Warship Rising Review – Revolutionary Mobile Gaming App

Developer – Six Waves Inc

Size – 211 MB

Price – Free with in game upgrades

Warship Rising – The Goods

Warship Rising, to my knowledge, is the first true real-time multiple player online app. The games are short enough that you can catch a quick game while waiting for a prescription to get filled or waiting for a sandwich at lunch.  The game is 5- on-5 real-time shooter featuring many different warships and upgrades that keeps you wanting to play.  You operate either a cruiser, destroyer, submarine or battleship on a team of five.  There are two types of gameplay, Occupation in which the goal is to occupy a zone the longest while sinking the most ships, and Team Death Match, with the team scoring the most by sinking ships wins.  The graphics are great for a mobile game, and the team options allow you to invite friends to play together.  The game offers easy controls, which are picked up rather quickly during a quick tutorial phase and many different ships that you unlock as you collect silver and gold.  Each ship also has many individual upgrades to improve the ships speed, handling defense, and fire power.  The easy gameplay, quick maps, and tons of upgrades makes the game an addicting game.  I was late for dinner trying to squeeze in just one more game.


first person shooter gamesWarship Rising – The Bad, and The Purchase Gimmick

Like most free games, gameplay is limited unless you buy upgrades. Silver is earned at a quick rate through normal game play and silver can be used for upgrades and some new ships.  Gold on the other hand is the purchase gimmick in this app.  Gold can only be bought and is needed to upgrade to the best ships, plus it is used to purchase oil (oil is the metric used to start matches and limit the amount of games that can be played per day).  Purchasing gold to continue gameplay is fairly cheap starting at $3.99.  Expect to play about 8 or 9 matches a day without having to purchase any of the add on options.  The game plan while fun, lacks true team cooperation.  The strategy is minimal with the winner usually being the team with the most upgraded ships.  I find skill and experience to be somewhat irrelevant in the game outcome.  While the game offers a ton of grades, the upgrade system is confusing and hard to figure out what needs to be accomplished in order to unlock ships or buy upgrades.  The speed of the game is also slow lacking that quick gameplay we are used to after great fast games like call of duty.  The health of the ships are high making it time consuming to get a kill.

Conclusion and Impact to the Mobile Gaming World

While the gameplay is kind of slow and lacks any real strategy or game experience, the graphics and multiplayer option are really entertaining and definitely worth your time. In the internet app world, this game is receiving a lot of good reviews and hype.  I am most excited to watch and see how the live multiplayer internet gameplay might start to change the gaming apps, similar to how SOCOM for the PlayStation 2 in the early 2000’s changed how we played console games and basically, started the internet, online gaming boom.  I hope to see many more team oriented online games in the future and can’t wait to explore what comes out in the next year.

StatMuse Review – Sports Voice App– Probably the Best Sports App


Best Sports AppDeveloper – StatMuse Inc.

Price – Truly free with no add on purchases

Best Sports App 2017Features Like No Other Sports App

I know… I thought the same when I saw StatMuse. How is this app any different than all the other sporting apps in the watered down sporting app market? I pondered downloading the app for about a week in the app store before I reluctantly downloaded it.  It starts out similar to all the other sports apps by prompting you to select the teams you wish to follow for updates..  I see this as the only similarity between Statmuse and the other sporting apps.  In addition to the normal updates, the app utilizes the Apple voice recognition (similar to the Zello Walkie Talkie App) to allow you to ask it unlimited questions.  It’s like Siri dedicated to sports.  The voice recognition software works effectively. Your statement is spelled out as you speak, and I could watch as it removed my embarrassing quantity of verbal pauses.  I asked about a hundred sports questions ranging from past to present and obscure to obvious like asking the score of the Sunday football game I was currently watching. It passed the tests…  The app responds to your question(s) from either a sports personality like Payton Manning or LeBron James, but Scott Van Pelt (ESPN) answers most.  As a free app, I don’t know how they paid for the sports personalities.  nor was I prompted to buy an additional question per day.  Better yet, I saw no advertising (advertising will probably get fixed in Version 2.0).  So after that app answers your question, you can scroll down for more information related to the question.  For example I asked who has the most career homeruns, and it correctly responded with Barry Bonds (it lacked the *), and displayed all of Barry Bonds career stats plus a list of the top career homeruns by player.  In my continued use, the only issue I had was about 10% of time it didn’t understand my comment and would answer a different question  This app is brand new, and I am hoping this issue will be resolved by the developer.  When you aren’t using the cool voice recognition the app will cycle through updates for your selected teams including the normal stuff see on the other apps, like what time is their next game, results from the last game and standings but additionally it will shoot out interesting stats that will wow your coworkers at the water cooler.

