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Beer AppDeveloper: Untappd

Rating: Mature 17+

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If you are a beer lover or a craft beer snob like me, then Untappd  beer app is for you. Download the app, make sure you are of age, and get registered with your email and a “crafted” username. Untappd is rather user friendly and straightforward which is ideal especially when you have already put down a few brews. The beer app will need access to your GPS locator to be effective so keep that setting “on.”

Beer Tracker AppAfter you are officially registered by which you will have to verify via an automated email, you are greeted with a home screen in list format featuring categories like upcoming events, trending beers and locations, top rated beers and breweries, verified venues, global feed, and nearby local badges. The options for beers, breweries, and locations will default to either what’s local based on your location and global. You can always refine and filter your radius and distance of these categories and verified venues with the exception of the global setting and feed. However, the global feed and searches are generally nice to explore. You may be questioning “What’s nearby local badges?” Well, earn some clout amongst your fellow friends and beer aficionados by checking in at one of the listed verified venues and indulging in a tasty beverage which completes the check-in process. The search bar is also always available should you have a particular brew or brewery in mind. Note the recommendations tab at the bottom screen will populate a hot spot based on your beer “usage” and current location. Uber has also grabbed a prominent role on the home page with the “Need a Ride?” feature. A designated driver is always encouraged, but utilizing Uber or Lyft to get to your drinking destination would be a wise move. Nobody enjoys the “drive of shame” to pick up your car from the bar you partied at (if you remember) nor do your friends typically enjoy chauffeuring you. Call Uber or Lyft for this ride too if you don’t want to be this friend.

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Beer AppAside from the home screen, you can check out activity amongst nearby friends and groups, view a map of local venues and breweries, view you profile and activity (some of this may be a blur), and receive notifications of activity and venues which you will need to network some friends for. You can also peruse some beer news under the notifications tab.

Ultimately, the home screen is really where Untappd gets it right. To be perfectly clear, the home screen icon is pictured as a couple of beer bottles which I probably should have mentioned earlier and NO…I have not been drinking while composing this article. There is even a bar code scanning feature next to the search bar to obtain information on your beer of choice which is also connected to your smartphone flashlight if for some reason the venue is too dark or you can’t simply see straight. Please do not use this feature on pint glasses as then you know you are too drunk or simply an idiot.

Okay, okay…enough of the drunk jokes. I will keep it real. There are plenty of great beers out there to choose from, and I am always looking for a new favorite whether it can be found just around the corner or in another locale, it’s usually worth it. Download Untapped to your iPhone or Android, and let this beer app be your beer guide.  Beer is not part of any diet so don’t even think about tracking your consumption in your calorie counter app. Instead, patronize your local establishments and breweries, and do it responsibly.

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