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Calulator App for IpadCalculator App 1 – Calculator +

Developer – Zero Cool

Price – Free

It would be just wrong not to start this post off with a traditional calculator app. It’s understood the IPhone and Android come out of the box with a simple calculator, but the calculator + app is a must download if you are in need of some real computing power and scientific features.  This little beast does it all, from equations all the way to the graphing and plotting.  Upon opening the app you will be greeted with a real quick 2 minute tutorial.  If the tutorial for any app is more than 5 minutes, I am out (my A.D.D. just won’t have it).  It does require in-app purchases for advanced features which you would probably desire to purchase when using for school or college as an example.  The advanced features only cost $3 and will replace the need of a true scientific calculator.  For most of us, this beast will do the job and provide the calculation needs not available on your default smartphone calculator.

Mobile Calculator DownloadCalculator App 2 – Mortgage Calculator

Developer – Zyabilkon

Price – Free (plus in app purchases)

This mortgage calculator is straight forward and easy to use. The homepage opens up immediately to the available metrics you can change including: home price (usually too high), Down payment (note for FHA loans this can be as low as 3.5 percent), Rate (it defaulted to 4.5 percent which is a bit high for FHA loans, you can check daily rates at, Term (usually 30 years unless you opt for a 15 year note which will provide about a .25 percent rate reduction), Taxes (it defaulted to 1.2 percent, Zillow will show you the actual property taxes paid), and Insurance.  Don’t forget to hit the “more parameters” tab at the bottom to adjust PMI (private mortgage insurance, usually only required for purchases where the down payment is less than 20 percent) and the amortization table. Change this to monthly as this is how most loans are amortized.  After inputting the correct information, your monthly payment is shown at the top along with a breakdown of how the payment is distributed through principal, interest, and taxes and insurance.  The setting tab in the top left corner allows you to change the currency for the international readers.  Additionally, the bottom has a rates tab which I had hoped would provide you current rates based on the type of loan and term you select. However this tab did not load for me, and I even tried a few times from different IP addresses to no avail.

Having bought a handful of properties through the years and refinancing many more, I can tell you this app does a great job of getting the numbers close and includes hidden costa like PMI and insurance. Some calculators on the market will try to only show you principle and interest, giving you the idea it is cheaper than reality.  The app doesn’t push or plug any lenders.  I cross-checked the numbers on two other web-based calculators, and it matched up.  If I had a gripe, I wish the default numbers were dependent on other inputs. For instance, when I increased the down payment, the PMI should go down or be eliminated at 20 percent, so be aware such that you need to review each field for every new entry.  Overall, for the first time buyer, use it to get an idea and go through a traditional lender to determine the actual amount.  For the seasoned buyer, it will get you right there if you know little bit about the mortgage industry.

Calculator App 3 – Unit Converter Free

Developer –Alan Mrvica

Price – Free

So you are the at the race track betting on the ponies and you are thinking, “what the heck is a furlong?” This handy calculator will provide the answer and make the track regulars believe you actually might know what you are doing. It has twelve (12) unit conversion categories that appear in the app homepage.  Area, currency, data, fuel-mileage, length, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time and volume are all available.  I have had this app for a while now, and it is great for those quick little measurements.  I pull it up a lot when cooking.  Damn those recipes in quarts!  I also think this is a must have if you are traveling as it really will convert everything from metric to imperial units or vice-versa.   Overall, this is a nice free app which you will reference a couples times a week during just normal everyday life.

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Best Calculator App for Android Free DownloadCalculator App 4 – Myscript Calculator – Handwriting Calculator

Developer – MyScript

Price – Free Trial (plus in app purchases)

Use your finger as your stylus and input an equation or simple arithmetic. This app will then calculate the answer for you. You can even save the calculations in the top bar by dragging them up.This feature is helpful, for instance, if you are working through a math problem with multiple steps.  It is free for the first thirty applications, and then costs only $.99 cents thereafter.  The app will provide you with another quick, short tutorial to compliment to your purchase.  The app is best used on a tablet as the additional space is really needed for anything more detailed.  The nice part about this app is the ability to insert a question mark (?) anywhere into the equation, and it will solve for the unknown.  The app offers value if you or your kids are performing entry level algebra or word problems, but the everyday use of this calculator is probably not needed for most. It’s useful and a unique tool so we added it to the list.


Best Calculator App 2017Calculator App 5 – Prime Builder Calculator – Measurement & Converter Tool for Handyman, Engineer, Carpenter

Developer – Robert Daily

Price – Free (plus in app purchases)

This calculator is a must have for handymen, home owners, and builders. I know this app is listed as free, but you really need to kick up the extra $1.99, and upgrade to get access to all of the calculators and remove the ads.  It is really ad saturated and will prompt you for the buy up countlessly.  The app homepage is clear and allows to select from stairs, stud, square, running measure, concrete, equal spacing, and more.  The more tab probably can be avoided. It has a basic arithmetic calculator (Read above. You don’t need this), inches to centimeter calculator (again, we addressed that with the unit converter app), and a compass.  I went through all of base categories, and it was truly helpful and easy to use.  Quickly calculate stud spacing, equal dimensions along an overall dimension, and stair tread and rise spacing.  If you choose not to buy the add-on, pick the category you will be using most often as it will only unlock that one measure tool without the upgrade purchase.  If you are a weekend warrior with home improvements, this is a must have.

Best Graphing Calculator AndroidCalculator App 6 – Useful Tip Calculator

Developer – Certitude Software Solutions

Price – Free

This one is for your grandparents. I checked the download history and 90 percent of downloads are in Florida. This app was written for the target user in mind and is bare bones and simple.  It contains one screen and only requires the user to enter the bill amount and the desired tip percent.  Additionally, it has a rounding option and a split field allowing you to figure out the tips for multiple parties or checks.  I was hoping for options which excluded sales tax, and other tip calculator apps I tried didn’t have this option.  Since you now think I am cheap, give this app a try. It’s free!

There you have it! I have concocted a nice list of useful and unique calculator apps. Check back with us. As with all of our app lists, we updated it regularly as more apps are developed.

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