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Waze – The Unknown Map App

You might not know Waze, but it is a seasoned app and has been around for over a decade internationally (Known as FreeMap Israel).  The app still is second fiddle in the United States to other options.  At ReviewThisApp, we generally write on new products but also like to provide awareness to apps we think are underutilized or provide a better service versus other available options. Waze does not get the recognition or awareness that it deserves and provides benefits beyond the two big boys in the industry (Google Maps and MapQuest).

Features You Should Know About

Best Driving Apps for AndroidWaze utilizes the data provided by its millions of users to analyze traffic conditions, accidents, and reviews the users’ alternative routes to offer you the instantaneous, best, and quickest path to your destination.  The technology and user base was so strong that Google acquired them in 2013.  Remember if the internet powerhouse, Google, is interested in an app, the app is the real deal.

If Google owns Waze, why not just use Google Maps? While intuition would dictate the two driving apps are redundant, user experience tells another story.  Google and Waze share user data to provide real time traffic reports and route recommendations, but Waze is a more intuitive platform and provides options not available on Google Maps. For starters, Waze will notify you of police in Safe Driving Appsyour area, speed traps, and red light cameras based on the user provided information.  Do you want to find the cheapest gas in your area? Simply hit the gas price icon on the user interface to ensure you are getting the best price in your area. Waze also allows users to easily notify the developers of new road ways or inaccurate road conditions, guaranteeing the most up to date map database.  As a user, you can add comments to map areas.  This is great for you to notify others that the next McDonalds or gas station is miles away.  The best feature of Waze is the user content upload policy. Waze requires you to use the app for a certain time period and travel distance covered before uploading data which essentially creates a community and ensures accuracy in the information provided.

Waze – Drive Away Thoughts

While for most people Google Maps App can provide the same travel recommendations as Waze by which they both share user data and the same GPS data, Waze really provides a much more user friendly experience for those traveling frequently for work or pleasure.  In conclusion, my favorite feature is the current gas price analyzer as a fulltime journalist doesn’t really break the bank.

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