Stranger Things App: The Game

Developer: BonusXP, Inc.

Rating: Teen

Price: Free


In anticipation of the long awaited season 2 debut of Stranger Things and as a fan, I feel it is imperative for me to review this app. I will try not to fill this article with any spoilers for those of you who have yet to watch Stranger Things. By the way, for those who have not viewed this series, take a sick day and knock out season 1. You can thank me later, and yes, one day will do it.

Playing the Game

Once you download the game, the display eerily mimics that of Nintendo which is in harmony with the era of the show. Nostalgia immediately set in, and my mind reminisced as if I were sitting in the early 80’s preparing to conquer the Legend of Zelda. Reality quickly set in as I tapped the flashing “start” on the beginning screen. You can then select “Normal” or “Classic” game mode. I chose the Normal mode as Classic comes with a warning, “Experienced players only. It’s like 1984 Hard.” I don’t qualify myself as experienced especially when it comes to gaming especially on a 5” screen. Per usual, I digress. You begin your adventure with Hopper, the local sheriff, and he is armed with a power punch. Much like most adventure mode games, there are enemies, doors to unlock, lasers to disarm, and you even get a taste of the “Upside Down” world. The story is organized into chapters, and there is an associated goal of each chapter you must complete whether it is defeating a villain or finding a character. Use the map to help you navigate, and most importantly, keep track of your health. Like most games, health is measured as a heart meter up to 5 (another throw back to Zelda). Try to limit damage from enemies and even animals throughout the maps. There is no limit to lives or how many times you can respawn so you can play endlessly. Destroy trash cans, bushes, other random items, and enemies to collect health, coins, and ammunition. Find and meet up with characters and even collect gnomes which will not only add to the storyline, but certain characters will become part of your posse and bring along with them certain “powers.”  I am being very coy with the context of this review as to not play spoiler which I hope only entices you to play the game, and more so, watch the series.

Final Thoughts

I know what you are thinking…this guy likes the show more than the app. You would be correct in that assumption which is the only reason why the app is so freakin’ popular. The app, itself, is a quality development and generally follows the story line of the show, but I had a hard time navigating the chapters even with a map.  Like I said, these type of games are not my forte so give this app a try, at least, and you will probably find some level of enjoyment in spite of me.

Best Fishing Game App – MASTER BASS ANGLER

Developer: Gold Helm Games, LLC

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download with in-app purchases

 I will be the first to admit I have no patience for the sport of fishing. I am more of a purchase and consume kind of guy versus the catch and the cook type. Maybe if there is a six pack involved, my position could be swayed for an afternoon of fishing. No worries, though. Master Bass Angler does not require you to play the waiting game in order to be entertained. I will give you a brief synopsis of the app below in case you haven’t downloaded it by now.

How to Play

Per the usual registration process, you will have to create a username and so forth. After this step, you are ready to “angle.” (Get it?) Your default mode of play is a daily tournament, or you can select the versus mode (crown icon with subscript “VS” in upper right hand corner) to battle a random player or friend. The game is played with your phone in the landscape orientation with your hands in the cradle position letting your thumbs be the joystick, essentially.

The action screen illustrates your first person view from the boat. The upper left hand corner hosts a legend identifying your level, lives(amount of casts), and icons (from left to right) for settings, talents, goals, and lake location while the upper right hand corner displays the number gems and coins currently in your possession. The tutorial does an excellent job of guiding you through the process of catching a fish so PAY ATTENTION! This isn’t English Lit. In case you weren’t paying attention, and as you gaze at the screen with a beautiful lake pictured in front you, toggle left and right to search for a disturbance in the water which is like a white splash, hone in on the fish location, don’t wait too long, tap the rod button (lower left) to toggle your cast distance until the disturbance area is highlighted yellow. Immediately flick your thumb to simulate your cast. You lure will soar through the air and land, hopefully, where you intended it. If so, you will then notice a fish (bass) coming at you while chasing your lure or bait. Fish on! Set the hook by tapping the reel (lower right) on or as close as possible to the line within the green field once and then twice. Fight the fish by tapping the reel repeatedly to keep the white line in the green field. Keep playing…You will quickly become familiar with this process.  It seems easy at first, but like in the real world, the big fish will give you a big battle. Once you score a fish, the type and weight will be displayed along with experience points and coins awarded.

