RACCOONE – Virtual Signboard App

Developer: Karol Koziel

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

 Today, I have the privilege of reviewing an app in the prototype stage, therefore, I request your undivided attention. Raccoone falls in the category of a social media app although I do the like the title “signboard app”. Its format is that of a virtual message board whereas the user is enabled and encouraged to post messages, hereinafter, referred to as a “drop” or “drops.” As you may already be itching to download this app, let me tell you how to get started. It’s a typical registration page prompting you to create your user profile with an email address and so on. This app does utilize your integral GPS locator. Once you’re official, you will be greeted with a home screen “Me” which lists your profile, my drops, favorites, messages, clear all blocked users, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and log out. The bottom ribbon of the screen is populated with icons for Drops, Detailed, New Drop, and Me.

Let’s say you want to post an advertisement for a garage sale. First, make sure you have a permit. Secondly, log on to Racoone, and press the New Drop icon. A map will then be displayed showing your current location. If this is the location of your garage sale, tap the “Drop Me” button. If not, you can drag the sign symbol to the desired venue. This opens up another screen and allows for your creative side to show itself. You will have to add an associated picture(s), create a title with body text, and choose your category. There are multiple categories to choose from like Housing, Buy and Sell, Events, etc. so odds are, there is a category for your drop. This same screen has your location pinpointed on a map whereas you can even limit the message radius and set the expiration date. After you have finished inputting all the required fields and parameters, press the “Drop Message” button at the very bottom of this screen, and you are in business or whatever category suits the drop.

The other aforementioned icons, Drops and Detailed, allow you to browse all posted drops and even further filter your search for anything in particular. The only difference being is that the Detailed feature has a corresponding map at the bottom half of the screen. You can simply tap a drop during your browsing session, and the next screen will clarify the drop details.

It has many applications as the drop categories suggest whether it be used for personal or public interests so customize your drop as personal, generic, or however you deem appropriate. You will not be judged on your drops.

In closing, this app shows promise as another social platform utilized for sharing and commerce. Have some fun with this one and share with your friends and acquaintances. It could very well gain traction and take off. I can already hear people saying “Raccoone it!”

This app is now available for both the iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via the links listed below.



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