Edo Agenda – Expect More from an Organizer

Developer – Edo.io

Price – Free

Edo Agenda App

We see a lot of planner apps and recognize the market for planners is pretty much overpopulated. We have written about planner apps once or twice before and even though we don’t write reviews on all of the new planner and organizer apps, we checkout most of them just to see if they are unique or provide new value to users.  Immediately, I noticed the Edo Agenda can sync with your Google calendar and to my knowledge this is only one of a couple planner apps that has this feature and is also packed with additional features.  Organizational apps usually aren’t my strong point since I was diagnosed at birth with ADD, but here it goes anyway.

Edo Agenda App Overview

The Edo Agenda app allows you to make entries into different categories. The journal option resembles a planner except is displayed in a daily list format.  Within the journal app you can easily set reminders, add tasks or select a day in which you can write your daily schedule, write your tasks and even load pictures.  The pictures option is great for downloading images from your smart phones of a grocery list or your list of items needed to get packed for your vacation.  The planner displays the same information as the journal expect in a calendar format.  Selecting a day on the calendar within the planner allows you to enter the same options as the journal.  The floating task menu is a great place to store tasks and to do lists which you yet to assign to a particular day.  The note menu is a great place to just keep track of your day or scribble down some quick thoughts.  The app also allows you to archive and pin items.  The settings tab for the app really permits you to customize your displays by changing what day your week starts (great for those of us who don’t start the work week on Monday or calendar traditionalists who insist the week begins on Sunday).  Quickly change the date from the American utilized month-day-year format to day-month-year format (if you happen to be in Europe or just recognize that this format does seem to make more sense).  Export your calendar through the settings menu and text it or email it to others. The agenda app can be used from your laptop or desktop computer and information entered from either device will automatically sync with the other device. Additionally, the information will be backed up by the mighty cloud.

Why the Edo Agenda?

Overall the Edo Agenda app has all of the features you probably are accustomed with from an organizer app, but the ability to sync your Google calendar and the function to link the mobile app to the desktop version makes it a really attractive option for anyone using Google calendars. For those who haven’t selected a daily planner app, may I suggest the Edo Agenda as it is new and will be supported for in the future, and currently, has no ads or premium purchases.


Nextdoor – Your Neighborhood Social Network App

Developer: Nextdoor.com

Rating: Teen

Price: Free

Nextdoor is by no means a new app, but it’s relevance to the social networking world is something I must make you aware of, if you are not already. It has over 1 million plus downloads in the Google Play store so it’s no secret. Think of the Nextdoor as your neighborhood Facebook.

Ironically, my research did not lead me to download this app but rather a postcard in my mail. I usually am able to decipher junk mail versus relevant mail, but this flier caught my attention. The instructions were simple and all I had to do was enter the allocated code assigned to me, and I was on my way. Similar to other apps, Nextdoor will utilize your GPS locator on your smartphone or tablet to confirm your residential location.

How It Works

This app has many features you can utilize to become a part of the community or just be the neighbor from the outside looking in (sounds a little creepy). I meant to say the app doesn’t require your constant attention or involvement, but there will probably be those neighbors who will be all over this forum. The home page is populated with all sorts of posts like lost and found pets, local car accidents, items for sale, posts from your local municipality, links to articles from your local news, and ads, of course. If you want to post anything of interest, just tap the “+” sign in the lower right corner, and you can select the category of your post. You can send a private message to a neighbor like “Please shut your freakin’ dog up!”  Send an urgent alert like a water main break, post an event like a garage sale (make sure you have a permit), issue a poll, or just simply post a message in the for sale & free, general, crime & safety, lost & found, or recommendations category.

If you are uncomfortable with submitting a post, you can simply search for a particular person, place, or event by using the search bar at the top of the screen or filter your search by tapping the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the bottom left of the screen. The menu page is organized by offering all the aforementioned categories of posts, people, my bookmarks, settings, and help. In particular, I found the recommendations category to very beneficial. Here again, this page is broken down into categories like restaurants, bars/pubs(my favorite), lawn services, grocery stores, hair salons(NA), and so on. I would encourage you to explore all the other categories because depending on your location and whether you are a suburbanite or a rural member of the community, this app can offer endless information whether you view it as pertinent or purely useless.