Elevating Your Game

Experience points will enable you to level up. As you level up, you will unlock more lake locations. More importantly, leveling up rewards you with gems and additional casts. The app also offers a one-time purchase for unlimited casts at a measly $3.99. Accruing coins and collecting and/or purchasing gems enables you to upgrade your talents and gear. Gem packages are available in denominations from 100 gems for $1.99 to 2000 gems for $9.99…very reasonable. I have been very casual and cheap in my approach and have simply earned coins and gems just by fishing and leveling up. There are also random bonus rounds by which you can earn gems and coins. If you want to elevate your status as an avid angler on this app, you are probably going to have to pay for it.

This app has been only been on the market for several months, and I would classify this as a “hot” app. The graphics are exceptional. The gameplay is simple, yet challenging and no annoying ads. You can watch a video to obtain more casts but that’s about the extent of it. Make this app a part of your collection (along with all the other apps we recommend). It’s available in iTunes and the Google Play store.

Meal Delivery App + Cookbook = Blue Apron App

Blue Arpon ReviewDeveloper: Blue Apron

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download. Meals plans are at cost.

If you haven’t seen the Blue Apron commercial(s) on TV, then you may not know what I speak of aside from reading the title of this article. My exposure to Blue Apron resulted from of a meal plan subscription for about year. My wife and I have been considering getting back on a plan for dietary reasons so I have decided first to make it part of my app collection and am happy to report on it. Let’s start by thinking of the Blue Apron app as meals on wheels.

Blue Apron PlansBlue Apron offers a plethora of free recipes just by registering your email and creating a password and is similar to the layout of the cookbook app, Tasty, excluding the ads and including a meal delivery feature which I will eventually elaborate on further.  I will forewarn you by simply browsing recipes, you will start to salivate. Kudos to the developer. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen with subtitle “recipes.” There you will find three categories under the browse menu: season, main ingredient, and cuisine. For clarification purposes the season category does not refer to a spice or seasoning but rather winter, spring, summer, or fall. The main ingredient category is subcategorized into wide range of proteins and vegetarian options to choose from. Lastly, the cuisine category is separated by ethnicity from all over the globe. The options seem endless. Weekly dishes and meals are also presented to you as your home screen as the “on the menu” icon also located at the bottom of the screen. If find a recipe you want to try to prepare yourself, just tap the delectable picture. Your meal selection will then be displayed showing an estimated cook time, calories per serving, and the yield (how many people it serves). As you scroll down the same screen, you will be given a brief description of the meal, a list of ingredients, step-by-step instructions (which are imperative when I attempt to cook), and even tips and tricks.

Blue Apron Free TrialIf you fail at cooking like myself, you can have the meal delivered to your front door. I will be honest…my wife is a great cook, she tries new recipes, but there are easily a couple times a week where we are both mentally spent from the daily grind, and we completely forget about dinner. Instead of spending an easy $50 or more going out to eat, Blue Apron is at your service. We have a family of four so for those times of the week where we are ill-prepared for dinner, the app offers a healthy, meal plan for you and yours and at a reasonable price. All the ingredients are sent to your household and are ready for prep. You will not have to worry about the one item you forgot to get at the grocery store, and we all have been in that predicament. Feel free to add a meal plan under the “account settings” option which accessed by tapping the account icon at the bottom of the screen. Discover an affordable meal plan and you will have peace of mind.

This app is not only a very useful app from a convenience factor standpoint, but you can trust the meals are made of fresh ingredients and offer nutritional value. If I had to knock Blue Apron for anything, in particular, I would say the portion sizes are slight compared to my normal caloric intake. In reality, portion control is good thing and is probably intentional on behalf of the Blue Apron chefs. My scale will thank me later.

