Wordpack for Google Play – Word Puzzle App

Word Puzzle GameDeveloper: Dream Oriented Inc.

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download with ads and in-app purchases

 When you think of word puzzles, the image of crossword and seek and find puzzles may come to mind. Wordpack provides us with a more unique spin on word puzzle apps. It’s a relatively easy game to play, but don’t be fooled, it gets harder as you progress. The theme of the game is a journey through multiple international cities. Each city consists of 15 levels or puzzles to solve, and then you will advance to the next city by which the game becomes more challenging. There are seven cities in total and each city has a skill level designated as either easy, moderate, hard, or challenging.


Word Puzzle GameThe object of the game is to tile words together to form a word related to the category of each level (puzzle). Categories range from animals, colors, furniture, continents, sports, etc. You get the point. Anyway, drag the tile groups at the bottom of the screen and drop onto the puzzle screen which already has tiled word segments to form words specific to the category of the level. You can only complete words in a horizontal and vertical orientation. Diagonal doesn’t work. At the top of the screen, you will notice a series of white “bullets.” These indicate how many words you are to find in the puzzle in order to succeed and move to the next level. Once you complete a word, the puzzle will highlight the word in color to indicate whether your move is correct or not. If you get stuck, click on the light bulb icon in the upper corner for a hint. You will initially get fifteen (15) free hints, and any more will be at cost. I am about three cities into the game and have yet to use all of my free hints, although, it is indeed getting harder. There are times when I just had to put my phone down, clear my head, and get back on the app. Playing the easier levels and cities at first, only lure you to continue playing.


We have reviewed several puzzle apps and games, and this one gets “two thumbs up.” It’s simplistic and casual gameplay is appealing, plus, it stimulates the mind, and I definitely need that. The fact that this puzzle app is only available in the Google Play store may be discouraging to some but this is the only real knock at this point against it. I must mention ads will randomly pop up after completing a level but it’s to be expected for a free download. The app is brand new so give it a chance and download via the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.dreamoriented.wordpack

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