As you would probably assume, the app contains a map feature which can be utilized to view who is on the network. As we approach Halloween, the map will also identify who is handing out candy whereas you can select whether you will be partaking. Some people just don’t do Halloween so this will a nice tool to use when I am walking my son around. The map will also allow you to invite other neighbors via post card by which the first ten are free and postage paid. Use the map to select which neighbors you would like to send an invite to and the app will do all the work for you.

Final Remarks      

Nextdoor is one of the social network apps which I can hang with. It offers a plethora of information regarding your neighborhood and community. It can almost function as a neighborhood watch app if utilized properly. If there was any negative feedback to offer, in my opinion, I would say this app is purely dependent on the population of the community whereas smaller neighborhoods would not find this to be an effective tool or be able to utilize this app to its full potential. Regardless of my opinion, I am excited to have been invited by my neighbors and am now a nosy neighbor (in a good way).

Apollo Reddit Client – The Best Reddit User Experience

Reddit App IphoneDeveloper – Christian Selig

Price – Free with in app purchases (elegantly called tips)

Apollo – Lightning Fast User Experience

Apollo was developed by Christian Selig who was previously employed at Apple. Christian also developed the great iPhone speed reading app “Syllable”. It’s rare an independent app developer (yes, this app is a 3rd party release) has the pedigree that Christian has, and it shows.  The app was in development for years by Christian with the goal of creating a slick app with the look and feel of an Apple product. Christian couldn’t have chosen a better app in need of a good boost in user experience.  Reddit’s propriety app known as Reddits: Trending News & Tips App, has the exact same content as the mobile website and is described as 50% faster which automatically loads GIFs and provides the ability of unlimited scrolling.  The Reddit mobile app is really a great upgrade to the website for the simple reason the GIFs automatically play and the unlimited scroll allows you to browse and view content almost twice as fast as the website and was really the best way to utilize Reddit until the beast known as Apollo was released.

Reddit App APKI know what you are thinking…if the Apollo app has the same content, why is it necessary. The simple reason is the Reddit app was developed for both Android and iOS limiting the ability to utilize the iOS software and hardware available with the Apple iPhone (Sorry Android users. You are stuck with Reddit’s Trending New & Tips APP).  I was skeptical also, but the one word answer for the value of Apollo is SPEED.  Apollo is packed with other features that we will discuss later, but the only reason you need to download this one is the SPEED.  When you open the app, the first GIF will start to play immediately.  I scrolled down in the Apollo app as fast as my sausage like thumb can move and the scroll was 100% smooth. As I started to fatigue from the strenuous exercise, I was pleasantly surprised as the video started with no glitches or pauses.  Switching from subreddit categories is seamless.  While the Reddit app is faster than the mobile website, it doesn’t stack up at all with the speed of Apollo.   The Reddit app has a clunky experience scrolling, loading videos, and switching subreddit categories.

Apollo Features

Apollo App DownloadIf you enjoy Reddit, you won’t be deleting Apollo from your phone anytime soon. Since most Reddit users frequent the site daily, go ahead and send Christian a tip ($$) to unlock the pro version as you will want to utilize all of the Apollo features. Tips start at $2.99 and continue to $4.99 and top out at $9.99. Any tip amount will unlock the same features.  The amount of time you will use this app justifies the price point which is similar to a gallon of gas.  The most practical feature is the ability to create new posts (the free version does not allow you to post content).  Not only are you allowed to post content, but it also features a markdown editor which is an automatic formatting tool that converts easy to read text (while you are writing) to HTML format.  Additionally, formatting text and incorporating links is an extremely fast and effortless.  If you have multiple Reddit accounts, this feature is for you, as you don’t have to log in and out of Reddit to post and view from separate accounts.  The free Apollo app allows you to change the screen between black and white.  The add-on at cost will provide you with sunset and sunrise settings and automatically adjusts the screen darkness to coincide with the sun position.  You can also set the darkness to be based on your iPhone brightness.  This feature screams Apple as it isn’t really needed but pretty cool which is a philosophy Apple has mastered.  You will also need  to purchase the pro version to change your icon.  Do you get tired of navigating around spam on Reddit? Us too. The pro version includes the ability to filter out posts based on keywords. Most spam submissions starts with Checkout or new. Filter out these keywords for a spam free reading experience. the final pro version feature provides an additional touch ID security feature which works just like trying to open your iPhone, so you will need to use the thumb scan or password to open the app.