Best Sports App For AndroidStatMuse Conclusion – DownLoad This One

In closing, this app will replace your current sports update app but adds two great new values not seen in the sporting app venue. First, the voice activation feature saves you time in lieu of typing questions into Google, and secondly, it is simply a very smart sports almanac.  Whether you just like your favorite team updates or like me, sit around bars arguing irrelevant sports trivia, this app is for you.  This is  one useful app.  StatMuse will continue to add sports personalities at about one a week rate, imagine if Charles Barkley could tell you that’s terrible, and I have heard rumblings that a Statmuse skill for Amazon Alexa will be out by years end.

Push & Pop Review – Puzzle Game That Just Missed the Mark

Puzzle AppDeveloper – Rocky Hong

Price – Free

Puzzle AppPush & Pop took inspiration from Tetris and tried to turn it on its side hoping to get the same addicting gameplay, but missed the mark badly. The game is simple and takes place on a five by five grid with blocks that regenerate.  The goal is to use your game icon to move blocks horizontally and vertically to create rows of five.  When a row of five blocks is completed, the blocks explode giving you points.  The game continues at a slow pace until enough blocks generate and you can’t move your icon, knowing your game is over is relief and actually, was the most rewarding part of this bust.  As the game proceeds some blocks become fixed in place adding a little more strategy to a game that doesn’t already require much thought.  Blocks don’t regenerate on a fixed time but rather when you move your icon twice. This takes away the quick reaction time required by similar games, and lacks the excitement and the “rush” as  experienced in games like Dr. Mario or Tetris.  Furthermore, making a mistake just doesn’t have the consequences.  We all remember a mistake in Tetris resulted in a quick cascading of blocks that would ultimately end with the iconic “Game Over”. Making the perfect move doesn’t provide a big advantage in the game as you have to wait for enough blocks to regenerate to make another opportunity.


Final Thoughts

Being a big puzzle and strategy  game fan, I was naturally interested in the simplistic style of the game, but Push & Pop was really disappointing. The slow pace and lack of real strategy makes the game boring and screams “Don’t play me anymore!”.  I wouldn’t play this game even if I was waiting in line at the DMV.  Skip the download and use that extra time playing a true puzzle game, The Guides Axiom.

WISH – An “Outlet” Shopping App

Wish - Shopping App ReviewDeveloper: Wish Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Wish – Shopping App Intro

The age of shopping and outlet malls may be on the decline, but app technology has risen to our cause with advent of the smartphone. Today, the shopping app I have chosen to review is aptly named “Wish-Don’t OverPay.” This may be one of the best shopping apps I have researched lately as the discounts offered are extraordinary. The discounts offered typically range from 40-90% off. I know! I couldn’t believe it either!

Wish Shopping Made FunAbout Wish

I will go out on a limb and just say, “Install this app.” Upon opening the app you are entitled to a free gift. Who doesn’t love free? There isn’t much more in this world that is free which is why you will be charged for shipping for your free gift, but it’s only $1. This may be the only downfall of this app I have encountered to date. The app offers your typical online shopping like “browse” and “search” functions if you have something particular in mind. You can also refine your search by indicating the size, color, and the review rating of a particular item. In general, the shopping is organized into categories: Wallets & Bags, Gadgets, Phone Upgrades, Fashion, Shoes, Tops, Bottoms, Underwear, Watches, Accessories, Hobbies, and Home Décor. There is also a category in the shopping ribbon for “outlet” items with pricing discounted up to 97%. That is SICK! And the deals don’t stop. A deal dash function along the ribbon lets you spin the wheel of deals. Basically, this feature permits you to shop an inventory of predetermined goods, but you have only a certain time (like ten minutes) to do so and are only allowed to utilize the option once daily.