Into The Dead 2 – Keep Running My Friend

Into The Dead IOSDeveloper – PikPok

Price – Free

Rating -17+

Into The Dead – History

Into the Dead was originally released in 2012, and the simple, single level, and never ending gameplay took the mobile gaming world by storm. With over 70 million downloads on Android alone, the release of Into the Dead 2 is probably the most anticipated mobile game release of the year.  We were lucky enough to receive a promotional copy to perform our review (about the only perk an app journalist gets) and were even privileged to an interview which is featured at the end of this article.  Needless to say, we have been playing it hardcore for pretty much the last two days.

Into The Dead 2- Gameplay

Into the Dead DownloadInto the Dead 2 continues the running theme of Into the Dead. Unlike Into the Dead, Into the Dead 2 starts off with a backstory, and the story develops as you run through the levels.  The basic story line consists of you weaving your way through the level to reconnect with your family during a zombie apocalypse.  Completion of a level requires you to run a certain distance but also throws in a few challenges along the way during your nice little jog similar to a scene typical of the movie “Dawn of The Dead.”  The challenges vary but are typically all kill related and you are awarded stars for the successful completion of each one.  The controls are improved and simplified. You are not presented with an option to choose your controls like in Into the Dead, but “forget about it” because the developers established a set of elementary controls.  Your left thumb changes your running direction while the right thumb shoots and switches your weapons.  It’s that simple! During the course of the levels, you pick up pieces of weapons which allow Into The Dead APKyou to build into better weapons at the end of each level.  The zombies become more challenging to eliminate as the game runs on (I just won’t stop working in these horrible puns) so you will need to make sure you focus on collecting and building stronger weapons at each level.

Into The Dead 2 – The Final Run

The simplistic style makes playing the game straightforward and the large quantity of levels, new weapons, and mini challenges keeps you excited. The graphics are some of the best I have viewed for a mobile game and are probably even better on an iPad or tablet.  Regardless, if you have read to this point of my article, I know you are going to download the game, but if you didn’t play Into the Dead and are on the fence about this game, download it now.

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Throwback Challenge

In honor of the Into the Dead 1, just like are Block Puzzle high score challenge, we will be awarding $25 US dollars and a T-shirt to whoever has the highest score (for Into the Dead only) on Halloween (October 31, 2017, 9 PM EST),. Utilize our “Contact Us” page on our website and email us a screenshot and picture of your score with some verification (take a picture with the phone sitting in front of the daily Reviewthisapp article) and we will update the post showing the high score and your gamer name (if you choose). We will send the money via PayPal, mail, or another method you may prefer. (Your email will not be used for any purpose other than to get a proof of your high score).

Interview with the Managing Director of PikPok:
Reveiwthisapp (RTA) -Did you ever think Into the Dead 1 would blowup like it did? 
PikPok – Coming up to the release of the original Into the Dead, we knew we had something special in our hands.  There was nothing else really like it on the App Store, and even to this day it is a very distinctive look and experience.When we saw on release day we had the Editor’s Choice featuring on the App Store, we knew it was going to be a hit.  However, we certainly didn’t expect it to go on to be downloaded over 70 million times and have the longevity that it has had.
RTA – Follow up: What do aspects of the game do you think drove the popularity of the game?
PikPok – The game delivered on what we set out to do which was to crowbar the look and feel of an FPS game into a smartphone with all of its limitations, while delivering an experience that was immersive and bounced the player back and forth between feeling incredibly vulnerable and very powerful.  The quality of the look and the uniqueness of the emotional rollercoaster experience is what drove the uptake of the game.
RTA – How did you come up with the idea of making it never ending and simple to play?
PikPok – We’ve developed across a range of different platforms, and have always striven to make our games as accessible and intuitive to play as possible.  Coming from a console background, we knew we could deliver the audio and visual impact.  But we knew underneath that all that the game had to be simple to play to be enjoyable and suited to mobile.With respect to endless play, that was partly trying to squeeze as much gameplay out of the content and mechanics we built as possible.  But it was also about keeping true to the zombie genre – you can never truly escape the zombie apocalypse.
RTA  – Follow up: Never ending games were a staple in the Atari days with games like Asteroids. Did Atari provide any motivation or inspiration in developing Dead 1 game play?
PikPok – The very direct inspirations for Into the Dead were the iOS games Dead Runner and Zombie Highway, both endless runners. Dead Runner was a great immersive experience, but lacked depth that meant you reached the limit of your skill and couldn’t progress.  Zombie Highway had a great progression metagame, but wasn’t as immersive.  Into the Dead brought the best of these games together with its own spin and a ton of PikPok polish. 
RTA – We know Into the Dead 2 is going to be really big. Have you started thinking about the third installment yet? 
PikPok – It was actually several years after the release of Into the Dead before we really started thinking about a sequel.  There was a lot of improvements and additions we could make to that first game, so we focused on doing that for quite some time.  A sequel only started entering the conversation once it became very difficult to do some of the things we wanted to without starting from scratch.We expect the same pattern will probably play out with Into the Dead 2.  We have a lot of ideas on where we want to take the features and content of this version.  We’ll be supporting it for years to come.  We honestly haven’t even begun to think about a sequel yet.
RTA – Will software updates for Into the Dead 2 feature any new weapons or bonus levels?
PikPok -There is a lot in the game already, but new weapons, companions, and environments are definitely planned and we have some fun things coming down the pipe.We’ll also be keeping a close eye on what is resonating with players, general feedback, and suggestions people might have.  Some great stuff has bubbled up out of the community before

