgrade to a future Pro Version (currently not available) and the “home” menu which currently only displays the current version of the app.  I do find the study group feature valuable for not only your study groups, but also for teams working on semester long projects. The ability for your group to add and remove tasks from the study group function adds accountability and transparency for group projects, no more sliding by with the rest of the group asking “what has he done” while you sit in the dorm crushing people in Battlefield Earth.

This is Not The Best Study Planner App

So that’s it, you must be as puzzled as I am. I understand the this is a brand new app with such little functionality the standard Apple “Note” app can accomplish most of the StudyPlan app functions and do it better.  So let’s hope the pro version will include features that will allow you to upload pictures of notes and set simple alarm clock notifications for tasks.  Additionally, a calendar that automatically populates from your content is a must for an organizer.  Finally, being able to email your content is a must and is simple, even the “Note” app can perform this task.  Unless you have a group project where the study group feature can be utilized, skip the StudyPlan app you use your Note app until I find a better solution.  I will circle back around on this one when the Pro version is available and I will continue researching the college study apps out there to find you a good solution.  Thanks for reading and remember while college is about the education, it is also about learning others cultures, making lifelong friends, growing as individual and just plain old having fun at times.


Whether or not you consider yourself the blue collar or white collar type, I think we all have been in a situation where we wish had a common tool on hand and not sitting on our workbench at home, or it may come down to just a matter of convenience. Well thankfully, there are very intelligent people who are creators themselves or are employed by developers who have endowed us with apps. Today, I have chosen to spotlight a few simple construction apps used on an everyday basis, and they are all FREE! Now, please focus your attention on the below.

Construction AppsBubble Level

Developer: Gamma Play

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free

Hence the name, we have a leveling tool in app form both Android and IPhone compatible. It does contain ads, but they are not of the annoying type and are located at the bottom of the screen pretty much out of your way. You simply set it on a surface, lay it flat on a work plane, or on top of a piece of equipment or appliance, and Walla! You now know if your 2×4 or laundry machine is set level and plumb. I would make sure you smartphone case doesn’t contain any “appendages” such as a pop socket because this would obviously throw off the leveling tool since the app cannot account for any irregularities of your phone case construction. CAUTION: Please be careful when using this level app such that you are not balancing or placing your phone on a “sketchy” surface. I don’t want to receive any feedback stating it’s my fault your screen cracked because I recommended this app. It is a very useful app when used properly.


Best Construction AppsSuper-Bright LED Flashlight

Developer: Surpax Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free


There is a variety of flashlight apps out there so I am going with the one that I have used since the inception of the app. I like simple and effective and that’s what this is. Your modern Mag-Lite or typical flashlight will obviously be your “go to” when handy, but that’s bulky compared to that of a smartphone. This app is basic in its functions. Slide up to turn “on” and the default setting is “0” which is steady on. You can then slide to the right which will adjust the setting all the way up to “9” which is a fast paced strobe effect while “1” would be a slow and intermittent flashing. I typically use this app often in the field as my job requires me to do so, but personally this app lends it most value to me when I am doing my morning routine prior to work, and I have to use this flashlight in an effort to not wake up the rest of my family particularly in the winter. I figure the strobe function would lend itself to call attention to your location if you are lost and trying to signal a visual notification. In any event, the only real downfall of the flashlight app is the drain on the battery so be prudent and remember to turn it off. Also, it does contain an add ribbon at the bottom of the screen but it’s negligible. This app is extremely useful from a convenience standpoint so don’t forget to install it on your Android or IPhone.

Best Free Construction Apps 2017Handyman Calculator

Developer: Kalyani

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free

So I have saved the best for last, and by no means do I consider myself a handyman. This app is loaded with features. It comes equipped with a note pad, to do list, time tracking tool, and almost every freakin’ calculator and conversion table you could think of or ever need. I honestly don’t where to start. It is almost like a gaming app where you can just mess around and play with all features this app has to offer. If you stumble across some quality and common features for everyday use, you can add them to the “Favorite” tab. I am speaking of anything related to asphalt, electrical, paint, roof slope, travel time, wood fence calculators and reference tables, and even a metal detector. Don’t use the flashlight function. It is lame, plus, you should have already downloaded the Super-Bright LED Flashlight app featured in this article.

I could ramble on more about this construction app as there much more it provides for, but I feel I might ruin your experience. Install this useful app on your Android, Iphone, or Tablet or all of them for that matter because it’s worth it. Oh, and yes, there exists ads along the bottom of the screen and some will pop up the longer the app remains open. The developer has offered a “Remove Ads from this App” option a price tag of $4.99 and will also upgrade you the Pro version which includes even more great tools.

Zello Walkie Talkie App

Developer: Zellowork

Rating: Everyone

Category: Tools, Gadget, and Travel Apps

Price: Free For Personal Use


Check out the free Zello Walkie Talkie app.  As the name says, it is two way talk radio, that is easy to use.  It allows you to set up private channels and is great if you are working around the house and need to have frequent and easy communication between multiple people or just one other person.  Just push the button in the middle of the screen to intiate the radio.  The only downside is the app will drain your battery.

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