Have you ever had an app that wants to get to know you? Well, the app gets personal too by presenting a “Made for You” category which populates a personalized page with shirts, coffee mugs, and bags based on your gender, name, and location. These demographics are initially requested when downloading this app.

Once you feel you have had enough of saving your hard earned cash, simply check out using the standard “cart” feature, and don’t forget to check out your “Recently Viewed” items to make sure there aren’t items queued in this category.

Wish Shopping App In closing…

Even if you are not the shopping type, and you are already paid your $99 for your annual Amazon Prime membership, myself included, it offers a wide variety products at ridiculously low prices. Don’t confuse this app with Groupon, either, as it does not offer discounts for restaurants, activities, entertainment, and travel services.


You might also be asking yourself, “Is this legit?” The answer is yes. There are plenty of name brand items like Beats headphones, Asics shoes, and Burberry cologne to name a few. You will also receive plenty of notifications on special and limited offers. Some of these offers are almost too cheap to believe which is probably why this app has so much popularity.

Most people like to save money whether it is extreme couponing or simply looking for the best discounts. So as the average consumer like myself, download this to your Iphone, Android, and/or tablet and make this one of your favorite shopping apps.



The Guides Axiom – One Cool Puzzle Game


Developer – Kevin Bradford LLC

Cost – Free (Hacks are extra)

The Guides Axiom ReviewThe Guides Axiom – Overview

The Guides Axiom is a unique, fun, thought inducing mobile puzzle game. The game requires you to solve a series of puzzles, ciphers and codes that will push your patience and stretch your creativity.  Currently, there are 50 total puzzles with the developer promising many more.  The game has a unique, low bass, slow, brain feeding music that is fitting for slow paced puzzles.  The screens are simple and fall on a dark backdrop inviting you to take a closer look.  It is evident the developer, Kevin Bradford LLC, put a lot of time into this game.

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There is limited instruction, if any, for any given clue (I only follow instructions when it is too late anyways). This can be both frustrating and fun because the app forces you to think outside the box and sometimes just pushing buttons and seeing what happens is the best approach. The Mobile Puzzle Gamecool part is, each screen is a standalone puzzle which requires completion to continue, but each individual screen may have clues, patterns, or codes that are required sometimes much later in the game.  At times when stuck, I would sit down the phone and just continue with my day, all while the gears in my ADD mind somehow continued to turn, and until hours later, it would just hit me.  The puzzles are unique and rarely are themes or puzzle style repeated.

Tips and Tricks

I found keeping a pad of paper to scribble down notes was helpful. Take a screen shot of each puzzle as patterns and codes from earlier puzzles are required in later puzzles.  When you get stuck, and you will, take a break and come back to it in a couple of hours.  It was actually beneficial for me to try to look at it from a different angle.  If all else fails, you can buy clues called hacks to help you proceed.  At times during the gameplay, you will be provided with the option of reviewing previous puzzles which is usually a good sign that the code is buried in a previous puzzle.

Final Thoughts

The Guides Axiom is definitely not for the masses, but if you enjoy Sudoku, chess, and crossword puzzles, this could become one of your favorite puzzle apps. . Expect your production at work to slump.  The developer even states in the app description that the puzzles aren’t easy and progressing will be difficult.  The difficulty is there, but not impossible and completing a challenging puzzle is extremely rewarding.  Unlike a lot of mobile games, the required duration of time to complete the game is long enough so you may not be searching for  new games anytime soon.  It is rare in the mobile gaming world to find a completely unique game that requires your complete concentration.  While not as addicting as the repetitive games like Family Guy or Candy Crush, it’s worth a download especially for those child prodigies who scored high on the ACTs or SATs.


Developer: Somebody a lot smarter than me (Tripscout Inc).

Rating: Teen

Category: Travel

Price: Free download, subject to in app purchases.


Besst Free Travel AppsTripscout Travel App Overview

There really aren’t too many travel apps out there available compared to Trip Advisor, but this international travel app is fresh and has potential. It offers self-guided city tours via an interactive map that is downloaded to your phone. This app is relatively new so you are privileged to the tour for about 60+ cities worldwide, currently.

