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Edo Agenda App

We see a lot of planner apps and recognize the market for planners is pretty much overpopulated. We have written about planner apps once or twice before and even though we don’t write reviews on all of the new planner and organizer apps, we checkout most of them just to see if they are unique or provide new value to users.  Immediately, I noticed the Edo Agenda can sync with your Google calendar and to my knowledge this is only one of a couple planner apps that has this feature and is also packed with additional features.  Organizational apps usually aren’t my strong point since I was diagnosed at birth with ADD, but here it goes anyway.

Edo Agenda App Overview

The Edo Agenda app allows you to make entries into different categories. The journal option resembles a planner except is displayed in a daily list format.  Within the journal app you can easily set reminders, add tasks or select a day in which you can write your daily schedule, write your tasks and even load pictures.  The pictures option is great for downloading images from your smart phones of a grocery list or your list of items needed to get packed for your vacation.  The planner displays the same information as the journal expect in a calendar format.  Selecting a day on the calendar within the planner allows you to enter the same options as the journal.  The floating task menu is a great place to store tasks and to do lists which you yet to assign to a particular day.  The note menu is a great place to just keep track of your day or scribble down some quick thoughts.  The app also allows you to archive and pin items.  The settings tab for the app really permits you to customize your displays by changing what day your week starts (great for those of us who don’t start the work week on Monday or calendar traditionalists who insist the week begins on Sunday).  Quickly change the date from the American utilized month-day-year format to day-month-year format (if you happen to be in Europe or just recognize that this format does seem to make more sense).  Export your calendar through the settings menu and text it or email it to others. The agenda app can be used from your laptop or desktop computer and information entered from either device will automatically sync with the other device. Additionally, the information will be backed up by the mighty cloud.

Why the Edo Agenda?

Overall the Edo Agenda app has all of the features you probably are accustomed with from an organizer app, but the ability to sync your Google calendar and the function to link the mobile app to the desktop version makes it a really attractive option for anyone using Google calendars. For those who haven’t selected a daily planner app, may I suggest the Edo Agenda as it is new and will be supported for in the future, and currently, has no ads or premium purchases.


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