Into The Dead 2 – Keep Running My Friend

Into The Dead IOSDeveloper – PikPok

Price – Free

Rating -17+

Into The Dead – History

Into the Dead was originally released in 2012, and the simple, single level, and never ending gameplay took the mobile gaming world by storm. With over 70 million downloads on Android alone, the release of Into the Dead 2 is probably the most anticipated mobile game release of the year.  We were lucky enough to receive a promotional copy to perform our review (about the only perk an app journalist gets) and were even privileged to an interview which is featured at the end of this article.  Needless to say, we have been playing it hardcore for pretty much the last two days.

Into The Dead 2- Gameplay

Into the Dead DownloadInto the Dead 2 continues the running theme of Into the Dead. Unlike Into the Dead, Into the Dead 2 starts off with a backstory, and the story develops as you run through the levels.  The basic story line consists of you weaving your way through the level to reconnect with your family during a zombie apocalypse.  Completion of a level requires you to run a certain distance but also throws in a few challenges along the way during your nice little jog similar to a scene typical of the movie “Dawn of The Dead.”  The challenges vary but are typically all kill related and you are awarded stars for the successful completion of each one.  The controls are improved and simplified. You are not presented with an option to choose your controls like in Into the Dead, but “forget about it” because the developers established a set of elementary controls.  Your left thumb changes your running direction while the right thumb shoots and switches your weapons.  It’s that simple! During the course of the levels, you pick up pieces of weapons which allow Into The Dead APKyou to build into better weapons at the end of each level.  The zombies become more challenging to eliminate as the game runs on (I just won’t stop working in these horrible puns) so you will need to make sure you focus on collecting and building stronger weapons at each level.

Into The Dead 2 – The Final Run

The simplistic style makes playing the game straightforward and the large quantity of levels, new weapons, and mini challenges keeps you excited. The graphics are some of the best I have viewed for a mobile game and are probably even better on an iPad or tablet.  Regardless, if you have read to this point of my article, I know you are going to download the game, but if you didn’t play Into the Dead and are on the fence about this game, download it now.

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Throwback Challenge

In honor of the Into the Dead 1, just like are Block Puzzle high score challenge, we will be awarding $25 US dollars and a T-shirt to whoever has the highest score (for Into the Dead only) on Halloween (October 31, 2017, 9 PM EST),. Utilize our “Contact Us” page on our website and email us a screenshot and picture of your score with some verification (take a picture with the phone sitting in front of the daily Reviewthisapp article) and we will update the post showing the high score and your gamer name (if you choose). We will send the money via PayPal, mail, or another method you may prefer. (Your email will not be used for any purpose other than to get a proof of your high score).

Interview with the Managing Director of PikPok:
Reveiwthisapp (RTA) -Did you ever think Into the Dead 1 would blowup like it did? 
PikPok – Coming up to the release of the original Into the Dead, we knew we had something special in our hands.  There was nothing else really like it on the App Store, and even to this day it is a very distinctive look and experience.When we saw on release day we had the Editor’s Choice featuring on the App Store, we knew it was going to be a hit.  However, we certainly didn’t expect it to go on to be downloaded over 70 million times and have the longevity that it has had.
RTA – Follow up: What do aspects of the game do you think drove the popularity of the game?
PikPok – The game delivered on what we set out to do which was to crowbar the look and feel of an FPS game into a smartphone with all of its limitations, while delivering an experience that was immersive and bounced the player back and forth between feeling incredibly vulnerable and very powerful.  The quality of the look and the uniqueness of the emotional rollercoaster experience is what drove the uptake of the game.
RTA – How did you come up with the idea of making it never ending and simple to play?
PikPok – We’ve developed across a range of different platforms, and have always striven to make our games as accessible and intuitive to play as possible.  Coming from a console background, we knew we could deliver the audio and visual impact.  But we knew underneath that all that the game had to be simple to play to be enjoyable and suited to mobile.With respect to endless play, that was partly trying to squeeze as much gameplay out of the content and mechanics we built as possible.  But it was also about keeping true to the zombie genre – you can never truly escape the zombie apocalypse.
RTA  – Follow up: Never ending games were a staple in the Atari days with games like Asteroids. Did Atari provide any motivation or inspiration in developing Dead 1 game play?
PikPok – The very direct inspirations for Into the Dead were the iOS games Dead Runner and Zombie Highway, both endless runners. Dead Runner was a great immersive experience, but lacked depth that meant you reached the limit of your skill and couldn’t progress.  Zombie Highway had a great progression metagame, but wasn’t as immersive.  Into the Dead brought the best of these games together with its own spin and a ton of PikPok polish. 
RTA – We know Into the Dead 2 is going to be really big. Have you started thinking about the third installment yet? 
PikPok – It was actually several years after the release of Into the Dead before we really started thinking about a sequel.  There was a lot of improvements and additions we could make to that first game, so we focused on doing that for quite some time.  A sequel only started entering the conversation once it became very difficult to do some of the things we wanted to without starting from scratch.We expect the same pattern will probably play out with Into the Dead 2.  We have a lot of ideas on where we want to take the features and content of this version.  We’ll be supporting it for years to come.  We honestly haven’t even begun to think about a sequel yet.
RTA – Will software updates for Into the Dead 2 feature any new weapons or bonus levels?
PikPok -There is a lot in the game already, but new weapons, companions, and environments are definitely planned and we have some fun things coming down the pipe.We’ll also be keeping a close eye on what is resonating with players, general feedback, and suggestions people might have.  Some great stuff has bubbled up out of the community before

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