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We have already featured an article on Runtastic for the development of their calorie counter app. After looking into the Runtastic family further, I have come across a few more which we feel should be highlighted.

You don’t need a PHD to understand dieting and exercise are the two main factors in controlling your weight and contributing to overall wellbeing. I can’t speak for Runtastic, but I will assume they are in agreement which is why the focus of their business model is how they can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Staying motivated and eating healthy, balanced meals is very difficult in today’s world. It seems the last thing we want to do after a busy day is to rush home, change into your gym clothes, and make your way to the gym. Well, Runtastic brings the gym to you (sort of). The following workout apps are convenient for in-home use and will help focus on some of “problem” areas so get an exercise mat and download these apps to get started.


Gym Workout AppsSIX PACK APP

My familiarity with a six pack falls primarily with the kind found at my local liquor store. At one time in my prime, I did have six pack abs going for me. Needless to say, my prime came and went, but it doesn’t mean I still can’t use this workout app. This one is a more appropriate app for me anyway. Press the “Start Training” button and you are on your way. This workout app is laid out in levels where level 1 is the free introductory period and levels 2 and 3 are $5 each. Pay the $5 and upgrade to level 2. You will lose the ads and gain abs. I have completed the first couple of days of the training, and it is pretty easy so far but looking ahead, it doesn’t seem to get any easier.


LOL! I apologize for my immaturity, but I just can’t believe someone has thought of this. The app has a complete training regimen organized in levels. Levels are broken down in days with the allotted time for each workout per day. I am simply amazed at the fact there are so many exercises to work out your butt. It is fairly easy to follow aside from actually doing the workout. I will not be in any body building contest nor will I be sporting a Speedo so working out my rump would not be my priority. This would be directed toward the female audience and is about toning your glutes so don’t set a goal of looking like Kim Kardashian because that is fake. (Sorry to all her fans…just not for me). Anyway, level 1 is only seven days so be confident and challenge yourself. As you notice the padlock sign next to level 2, your free trial is over. Stay motivated and work your way up to level 2 and kick up another $5. It is still a hell of a lot cheaper than a gym membership.

I would recommend using a tablet or iPad when utilizing the aforementioned workout apps as the larger screen helps you follow your avatar instructor in more detail to assure you are actually performing the exercise correctly. “Avatar instructor?” you ask? Yes, you can choose between a male or female instructor a.k.a virtual personal trainer, if you will.


Workout Apps If you feel you aren’t dedicated or motivated enough for a training program and still want to get in some regular exercise, Runtastic has you covered by offering more simplistic apps like a push-up and sit-up exercise app. You can choose from other individual exercise and workout apps such as squats, leg training, and pull-ups, but I honestly don’t think I could do a single pull-up to save my life as I hang from a cliff so I will just stick with the apps applicable to me (and rely on adrenaline in life threatening situations). What’s really cool about these particular apps how they are able to utilize smartphone technology to track your reps whether it be a push-up or sit-up. For example, when doing a push-up, you place your phone on the floor and make sure the tip of your nose touches the screen to qualify a push-up. For a sit-up, hold your phone in front you, close to chest, and perform your sit-up. Complete your allocated reps and take a quick workout trainer appbreak. The app will count down your breaks for you before resuming the exercise. It’s a pyramid setup whereas you start out with less reps in the beginning and increase your reps towards the peak of your training, and then work your way back down. Doing sit-ups was reminiscent of grade school where you had to have someone hold your feet. In this case, my son was selected involuntarily to hold me down and then decidedly questioned “Are you doing this because you are fat?” My reps were quickly interrupted by an outburst of laughter which coincidentally helped my ab workout.

There are plenty of apps of to choose from to cater to your preferences and lifestyle so I would recommend you visit the website for additional exercise and workout apps and learn even more about Runtastic as a whole.

Best workout apps iphoneBONUS APP – RUNTASTY

As I referenced earlier in this narrative, a healthy diet is key to your success, although, I am a big fan of the “cheat” days. Runtastic has blessed us with another one of their app offerings with Runtasty. Runtasty is a cookbook formatted app and is very similar to the Tasty app, but is more health conscious and it seems there are limitless categories to cater to all. You have sugar-free, meat, fish & seafood, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, low-carb, high-carb, post-workout, high-protein, easy, ready in 15/30 minutes, low calorie, lunch, dinner, and snack. One of the biggest concerns being on the balanced diet is what to eat but with numerous options to choose from, there isn’t much room to make excuses.  For starters, intake is best in moderation. Secondly, you will have to cook, and lastly, you will have to go grocery shopping which my wife does not allow me to do. Luckily, she is on board with contributing to my well-being and has downloaded this app too. I am going to try the Crunchy Apple Nachos which is under the snack category. When you click on the recipe, all the applicable categories are Best Workout Apps For Menlisted, how long it takes prepare/cook, how many it serves, and the difficulty level or lack thereof. The directions are spelled out for you along with a corresponding video to view if you prefer. At the bottom of the particular recipe screen, you will find your basic nutrition facts like calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Better yet, use this app in sync with the Runtastic Balance calorie counter app, and make your diet official.


It’s our job to make apps our focus and you, the reader, aware of what’s out there. Runtastic apps have been downloaded by millions, and they must be doing something right as they are now owned by Adidas. Runtastic’s workout and exercise apps benefit both gym junkies and the average Joe or Jane. In addition to the apps we have featured, they have developed other apps as an extension of their line of daily tracking devices.  Visit to view their shop and get yourself hooked up.

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