Best Legal App – Find a Lawyer in Ten Minutes

Legal Apps for IphoneIseekLaw #1 Lawyer, Attorney, Law Firm Directory

Developer – Daniel Rosemark

Price – Free

For most of us, our only experience with a lawyer is paying the local traffic lawyer who for 75 bucks will make a magical phone call and get your speeding ticket reduced to a noise violation. Amazing! The truth is, as we continue through life we will probably seek the guidance of lawyer at some point.  Obtaining a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a tough spot or something bad has to occur.  A lot of us will seek the counsel for positive life happenings. Maybe you just bought a company and need a lawyer to review the contract, or you just adopted a child and are required to file for guardianship.  Regardless of the reason for a lawyer, the process of selecting one can be quite overwhelming, and your decision is probably time sensitive.  Most people simply Google “lawyer near me” and call the first couple of Google results only to find out that a secretary or paralegal will ask you a few questions over the phone, quote you a price, and ask you to fill out a questionnaire.  They won’t even spend a few minutes to allow you to meet your prospective lawyer face-to-face.  Don’t worry…selecting a lawyer is only one of the more important consumer decisions you will make.  We had the opportunity to ask the Iseeklaw Developers a few questions, don’t miss our interview, it is at the bottom of the post.

Lawyers Near Me Free ConsultationYour agony is over.  Those readers whom haven’t had to deal with the pain of the selection process, be grateful, and download the iseekLAW legal app. It goes without saying the app is easy to use. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have selected it.  To start, either allow GPS locator or enter your location, and the app will take you to the “Area of Law” page where you can select the type of law specific to your lawyer.  There are 23 selections, everything from Class Action Lawsuits to Estate Planning.  Each type of law is then further broken down into the industry type within that particular field.  After selecting your specific legal needs, a list of sponsored lawyers is provided.  You now can view their locations on a map or request directions (Google maps is the source).  You can even request a quote by filling out a few short fields.  Additionally, you can save your searches for future reference.  The whole process took me about 10 minutes which included cross referencing the sponsored lawyers on Yelp.

Lawyers Near Me CriminalWe reviewed the four most downloaded lawyer apps, and after our extensive research, we found iseekLaw to have the most practicing attorneys in our local area. It is by far the easiest to navigate (this is important since you are only going to use this app once maybe twice, hopefully), and is overall the best legal app in this regard. It is compatible with the both the iPhone and Android operating systems.

Interview With IseekLaw

RTA (Review This App) – What is the screening process you utilize to ensure only qualified lawyers are recommended by your app?

Legal Help AppISL (IseekLaw) – Part of our screening process involves reviewing the status of the attorney with the state bar or bars in which they are licensed. Each state provides whether the attorney is in “good standing” and whether the attorney has any public history of discipline. We check this information periodically.