Best Travel App for EuropeHow the Tripscout travel app works

After installing the app, the app home screen lists and pictures international cities ranging from Alexandria, Egypt to Yuma, Arizona. If you do not see your particular city listed, you can request a city by scrolling down the home page until the “Request City” ribbon pops up. For example, I am traveling to California later this month. I will not disclose the particular city because consequent of my current popularity due my master app reviewing skills, I would appreciate some time alone and not be pursued by a fan club. Anyway, I digressed. I did request my city of choice and immediately was notified via email of my request from TripScout. If by happenstance, your city is listed, simply select a desired city by touching the screen, and this opens a new screen. This screen allows you to purchase the city guide ranging from $.99 to $4.99. The cheaper guides usually do not contain the audio feature. The available cities include a brief description and most have an audio intro with some fun facts about the destination narrated by an English fellow. It’s not quite the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman, but its short and sweet adding for a nice feature. So if you decide to bite the bullet and purchase the city tour guide, remember it is downloaded to your phone and does not require a wireless signal or network connectivity to view at any time. I reckon this is nice price for a nice app feature especially when you are already probably investing a significant amount of time and money for your trip and/or vacation.

As an offline travel app, you will be able to find your way around the city(ies) of your choice. Whatever you fancy whether it is local restaurants, places of entertainment, historical sites, etc., the app is very useful app in that regard. You also have the ability to customize the app by selecting places of interest.


Should I download this travel app?

This app is worth the download so I am going to keep it on my phone. This app has the potential to be one of the best travel planning apps. Personally, I have yet to buy any of these guides since I am not traveling there specifically. If you do download and opt to purchase any of the tour guides, please comment at my site. I appreciate updates as much as you experience them, and I will be updating this review as “app”licable.  If that doesn’t sell you, the app has received recognition from the likes of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and even Forbes. This travel app is Android and Iphone compatible so give it a try. Look at it this way… at least you will be looking at your phone and not thumbing through pages of an overpriced guide book or fumbling around with a map looking like a disoriented tourist. ALL HAIL THE SMARTPHONE!



Walkie Talkie App – Discover Zello Walkie Talkie

Developer – Zellowork

Price – Free for personal use

Walkie Talkie AppZellow Walkie Talkie App Overview

Put your tracker hat on because the Zello Walkie Talkie app is basically a CB radio without the distance limitations. The app can be used with any WIFI signal or wireless signal.  The two-way radio transmissions are clear and simply requires you to push a button to speak, but  I am hoping for a voice activated upgrade.  The app allows you to join channels already set up on a variety of topics or start channels.  This is a relatively new app, and it was slightly difficult finding a channel that interested me such as channels on sports or technology.  The channels are basically religious or agenda based.  I tried a couple of channels and found the conversations to be scattered and mostly arguing or boring chatter.  I had hoped to find channels for my local sporting teams, where we could discuss in detail the bad callthat my wife is tired of hearing me complain about or discuss meaningless fantasy football topics like which kicker I should pick up on my byeweek. The real value lies in the shared channels which hosts rescue information.  I tuned into the Hurricane Irma channel and was pleasantly surprised as it appeared one gentleman was really running the channel, answering questions and requesting the line to remain clear for just serious inquires.

The walkie talkie app allows you to engage contacts you have or create private channels. The private channel might be used similar to group texts. We created a private channel for my family and for a week we tried it out.  It was helpful at times, making announcements at the mall to meet at the food court (yeah, we still go their).  However, the app requires you to be logged on to receive messages and the messages were hard to hear if you keep your phone in your pocket.

Zello Walkie Talkie App Uses

The lack of a true hands free option doesn’t make it a legal communication medium in most states while driving, and the need to have the app open really makes it unlikely media to replace texting for frequent communication between family and friends. I hope with popularity of the app, more interesting channels may start up, but until then, the app for normal use is more of a rare application based use and not an everyday application like sports apps.  I would use it in the future if we were caravanning for a vacation, or if we were camping, but daily use for me is just not there.

Zello Walkie Talkie App Greatest Use

Walkie Talkie App

This is more than just a walkie talkie app and the real value as I see it, is the emergency information communication ability, especially and unfortunately, in our current day. In a natural disaster situation, the ability to receive updates and even ask for important information is invaluable.  During Hurricane Irma, the conversations were professional and informative and over 1000 people were on the channel.  I can easily foresee emergency response teams utilizing the app as a communication medium.  I do think because of this application, the app is really practical and adds true value and safety for its users, and would strongly encourage the use of this app during major storms ,natural disasters or similar emergency situations Hopefully, this situation will never apply to you but even if you may know someone who faces such a predicament, this will become a very useful app.



