Developer: Etermax

Rating: Everyone 10+

Price: Free download with optional, in-app purchases

The makers of the original fan favorite Trivia Crack gaming app have now blessed us with Trivia Crack Heroes. THANK YOUUUU! This new gaming app has evolved into a strategic, battle venue versus the original, but still contains the trivia element and characters.  This game is technically unreleased, but the current version can still be downloaded for play from Google Play.

You initially start the game with a default set of characters. Each character has demographics such as hit points, range, crew size, target priority, speed, and attack cooldown. Think of the characters like Pokémon cards. I wasn’t an avid Pokémon collector, but I knew this much. Each character can also get stronger by leveling up. You will need to earn e-coins to do this, though. You will be given a certain amount of e-coins to start. Like any app, you can purchase e-coins ranging from $.99 up to $14.99. You can also earn e-coins and discover new e-coins by unlocking medal boxes. You also will be given a medal box when you start the game and rewarded with another one after you complete the training. Here again, you can purchase medal boxes with e-coins or buy the Aureus box for $24.99. I have noticed it takes a while to earn e-coins and medal boxes after you initially start playing so bucking up a $1 here and there isn’t too bad to remain competitive.


I recommend you complete the training to get accustomed to game play. Once your training regimen is complete, you are able to play in the stadium. Press the stadium icon at the bottom of the screen to begin. The app will decide an equal and compatible online opponent for you. The object of the game is similar to capture the flag using special characters while answering trivia questions. It gets pretty intense. The object is to protect your “gem” while trying to capture your opponents “gem.” Drag and drop your characters onto the arena surface for battle. There are two halves to the arena so be prudent where you drop your characters. You will need to learn your characters strong and weak characteristics in order to pair up and try to dominate your opponent and capture their “gem.” As I mentioned earlier, you are also answering trivia questions during the battle. The sensory stimulation of this game makes for pure entertainment.

It is a game of adaptation and strategy by which I have become moderately addicted to. Between this game and the Family Guy game, my free time is becoming less available. I was actually yelled at during dinner last night by my wife since my face was stuck facing my phone. My daughter soon became jealous and looked in iTunes for the game. Bad news…it is not available for the iPhone, YET. As I mentioned in my introduction, this app is still in its incubation phase so I am playing an unofficial and unreleased version as the developer fine tunes the app. It will be only a matter of time before you will be able to experience the fun this gaming app has to offer. Keep this app on your radar for official release.

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