RTA – Since you are a lawyer, does that background and all the knowledge associated with it help you in the screening process?

ISL – Having an understanding of the licensing and regulatory oversight a jurisdiction has over the attorney allows us to check their status as part of our screening/onboarding process.

RTA – When on the app, if there are no lawyers in the selected practice in the area of the search, the app will request a email address to provide the recommendation.  Are all of these inquires answered with a lawyer recommendation?

ISL – Yes, when an inquiry comes in, we will review the selected practice and re-check our database. If there are no attorneys in the selected practice area, we will let the app user know we will start searching for an attorney and, if necessary, request additional information to help us perform the search. Upon finding an attorney or attorneys (we try to find more than one for the end user to review), we will let the attorney know that there is someone interested in their services. We then provide the attorney’s information to the end user.  We do not charge the end user or attorney anything for such efforts.

RTA – We would love to see an option added where the users could rank the lawyers or provide a short review based on there experience.  Have you looked into adding this feature?

ISL – We have looked at reviews as a feature and are still determining the best way to use this information. We built our app to be innovative (one of the first legal directory apps on the App Store in 2011) and have a few ideas to take reviews to the next level.

RTA  – What are some other features that might be added in future version updates?

ISL – We are looking at a new calendar feature and a refresh of the interface.

Ask a Lawyer AppRTA – We like the how easy it is to request a quote.  Tell us about the process used to develop a quote.

ISL – We let the market determine the costs or fees of a particular engagement. The attorney responding to the request can be as competitive as they want for the work.

RTA – Is the quote guaranteed or is more of just an estimate?

ISL – It is up to the attorney(s) responding and the end user (client) pursuant to the terms of their engagement. We are not a party or involved in that process. Certain areas of law are more prone to a flat fee, “not to exceed,” or other ways that the attorney and client can agree upon when the engagement is formalized

RTA – We particularly like the format of your app and how easy it is to find the recommended lawyers contact information, website, and social media pages.  Have you thought about creating a similar app for other areas, such as the medical industry?

ISL – Yes, we are looking at other industries. Keep an eye out in 2018!

RACCOONE – Virtual Signboard App

Developer: Karol Koziel

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

 Today, I have the privilege of reviewing an app in the prototype stage, therefore, I request your undivided attention. Raccoone falls in the category of a social media app although I do the like the title “signboard app”. Its format is that of a virtual message board whereas the user is enabled and encouraged to post messages, hereinafter, referred to as a “drop” or “drops.” As you may already be itching to download this app, let me tell you how to get started. It’s a typical registration page prompting you to create your user profile with an email address and so on. This app does utilize your integral GPS locator. Once you’re official, you will be greeted with a home screen “Me” which lists your profile, my drops, favorites, messages, clear all blocked users, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and log out. The bottom ribbon of the screen is populated with icons for Drops, Detailed, New Drop, and Me.

Let’s say you want to post an advertisement for a garage sale. First, make sure you have a permit. Secondly, log on to Racoone, and press the New Drop icon. A map will then be displayed showing your current location. If this is the location of your garage sale, tap the “Drop Me” button. If not, you can drag the sign symbol to the desired venue. This opens up another screen and allows for your creative side to show itself. You will have to add an associated picture(s), create a title with body text, and choose your category. There are multiple categories to choose from like Housing, Buy and Sell, Events, etc. so odds are, there is a category for your drop. This same screen has your location pinpointed on a map whereas you can even limit the message radius and set the expiration date. After you have finished inputting all the required fields and parameters, press the “Drop Message” button at the very bottom of this screen, and you are in business or whatever category suits the drop.

The other aforementioned icons, Drops and Detailed, allow you to browse all posted drops and even further filter your search for anything in particular. The only difference being is that the Detailed feature has a corresponding map at the bottom half of the screen. You can simply tap a drop during your browsing session, and the next screen will clarify the drop details.

It has many applications as the drop categories suggest whether it be used for personal or public interests so customize your drop as personal, generic, or however you deem appropriate. You will not be judged on your drops.