Apollo – The Minor Issues

While the Apollo app is basically flawless, there is one noticeable disadvantage that may be an issue with some users. The pro version is required to post content this will definitely be an issue for a small group of users who pride themselves on never paying for apps.  For most of us, the $2.99 price for the pro version is minor as we know we will use this app for years and is packed with real features we will use and desire.

Apollo – Final Launch

Appollo Reddit App ReviewThe multiple years of development really shows with Apollo speed, smooth transitions, and ease of use. Buck up for the pro version and if you use Reddit, this is a must have so don’t even waste time playing with the app before purchasing the pro verison.  Since Reddit is only growing in popularity and Christian spent considerable money and time developing Apollo, it is expected this app will be maintained for years and updates aren’t just going to fix issues, but they will be packed with noticeable changes and features.


Wordpack for Google Play – Word Puzzle App

Word Puzzle GameDeveloper: Dream Oriented Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download with ads and in-app purchases

 When you think of word puzzles, the image of crossword and seek and find puzzles may come to mind. Wordpack provides us with a more unique spin on word puzzle apps. It’s a relatively easy game to play, but don’t be fooled, it gets harder as you progress. The theme of the game is a journey through multiple international cities. Each city consists of 15 levels or puzzles to solve, and then you will advance to the next city by which the game becomes more challenging. There are seven cities in total and each city has a skill level designated as either easy, moderate, hard, or challenging.


Word Puzzle GameThe object of the game is to tile words together to form a word related to the category of each level (puzzle). Categories range from animals, colors, furniture, continents, sports, etc. You get the point. Anyway, drag the tile groups at the bottom of the screen and drop onto the puzzle screen which already has tiled word segments to form words specific to the category of the level. You can only complete words in a horizontal and vertical orientation. Diagonal doesn’t work. At the top of the screen, you will notice a series of white “bullets.” These indicate how many words you are to find in the puzzle in order to succeed and move to the next level. Once you complete a word, the puzzle will highlight the word in color to indicate whether your move is correct or not. If you get stuck, click on the light bulb icon in the upper corner for a hint. You will initially get fifteen (15) free hints, and any more will be at cost. I am about three cities into the game and have yet to use all of my free hints, although, it is indeed getting harder. There are times when I just had to put my phone down, clear my head, and get back on the app. Playing the easier levels and cities at first, only lure you to continue playing.


We have reviewed several puzzle apps and games, and this one gets “two thumbs up.” It’s simplistic and casual gameplay is appealing, plus, it stimulates the mind, and I definitely need that. The fact that this puzzle app is only available in the Google Play store may be discouraging to some but this is the only real knock at this point against it. I must mention ads will randomly pop up after completing a level but it’s to be expected for a free download. The app is brand new so give it a chance and download via the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dreamoriented.wordpack

Runtastic Workout and Exercise Apps

Best Workout Tracker AppDeveloper: Runtastic

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and use with in-app purchases.

We have already featured an article on Runtastic for the development of their calorie counter app. After looking into the Runtastic family further, I have come across a few more which we feel should be highlighted.