Family Guy AppFamily Guy – Another Freakin’ Mobile Game

Developer: Jam City, Inc.

Rating: Teen

Category: Games

Price: Free


Family Guy APP Overview

Are you a Family Guy fan? It doesn’t matter. This gaming app is one of the best gaming apps I have decided to occupy my time with. It is simple in its format, very similar to that of Candy Crush, whereas it is a level based, matching game and addictive, in a good way. The family guy app brings all your Family Guy characters into the mix including Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe and even bouts with the Ernie “The Giant Chicken” and Jerome. I will explain more below.

Family Guy AppHow to Play

You will start with five hearts and you lose a heart if the level objective is not completed. Hearts will regenerate every half an hour which isn’t bad at all. The levels are organized in intervals of 20 related to a World Map with storylines included. Each level has an objective with a maximum allowed number of moves consisting of matching drinks for the various characters such as finding Meg’s make-up, collecting condoms for Quagmire, uncovering dog treats for Brian, unwrapping Choco balls for Brian, and even accruing marshmallow bowls for Cleveland. This app offers a plethora of diverse objectives which keeps you interested and entertained, but most levels are of the matching type associated with the quotas of the drinks per character. Each character has a drink or in reality, a drink cup, or choice. Stewie has his blue, sippie cup, Brian drinks martinis (green), Peter chugs bottles of beer (orange), Lois slams wine (purple), Joe throws down jugs (yellow) of moonshine, presumably, and Quagmire sips on what appears to be a heart-shaped flask (red). There are several methods of matching, here again, similar to those of Candy Crush. Basically, match three, four, or five like types in a row or column or even of combination thereof to help meet the level objective and quotas. Match three, this only helps subtract from the quota; match four and this will subtract from your objective and you will receive a column or row “eliminator” matching the specific drink(container); match five and oh boy, you will be rewarded with a rainbow star.  Additional “power-ups” such as Molotov cocktails, bombs, and diagonal row/column eliminators are achievable by matching combinations of rows and columns, but I will let you figure that out. At this point, I am sure you may have already stopped reading this and already downloaded this app. In case you haven’t, I will continue to be long-winded because there is so much more this gaming app has to offer.  In the opening of this paragraph, I mentioned objectives such as unwrapping Choco balls for Brian and collecting dog treats for Brian. These objectives can only be met by matching of items adjacent to or on top of the specific item. I won’t take all of the fun out of it and will let you figure that out, too.

Family Guy AppOnce you beat a level, a ridiculous celebration is performed by a character. These are entertaining at first, but get old after a while. After conquering a series of levels, you will notice a level featuring Ernie “The Giant Chicken” or Jerome which usually occur about every 10-15 levels on average. Put your gloves on because you’re gonna fight! I wouldn’t recommend the gloves Connor McGregor used, but anyway, the objective is the same; match drinks with the real goal of matching items in different rows and columns. If you don’t, your opponent will punch back and regain strength. If you knockout Ernie or Jerome before using the allotted amount of moves, these moves will carry over to the next round. Knock ‘em out three times in a row for a TKO and you are ready to move on. These guys are harder to beat as you continue to progress through levels so don’t take these guys lightly.

Other Freakin’ Fun Stuff

There exists bonus “power-ups” which are shown at the bottom of the gaming screen. Stewie’s time machine disk wipes out a small perimeter of items, and a human bullet and a kitten crossbow clear out an entire row or column. These are awarded to you, or you can purchase them with “Peter” coins. ”How can these be awarded?,” you ask. Well, the app randomly presents you with in game challenges whether it is filling up gas for the Booze truck or gathering keys to unlock hotel rooms. Once again, you simply must beat the provided levels within the challenge to be granted a treasure chest. Treasure chests provide for “Peter” coins, bonus “power-ups” and uranium. Uranium, huh? Uranium can also be distributed by achieving quests. Click on the Uranium icon (looks like Kryptonite to me) to learn more. Uranium will enable you to purchase mystery boxes which contain items that contribute to the Family Guy collections. Collections? I know, I know…where does the fun stop? I simply encourage you to press the Backpack icon to learn more about collections.