In closing, this app shows promise as another social platform utilized for sharing and commerce. Have some fun with this one and share with your friends and acquaintances. It could very well gain traction and take off. I can already hear people saying “Raccoone it!”

This app is now available for both the iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via the links listed below.

Block Puzzle AR – Hits the Tetris Style Gameplay

Block Puzzle AR

Developer – Gamma Play Limited

Price – Free

I recently reviewed the Push & Pop game hoping to find a bit of a Tetris style puzzle app, but they just missed the mark. On the other hand Block Puzzle AR hit the throwback addicting, but simple style of Tetris.  Think of the game as reverse Jenga.  Instead of pulling the pieces, you are trying to build the tower.  The basic game play is to drop varying blocks of different shapes and sizes to create an even 4 x 4 grid with no holes.  When this is accomplished that level of the tower is deleted, and your tower is decreased by a level.  Any holes in the tower will allow it to continue to grow similar to the Tetris style which took the 1980’s by storm.  Unlike Tetris, the game does not have a time limit to drop a block or automatically drop the piece, but the tower grows from the bottom and the speed continues to increase as you pass levels, so time is a factor.  The game does show you your next piece giving you the ability to think ahead and try to make the best move.

While I don’t think anything will replace the compulsive nature Tetris encouraged, this game is a fun, free puzzle game that keeps you thinking and wanting to play more.  I have been playing every chance I get. I played it in the grocery line and mostly, while I sit on the couch all weekend much to the dismay of my wife. If you need to pause the game(to acknowledge your wife), simply push the back button to your home screen, and your game will automatically pause.  I will continue to play this one for some time, and I may be posting a picture of my high score when it is respectable enough.

Gamma Play did a great job with this one.  The advertising exposure is minimal, and most of the time you don’t even realize it because the ads are inconspicuous and located at the bottom of the start screen. Give this app a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Best Puzzle GameHigh Score Challenge (Completed)

First person to beat my high score of 1356 (pictured to the left) gets 25 bucks and a Reviewthisapp T-shirt.  Start trying now because I am going to keep working on my high score and will update when I break it.  Utilize our “Contact Us” page on our website and email us a screenshot and picture of your score with some verification (take a picture with the phone sitting in front of the daily Reviewthisapp article) and we will update the post showing the high score and your gamer name (if you choose). We will send the money via PayPal, mail, or another method you may prefer. (Your email will not be used for any purpose other than to get a proof of your high score).


Best Puzzle GameCongratulations do Bigtime Gamer 84 who just beat my record with a score of 1368!

First Person News Review and Interview with the Team

First Person News – The Peoples News App

Developer: First Person News, INC

Rating: 17+

Price: Free

We love apps that have the potential to change how an industry operates and apps which allow for easy transfer of information between users. First Person News does both of this and is similar to how YESMLS had the potential to change how we buy and sell homes. First Person News gives us the ability to change how we get our news.  First Person News has taken the content selection process from the biased agenda oriented news stations and put the content into the public’s hands and more so, gives us all another way to express are first amendment right.  We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask the Director of Business Development with First Person News a few questions.

First Person News App Review

Breaking News AppBefore we get to the interview, let me give you a quick rundown of the app. Be patient. The app allows you to easily post content taken from your smartphone directly to their app.  If you desire to post content, all you have to do is create a profile by logging in through Facebook or Twitter, and simply hit the report icon at the bottom of the screen and start the reel because you now just became a reporter.  This breaking news app has five icons on the bottom allowing you access to the latest news, subscribe to channels, report news, create a profile, or switch to a local map.  The news icon will start automatically playing the latest news.  Each video is accompanied by a small title bar underneath identifying the news article title, the contributor, location of the event, and the time of posting.  While this is happening, the top bar above the news cycles through popular news segments.  The app does a great job of packing in the information and providing relevant news options. You can easily burn through an hour without realizing it.  The Channels option is exactly that. It’s simply a lists of channels based on topics you can subscribe to.  The Nearby icon switches you to a local map with pin points all of the postings in your local area. Clicking once on the pin point provides you the news title, and  clicking a second time directs you to the actual article.