You don’t need a PHD to understand dieting and exercise are the two main factors in controlling your weight and contributing to overall wellbeing. I can’t speak for Runtastic, but I will assume they are in agreement which is why the focus of their business model is how they can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Staying motivated and eating healthy, balanced meals is very difficult in today’s world. It seems the last thing we want to do after a busy day is to rush home, change into your gym clothes, and make your way to the gym. Well, Runtastic brings the gym to you (sort of). The following workout apps are convenient for in-home use and will help focus on some of “problem” areas so get an exercise mat and download these apps to get started.


Gym Workout AppsSIX PACK APP

My familiarity with a six pack falls primarily with the kind found at my local liquor store. At one time in my prime, I did have six pack abs going for me. Needless to say, my prime came and went, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t use this workout app. This one is a more appropriate app for me anyway. Press the “Start Training” button and you are on your way. This workout app is laid out in levels where level 1 is the free introductory period and levels 2 and 3 are $5 each. Pay the $5 and upgrade to level 2. You will lose the ads and gain abs. I have completed the first couple of days of the training, and it is pretty easy so far but looking ahead, it doesn’t seem to get any easier.


LOL! I apologize for my immaturity, but I just can’t believe someone has thought of this. The app has a complete training regimen organized in levels. Levels are broken down in days with the allotted time for each workout per day. I am simply amazed at the fact there are so many exercises to work out your butt. It is fairly easy to follow aside from actually doing the workout. I will not be in any body building contest nor will I be sporting a Speedo so working out my rump would not be my priority. This would be directed toward the female audience and is about toning your glutes so don’t set a goal of looking like Kim Kardashian because that is fake. (Sorry to all her fans…just not for me). Anyway, level 1 is only seven days so be confident and challenge yourself. As you notice the padlock sign next to level 2, your free trial is over. Stay motivated and work your way up to level 2 and kick up another $5. It is still a hell of a lot cheaper than a gym membership.

I would recommend using a tablet or iPad when utilizing the aforementioned workout apps as the larger screen helps you follow your avatar instructor in more detail to assure you are actually performing the exercise correctly. “Avatar instructor?” you ask? Yes, you can choose between a male or female instructor a.k.a virtual personal trainer, if you will.


Workout Apps If you feel you aren’t dedicated or motivated enough for a training program and still want to get in some regular exercise, Runtastic has you covered by offering more simplistic apps like a push-up and sit-up exercise app. You can choose from other individual exercise and workout apps such as squats, leg training, and pull-ups, but I honestly don’t think I could do a single pull-up to save my life as I hang from a cliff so I will just stick with the apps applicable to me (and rely on adrenaline in life threatening situations). What’s really cool about these particular apps how they are able to utilize smartphone technology to track your reps whether it be a push-up or sit-up. For example, when doing a push-up, you place your phone on the floor and make sure the tip of your nose touches the screen to qualify a push-up. For a sit-up, hold your phone in front you, close to chest, and perform your sit-up. Complete your allocated reps and take a quick workout trainer appbreak. The app will count down your breaks for you before resuming the exercise. It’s a pyramid setup whereas you start out with less reps in the beginning and increase your reps towards the peak of your training, and then work your way back down. Doing sit-ups was reminiscent of grade school where you had to have someone hold your feet. In this case, my son was selected involuntarily to hold me down and then decidedly questioned “Are you doing this because you are fat?” My reps were quickly interrupted by an outburst of laughter which coincidentally helped my ab workout.

There are plenty of apps of to choose from to cater to your preferences and lifestyle so I would recommend you visit the website for additional exercise and workout apps and learn even more about Runtastic as a whole.