Closing Arguments

One of the best things about this app is that it doesn’t contain annoying ads or pop-ups and doesn’t constantly prompt you to buy “Peter” coins. It’s your choice!

This gaming app is extremely addictive and entertaining which is why I highly encourage you to download this app to your Android, Iphone, and/or tablet. My wife and I are actually in a competition, and the one rule is that we are not allowed to buy anything. At this point, I am leaving her in my dust as she claims I am always playing this at work…wrong! Don’t play this at work and more importantly, don’t play this while driving.

After reading this article, you are probably convinced this might be one  of the best gaming apps, but it can always wait. No worries…the appwill notify you when your “hearts” are restored and even when in-app challenges are available. I honestly found it be a very useful app when in waiting rooms for the dentist, doctor, etc.  Put it this way, Mr. Humes is on level 303 and it’s only been like three months. WHAAAAT! I am setting records on this app! Who wants some?!



Five Useful Apps You Don’t Know About


We set out to find apps that don’t receive a lot of recognition because either they don’t have a lot of exposure or because they aren’t used on a regular basis. We left out the shopping apps because shopping enthusiasts know all of the underground apps. However when “app”lied, they become convenient and helpful. Here are the 5 useful apps for IPhones:

Useful appsUseful App 1 – Compass

Developer – Apple Inc.
Price – Free
I know…what use is a compass to a few techy, indoor guys. It’s simple. Download the app, swipe the screen to the left, and you got yourself a level (another tool we don’t have). Now make sure your 60” flat screen is level for the next Call of Duty game.

Useful apps for IphoneUseful App 2 1Password

Developer – AgileBits Inc.
Price – $3.99 monthly (Free trial is available)
We all have been there; trying to remember last year’s fantasy football password. Was it last year’s girlfriend’s name or was it your Pacman high score? “1Password” app software syncs with your devices and apps and automatically identifies the unique password you may have selected years ago by simply entering your “1password” password. While a monthly fee for this service may seem pricey for the avid techy who might have hundreds of passwords, it is convenient and saves you the time of resetting passwords for rarely used applications which are certain to get lost next year when you try to cancel that Jelly of the Month Club subscription you signed up for at 2:00 am.

Useful App 3 – Pacer – Pedometer plus Weight Loss and BMI Tracker

Developer – Pacer Health Inc.
Price – Free for the basic and $4.99 for Premium/month
I am interested enough in my health where I sincerely desired to see how many calories I burned and how much walking I do daily (or lack thereof). I am defiantly not interested in dropping money on a Fitbit such that I have to flaunt this on my wrist and allow my coworkers to laugh when they notice it, not to mention my lanky physique. The basic service is great and reliable and tracks your steps and calories burned. The user interface illustrates statistics for the current, past days and months. The premium service provides for add-ons for the fitness guy that my wife wishes I was. The premium service will set daily goals for you based on your desired weight loss and will even recommend workout plans and schedules called “habits”. As I see it, the only down side is, it does appear to be a drag on your smartphone’s battery life.

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Useful App 4 – Grocery List by Voice

Developer – Bit and Web
Price – Free
For those of you who don’t own an Amazon Echo, the best feature is the hands free grocery list skill. While this grocery list app isn’t as useful as the Amazon Echo, it sure beats the pen and paper that you will inevitably forget to use and even remember to bring you with you to the grocery store. The app’s voice recognition is great and dependable. However, the app must be open to access it, and you are required to press the start/stop buttons for recording.


Useful App 5 – Cheers! – Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

Developer – Jaroslaw Bielawski
Price – Free ($2.99 to monitor BAC above .08)
So your wife’s Holiday Party is next week, and she prefers you not to unleash “Frank the Tank” again. Give Cheers! App a shot (Pun fully intended). Seriously, this app makes some assumptions and doesn’t accurately calculate your BAC. You shouldn’t use the app as an instrument to decide if it is safe to drive or perform any task involving motor skills. If you have been drinking at all you, call an Uber. I used the app for a couple of weeks just to figure out how I reacted at certain BAC levels, and more importantly how my body reacted the next day which it didn’t as I laid on the couch in an episode of self-loathing. The limited information you input into the app lends itself to being inaccurate as it doesn’t take food or water consumption into account. I found the app too be very easy to use, and was entertaining to an extent. A quick swipe of the screen will change the alcohol type, and simply use your finger to adjust the quantity and alcohol percentage of the drink.