Interview with First Person News

RTA (Review This App) – We love the idea of an app which is dedicated to quick response news from individuals of all areas and backgrounds. How did you come up with the idea?

FPN (First Person News) – First Person was developed out of a need for a platform that makes it convenient to discover different perspectives, which we believe is the key to connecting people. The mainstream news business as it stands tends to be highly politicized, relying on divisive rhetoric that excludes voices at the expense of unity. First Person democratizes the dissemination of information by giving individuals the chance to add their unique perspective to the media landscape.

RTA – Will the correspondent’s content be reviewed for inappropriate language or inappropriate subject matter?

FPN – All submissions are reviewed by our team on the back end; when it comes to things like language, we generally take a pretty liberal approach to what we’ll accept. Posts containing graphic violence will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; those depicting sexual content or pornography will be deleted immediately.

RTA – Fake news has recently become an issue for Facebook. How will First Person News monitor the authenticity of the content?

FPN – Right now we are manually cross-referencing posts with information from social media networks and news sources. One of our objectives moving forward is to design a system that can automatically detect and notify us of prohibited or suspicious content.

RTA – We would like to see the viewer have the ability to flag content as fake news or inappropriate. Are these features that could be included in new version releases?

FPN – Yes. We are building in features not only to enable users to flag fabricated or inappropriate videos but also to show appreciation for high-quality footage and stories.

RTA – What additional features do you expect to include when new versions are released?

FPN – In addition to making it easier to follow journalists and channels, our next versions will include the ability to comment on videos and share content to an individual users’ profile. We are also considering introducing a badging system as well as feature that would enable users to provide monetary support to contributors whose content they find particularly compelling or useful.

RTA – One last, important question: Is there anything you would like our readers to know specifically about First Person News?

FPN – First Person’s ultimate utility lies in its capacity to function as a platform that transcends geographical boundaries and established social circles to efficiently promote local news to a global audience. While it’s impossible to force people to seek out different perspectives, you can build a tool that makes it easy to find them. That tool is First Person.

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Interview Hot Takes

Best Free News AppThe future features of FPN in development aren’t just adding fluff. They will balance the content, provide users interactive feedback options, allow you to follow contributors you like, and provide the contributors ways to monetize their content. Allowing the user to donate to those they think are providing great content will attract reports, encourage entertaining content, and allow the reporters to continue posting.

We always review app developer’s privacy policy, and typically only comment on it if it has an impact on the product or the individual in ways that aren’t typical to the internet industry. We use Google as the baseline of what a privacy policy should prescribe.  We recognize the majority of people use Google and understand Google utilizes your history to provide targeted advertising.  We also understand the same people recognize targeted advertising as the reason why much content on the internet is free.  FPN’s privacy policy for views is very typical.  However, their privacy toward contributors goes beyond.  They recognize the face that if you make a profile, they will add to your profile with available public information.  At first glance, this seems to be out of the ordinary, but we believe it provides better value to the users.  It will help guarantee reporters are real and therefore, care about their reputations and will only post honest, high quality content.  Say “goodbye” to fake news and “hello” to great value.  It only seems fair if we are giving someone money (and if this app takes off, the top reports will be bringing in some serious money), we should be assured of who you are and know your post is legitimate.

 FPN Final Take

Best News App For IphoneA decade ago, Facebook revolutionized how we keep in touch and communicate with family and friends. Similarly, we believe First Person News can reinvent how we keep in touch with our local community and review regional or national news based on what we view is important. It provides a platform for the ambitious regardless of background or socioeconomic status.  We would like to thank FPN for taking the time to answer our questions, but more importantly thank them for a wonderful new app that truly provides a new voice for us to express our first amendment right.  Start those cameras and we’ll see you on First Person News.






Developer: Etermax

Rating: Everyone 10+

Price: Free download with optional, in-app purchases

The makers of the original fan favorite Trivia Crack gaming app have now blessed us with Trivia Crack Heroes. THANK YOUUUU! This new gaming app has evolved into a strategic, battle venue versus the original, but still contains the trivia element and characters.  This game is technically unreleased, but the current version can still be downloaded for play from Google Play.