Best workout apps iphoneBONUS APP – RUNTASTY

As I referenced earlier in this narrative, a healthy diet is key to your success, although, I am a big fan of the “cheat” days. Runtastic has blessed us with another one of their app offerings with Runtasty. Runtasty is a cookbook formatted app and is very similar to the Tasty app, but is more health conscious and it seems there are limitless categories to cater to all. You have sugar-free, meat, fish & seafood, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, low-carb, high-carb, post-workout, high-protein, easy, ready in 15/30 minutes, low calorie, lunch, dinner, and snack. One of the biggest concerns being on the balanced diet is what to eat but with numerous options to choose from, there isn’t much room to make excuses.  For starters, intake is best in moderation. Secondly, you will have to cook, and lastly, you will have to go grocery shopping which my wife does not allow me to do. Luckily, she is on board with contributing to my well-being and has downloaded this app too. I am going to try the Crunchy Apple Nachos which is under the snack category. When you click on the recipe, all the applicable categories are Best Workout Apps For Menlisted, how long it takes prepare/cook, how many it serves, and the difficulty level or lack thereof. The directions are spelled out for you along with a corresponding video to view if you prefer. At the bottom of the particular recipe screen, you will find your basic nutrition facts like calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Better yet, use this app in sync with the Runtastic Balance calorie counter app, and make your diet official.


It’s our job to make apps our focus and you, the reader, aware of what’s out there. Runtastic apps have been downloaded by millions, and they must be doing something right as they are now owned by Adidas. Runtastic’s workout and exercise apps benefit both gym junkies and the average Joe or Jane. In addition to the apps we have featured, they have developed other apps as an extension of their line of daily tracking devices.  Visit runtastic.com to view their shop and get yourself hooked up.

Captioned Say, Show, Share – Be Your Own Narrator

Video Editing AppsDeveloper – Bumpers Media, Inc.

Price – Free

What is Captioned and How Does It Work?

Captioned Say, Show, Share is a new, unique medium to create your own videos and pictures with audio and music, or provide a voice over and modify existing movies or pictures. Share your creations in the Captioned community.  Just like First Person News, we appreciate fresh apps allowing the users to be interactive and share their content.  Who wants to be a Narrator?  After creating your personalized videos with your messages, they will automatically post to Captioned’s community on the app.  You can also post them on another social media network via the app.  The app does require you to create a profile (account) by using Facebook, Twitter or simply through a text message with your phone.  From here, you will want to edit your profile with a short biography and add your personal avatar.  The app opens with the “Home” tab where you cycle through Captioned’s hottest videos, stories, rants, latest feed and other categories of pictures and videos. At the bottom of the app, you can toggle to different screens: to the activity screen shows your recent activity and posts, the add screen (just a + sign) is where the creativity starts with your own videos and pictures, the profile screen permits you to change your information, the create series page allows you to upload videos of the same type or message, and finally, the search screen is self-explanatory.

Video Editing AppsBe Your Own Editor, Director, and Producer

Now that we burned through the basics, let’s dive into the creation phase which is where the magic happens (unlike my bedroom). Under the add tab in the home screen, you will find your options for creating videos and pictures.  For starters, select content from your own picture library, use your camera to film or take still shots (this is fancy for pictures, they teach that at film school), or import GIFs and images directly from the internet through the app.  After your content is ready, the creativity begins.  Add your own audio narrating the video and use the segue command to add music directly from the app. After your masterpiece is complete, use the top right arrow to move toward publishing options.  Add a video name and short description, publish Video Editing Appsit to your series, or add it to preselected categories.  After publishing you will now have the finished product and the ability to share it via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  Additionally, you can save it to your personal camera roll and text it to anyone.

Captioned Say, Show, Share Final Take

I remember when YouTube came out, the older generation and large media networks didn’t believe people would want to shares videos of friends and them self to complete strangers to view. We know what happened, and I think Captioned has expanded on the idea to allow users the ability to easily create memes and GIFs and has provided them a community by which to share it.  The process is simple, and they already have some unbelievable content. Check out Sophia P. Chew’s “How to Video Editing AppsPronounce Spotify” for a quick, funny video that also demonstrates the abilities of Captioned.  Currently, you can “heart” others postings and comment on them similar to Twitter, but we would like a “follow” option to streamline the content you want to see.


