HAPPY COW- A must download for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Rating: Everyone

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Price: Free download and use with optional upgrade purchase


Happy Cow Overview

In a world dominated by carnivores, we must not forget about the herbivores. (I feel like I am in my sixth grade science class learning about dinosaurs). Anyway, I preface this article by saying I am nowhere educated to near the level of a nutritionist or a dietician as this app relates to food so the contents of this narrative are completely unbiased and for informational purposes. Without further ado, let me introduce “Happy Cow.” This app has been available for some time and as the tagline of the app suggests, it is a “healthy eating guide.”

How the App Works

It’s very simple. Download to your Android or IPhone smartphone. Open the app and you will be prompted to provide your typical demographic information. This app works off of your built-in locator and GPS in your phone. Once you get past the registration and a quick advertisement, the home screen appears. You are given the choice to select one of four categories; Vegan, Vegetarian, Veg-Options, and Stores+More. You can also simply tap the “See Everything Nearby” button to view places listed in all of the aforementioned categories. Once selecting your preferred option, a list populates with all the APPlicable restaurants, cafes, stores, and markets listed from closest to furthest away rounded to the nearest hundredth of mile. Each line item shows the venue name(obviously), category (vegan, vegetarian, etc.), rating(out of five stars), and cost(number of dollar signs). You can also tap the world icon in the upper right corner by which the list is populated on to a map.

If you find something to your liking, tap your preference for further detail. Here you can view specific details such as venue description and offerings, hours of operation, phone number, website, directions, read and add reviews, and you can even report updated information particular to a restaurant or store.

There are no obnoxious ads in the free version either. However, like most if not all apps, the app offers an upgrade by purchasing the “Trips” function for a measly $3.99 which is good for the avid traveler and also allows for offline access. Press the menu button in the upper left hand corner, and the rest is self-explanatory if you do desire this function.

Happy Cow Recommendation

I have a best friend who has been using this for years and swears by this app. He has used the app internationally in places like Italy, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic, and I will trust his testimonial. He will probably also live to 150 with no medications, but hey, it comes down to a lifestyle choice where food weighs heavily (no pun intended) into peoples’ quality of life.

If you so desire to change your personal diet and are thinking about exploring the world of vegetarians and vegans, give this app a download. I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised with the available options.

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