Bonus Useful App -1 – Secret calculator + Private Photo and Video Vault

Developer – One Wave AB

Price – Free

While I don’t have any use for hiding pictures (other than my 1990’s grunge phase), I did find the app to be cool and know a lot of people who might find value in it.  The app opens to look like a typical calculator, after typing in your 4 digit pin code and then the % sign, it reveals your photo albums.  It is easy to use and upload pictures.  The disadvantage is your content isn’t backed up.  You have to subscribe to the premium service for $4.33 a month for the cloud backup.  Additional premium features include unlimited content, web browsing through the hidden interface, and a break-in attempt log.

Bonus Useful App 2 – 1Weather

Developer – OneLouder Apps

Price – Free

This app does all the features seen in other weather apps but provides a little more.  Look at your current weather forecast, but quickly toggle to live color radar.  I cross checked the color radar with my local news station for accuracy.  Another pretty cool feature is the moon & sun menu which portrays the current moon and what to expect in the days to come.  Great resource for fans of astrology.  Finally, the two great features putting this weather app above the competitors are the aviation feature , a must when travelling, and the alerts and notifications the app will text you depending on your current location.


CARTWHEEL – Extreme Couponing At Its Best

 Extreme Couponing My Cartwheel App Story

Target, one of America’s top retailers, has introduced a new discount and coupon app, “Cartwheel App.” I recently came upon this coupon app while in a local Target store where the most of the staff was sporting t-shirts printed with “Ask me about Cartwheel App.” Not knowing what this meant and assumed it was a ploy for my wife to spend more money in this establishment, I initially ignored the command. Shortly thereafter and while standing in line, I noticed the cashier scanning the phone of random customers.  My curiosity set in immediately. I quickly interrogated the customer in front of us, and she explained to me that it was a discount app for Target (this app only works with Target not other place like TellANF) so I immediately downloaded the app to my Android, and my wife downloaded the app to her iPhone almost simultaneously. However, it was too late at that point to redeem coupons, but the app does let you accrue reward points at the completion of checkout by tapping the Checkout, shopping cart icon. Once you reach the 5000 point threshold, you will receive free “stuff” according to the cashier. You receive 10 points for every dollar spent so I will start reaping the rewards of this app once I spend $500. Let me rephrase that… “once my wife spends $500.” The Checkout icon also lists available coupons at the bottom of the screen with some great deals. For example, you can get one free Xbox game with the purchase of an Xbox ONE S Console. This great deal better be offered around Christmas time!

Cartwheel App ReviewCartwheel App Features

Oh, and this app offers more… a lot more. The home screen has an extensive list of exclusive coupon offers for various products. Can anyone say “EXTREME COUPONING?!” The search engine on this app is state of the art as well. It offers voice recognition software and a barcode scanner to determine if any discounts or coupons apply to products around the store while shopping. I strongly discourage this practice, but I also love my wife. This app offers great savings instantaneously, and if you are into extreme couponing, this app is only an added bonus. It will keep track of the offers and coupons via list aptly named My List pictured with a currency icon.  The personalization of this app doesn’t stop there. There is also a Me icon pictured with a silhouette which shows your history at Target (don’t really wanna know that), your offers redeemed. Under this same icon, one can change personalized settings such as your Target store of choice, notifications, and the app offers a typical help menu with frequently asked questions and so on. Even if you are not a fan of Target because you can’t leave there without spending $75, I highly recommend downloading the Cartwheel app to your Android smartphone or Iphone, and the fun doesn’t stop here.

Don’t Forget ABout the redcard

In addition to all the instant saving and discounts this coupon app offers, you can earn an additional 5% discount off of your entire purchase by using the Target REDcard. You simply apply for the card which is tied to your bank account and swipe the REDcard in lieu of your debit card. Learn more about the REDcard at Target.com.

Cartwheel App Closing Arguments

In closing, whether you are into extreme couponing, just looking for instant coupons and discounts, or a combination thereof, this is a very useful app and a “must” download.  Like sports apps, there are abundance of shopping apps, but if you are going to give one that will save you money, this one is it.

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