You initially start the game with a default set of characters. Each character has demographics such as hit points, range, crew size, target priority, speed, and attack cooldown. Think of the characters like Pokémon cards. I wasn’t an avid Pokémon collector, but I knew this much. Each character can also get stronger by leveling up. You will need to earn e-coins to do this, though. You will be given a certain amount of e-coins to start. Like any app, you can purchase e-coins ranging from $.99 up to $14.99. You can also earn e-coins and discover new e-coins by unlocking medal boxes. You also will be given a medal box when you start the game and rewarded with another one after you complete the training. Here again, you can purchase medal boxes with e-coins or buy the Aureus box for $24.99. I have noticed it takes a while to earn e-coins and medal boxes after you initially start playing so bucking up a $1 here and there isn’t too bad to remain competitive.


I recommend you complete the training to get accustomed to game play. Once your training regimen is complete, you are able to play in the stadium. Press the stadium icon at the bottom of the screen to begin. The app will decide an equal and compatible online opponent for you. The object of the game is similar to capture the flag using special characters while answering trivia questions. It gets pretty intense. The object is to protect your “gem” while trying to capture your opponents “gem.” Drag and drop your characters onto the arena surface for battle. There are two halves to the arena so be prudent where you drop your characters. You will need to learn your characters strong and weak characteristics in order to pair up and try to dominate your opponent and capture their “gem.” As I mentioned earlier, you are also answering trivia questions during the battle. The sensory stimulation of this game makes for pure entertainment.

It is a game of adaptation and strategy by which I have become moderately addicted to. Between this game and the Family Guy game, my free time is becoming less available. I was actually yelled at during dinner last night by my wife since my face was stuck facing my phone. My daughter soon became jealous and looked in iTunes for the game. Bad news…it is not available for the iPhone, YET. As I mentioned in my introduction, this app is still in its incubation phase so I am playing an unofficial and unreleased version as the developer fine tunes the app. It will be only a matter of time before you will be able to experience the fun this gaming app has to offer. Keep this app on your radar for official release.

The Greeting Card App I’ve Been Waiting For

Greeting Card Apps DownloadDeveloper: Felt Cards

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download. Cards are separate cost.

 I will be very forthright about this. I hate shopping for cards of any kind. They never say what I want them to say, and they are overpriced. I am starting to think the same people who sell concessions at the movie must be the same marketers for stationery cards. So as I am forced to be the guy who doesn’t wanna show up without a card, I find myself in the card aisle staring aimlessly and reading a bunch of nonsense. Oh, and better yet, every other card I pick up has some lame song blaring at you the second you open it up to read it. (WHOOOO LET THE DOGS OUT?! WHO…WHO, WHO?!) While people gawk at me, my anxiety ramps up, and I on the verge of verbally exercising every expletive I can think of. Well…the app gods, specifically the developer Felt Cards, have answered my prayers.

Card Making App For AndroidThe app’s full name is Felt: Birthday Cards, Greeting Cards, & Thank You’s. I am already planning to send Felt a thank you card for this one. The price is right too. Cards range from $3 to $6 sealed, stamped, and mailed. There are predetermined covers for every occasion and/or you can customize your card with photos and your own words. The word editor is very easy to use. You can chose your font style, color, case, and justification. Use your finger as your pen and make your card as personal as you see fit. Press the check mark button and proceed to the next screen or fill out the pertinent addresses on the envelope. At your initial checkout, you will have to register an email account and payment method. There aren’t any annoying ads to mention as this app purely operates off the sale of cards.

I will give the convenience factor a perfect score for this  app. At best, your card will be delivered within 24 hours, but if you are the procrastinating type, this greeting card app may not suit you. Also, it is only currently available for Android smartphones and tablets. It is actually easier to use the word editor on a tablet. For the Apple users, I sent an email to Tim Cook and expressed my discontent. He replied in a statement suggesting the IPhone X will be able to print greeting cards from the actual phone, therefore, he is not interested. Just kidding…I will update this blog if and when it becomes Apple ready.

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