Rolly Vortex – Quick Action Marble Game

Developer – Voodoo

Price – Free

Rolly Vortex is a quick action, obstacle game. Use your thumb to move your black ball down what appears to be a straw to avoid obstacles and pickup red gems (I have been playing for about a week and still don’t know if they do anything, but still grab them just in case).  The game is fast paced and requires quick reaction time.  The obstacles continue to vary in size and will even start to move around the outside of the straw.  Remember, you can’t move the ball completely around the straw, you can only move it from about 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock.  I’ve really enjoyed the game and found it to be slightly addictive.  The average game is really short, less than a minute which makes it great to play when you have a five minute Uber ride or are just waiting for your wife to run into the grocery store and pick up the eggs you forgot to get when you stopped to pick up your 6-pack on the way home.  The only disadvantage, and it is big; the ads are relentless and long.  Between games which is usually around 30 seconds, you get hit with a long ad that may even require to play another game for 30 seconds before you can return to your next game.  The ads are so long and so frequent, it really hurts the user experience because it takes about eight or nine games to really get hooked on this one, but once hooked, it is fun.  Pay for the $2.99 premium service to remove the ads and get the full, uninterrupted experience.  The game does offer offline play which has a great benefit…NO ADS! If you are too cheap to spend the $2.99 (myself included – we play a lot of apps) change your phone to airplane mode and enjoy ad free games until the developer reads this article and fixes it.  My current high score is 89. Beat that!

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