Push – Relaxing Slow Pace Puzzle Game


Developer – Rainbow Train

Price – 99 Cents

Puzzle GamePush Overview

This puzzle game known only as Push is designed to be a slow paced trial and error style puzzle game reminiscent of the old school hands-on tangled nails style puzzle your dad played (pictured left). Similar to the nail puzzle you never played, the intent of the game is to just fiddle with it while using minimal thought.  The game is provided with no clues, time limit, or scoring, as the developers aren’t trying to create competition or stress.

puzzle gamePush Game Play

The gameplay is simple. You are presented with different rotating blocks with buttons of differing symbols and numbers. Your goal is to push all of the buttons in a systematic order. As soon as you miss the sequence, the buttons will all restore back to the original state, a subtle game over notice.  You will never revert in game play, and don’t have “lives”, so don’t worry about the resets.  If you do come across a seemingly difficult puzzle, you can always resort to previous levels, regain confidence, and try to figure out the patterns.  Again, everything the developer (Rainbow Train) designed was not to confuse you or frustrate you, but rather provide you a simple, fun puzzle app.  The background music is  just as simplistic with a techno feel, exemplifying the simple nature of the game.  It reminds me of 1990’s hit “Around the World” by Daft Punk.  One of these days we will run a promotional give away to whoever can guess my age based on my dated references.

puzzle gameConclusion

I did play the game for a few days and definitely got the idea, but I just don’t have the desire to pick up the game and play it after my required due diligence. While we generally don’t write reviews for games we won’t play after the publication of the article, we found the concept of the game to be great and really believe a lot of people will enjoy it.  The no clues or direction and abstract thought process is similar to The Guides Axiom (which we enjoy). However, it just doesn’t grab me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t grab you. If you enjoy puzzles, the $.99 cent price tag is worth the investment (similar to an investment towards a McDonald’s double cheese burger).  Also note, the developers provided value with this game as there are no ads or in-app purchases required.


Developer: Tripcommon, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download, contains ads.


For anybody who has searched for this app thinking it might help with an ex-wife or crazy boyfriend, you are out of luck, and you should rethink your intentions. Hitlist is a travel app similar to Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz, and only deals with flight reservations. Booking flights these days is relatively easy and cheap (if you are ahead of the game) and having an app which really narrows down your search and price range, is extremely beneficial to one’s time.

What this app offers…

Hitlist gets right to the point when initially opening. Tap “Get Started” to start exploring or you can sign in and register. The app will use your GPS to find the closest airport to you or manually select your preference. The app opens with the “Explore” page listing suggested trips, last minute getaways, most popular, weekend and tropical getaways, and features unique categories such as James Bond film locations, spicy food spots, best for photography, and more. If any of these don’t appeal to you, press the “search” option, and type in your destination. Upon finding and selecting your destination, the next screen populates all the available flights from the major airlines, and furthermore, you can filter your search based on your preference of airline and number of stops. The app rates the prices of the flights from “SPECTACULAR” to just “AVERAGE.” I like options, and this app really brings it home. Another slick feature is the “My Hitlist” page. This is just another option to assist you in planning a trip. You can set the dates you want to depart and return on and of course, the destination. If no flights are currently offered, add to your hitlist and you will receive a notification when available.

This app can be used for both business and pleasure. I really enjoy the simplicity of its layout and the ability to search freely. The app inherently generates other places of interest you may want to visit and explore. It is very unique in this aspect so add these destinations to your hitlist as you go. Not only is this app receiving great PR from this fantastic review, but it has also been recognized by entities like the New Your Times and TIME magazine. Download Hitlist and tell your friends and family…only those who you want to travel with, I might add.

Rolly Vortex – Quick Action Marble Game

Developer – Voodoo

Price – Free

Rolly Vortex is a quick action, obstacle game. Use your thumb to move your black ball down what appears to be a straw to avoid obstacles and pickup red gems (I have been playing for about a week and still don’t know if they do anything, but still grab them just in case).  The game is fast paced and requires quick reaction time.  The obstacles continue to vary in size and will even start to move around the outside of the straw.  Remember, you can’t move the ball completely around the straw, you can only move it from about 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock.  I’ve really enjoyed the game and found it to be slightly addictive.  The average game is really short, less than a minute which makes it great to play when you have a five minute Uber ride or are just waiting for your wife to run into the grocery store and pick up the eggs you forgot to get when you stopped to pick up your 6-pack on the way home.  The only disadvantage, and it is big; the ads are relentless and long.  Between games which is usually around 30 seconds, you get hit with a long ad that may even require to play another game for 30 seconds before you can return to your next game.  The ads are so long and so frequent, it really hurts the user experience because it takes about eight or nine games to really get hooked on this one, but once hooked, it is fun.  Pay for the $2.99 premium service to remove the ads and get the full, uninterrupted experience.  The game does offer offline play which has a great benefit…NO ADS! If you are too cheap to spend the $2.99 (myself included – we play a lot of apps) change your phone to airplane mode and enjoy ad free games until the developer reads this article and fixes it.  My current high score is 89. Beat that!

Stockpile, The Commoner’s Stock Broker

Best Stock App for BeginnersStockpile – Stock Trading

Developer – Stockpile

Price – Free

I know the big Wall Street brokerages don’t offer easy to use stock apps because they cater to and really only want large investors (known as whales).
During the “.com” early days, a lot of online brokers emerged, offering cheap trades based on the quantity of transactions and not a percent of the trade amount. They tried to and did a great job of attracting the middle class clientele and encouraging smaller investors to enter the market whom otherwise probably wouldn’t have.  This first generation  of “discount brokers”  opened up the white collar Wall Street to the blue collar worker.  While I was enthusiastic about this transformation in early 2000’s, we haven’t seen any progression for the middle class since (sounds like a political speech).  Enter Stockpile. Stockpile was truly developed with the small investor in mind.  The app is simply easy to navigate so I will skip the typical detailed app overview to highlight the advantages of Stockpile.

Stock Market Apps for Android

First and foremost, Stockpile offers the lowest flat fee transaction price to my knowledge. Transactions are only 99 cents regardless of trade volume. There is a small fee to transfer money from a debit card, but you can link your account directly to your banking account to avoid this fee.  Since the app lends itself to the everyday investors, the minimum purchase price to start an account is only $5. (I plan on opening an account with my yearend reviewthisapp bonus, which I hope tops $5.) Stockpile does a great job of creating the everyday person’s stock exchange allowing for  fractional share purchasing and obtaining a piece of the Google action without dropping close to a grand for a single share.  While it is clear smaller investors and the normal “Joe” can enter the market with Stockpile, they also removed all of the barriers to permit you to give the gift of stocks to friends and loved ones.   Before this great app, the feasibility of gifting a stock to another person was a pain staking endeavor.  If the recipient didn’t have an account at the same institution as you, you would be presented with a laborious situation of trying to make them open an account which for typical brokers requires multiple signatures and the use of snail mail. I opened an account in less than two minutes, and they even offer custodial accounts for individuals under 18 years of age.  The custodial account grants the minor to make his/her own trades, and the app will automatically notify the custodian a message to approve the trade. Talk about a great way to get your kids or grandkids involved and educated in the stock market.  Stockpile currently offers 1000 stocks and ETF (electronically traded funds).  While you may not have access to purchase any stock like you could with other internet brokerages, the selection is vast, and they offer almost any blue chip stock and most well-known companies.  Note: Stockpile is currently available to United States residents and will require you to provide a social security number, although, they anticipate expanding beyond the United States this year (we will keep an eye on this app and update this article as they expand).

Best Stocking Trading AppsStockpile is convenient and straightforward. You can be investing quicker than it takes to read this wonderful, well written article (some would even refer to as a piece, not an article). I believe they are the only app that allows you to purchase fractional shares and have the low transaction fees of less than a dollar.  As I mentioned earlier, Stockpile’s final advantage over other online brokers is the easy quick method of giving stocks as gifts.  Overall, the app has many features for you to research, purchase, and follow your stocks.  Good luck, and let’s hope the bull market continues to charge.


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