Darts of Fury – Finally! A Great Dart App!

Drinking Game AppsDeveloper: Yakuto

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and play with in-app purchases


For starters, Darts of Fury needs to be downloaded ASAP. It’s compatible with the both iOS and Android based operating systems so don’t worry about that part. Secondly, I will initially advise you that your device is not be used as a dart, although, the intense competition may bring out the sore loser in you so I can’t guarantee you may not end up actually throwing your smartphone, since darts go great with a beer, this is really a drinking game app. I will explain the game play below if you haven’t already started playing the app prior to the end of this paragraph.

Playing Darts

The game play is simple, and you don’t necessarily have to be familiar with playing darts or even the types of dart games. Sign in with your Facebook or Google account and you are official. Complete the quick tutorial to get yourself acclimated with the game play which is basically just positioning your finger and flicking the dart. Tap the “Let’s Play Darts” in the middle of the screen whereas you can choose to play league (on-line) against other dart masters or complete the training modes to better prepare yourself for on-line play. I went straight into challenging the on-line opponents. Your opponent will be randomly chosen and will be based on your current skill level so don’t feel intimidated if you are a beginner. You will be greeted with an arena-like venue which even includes a jumbo Tron. Drinking Game AppsDrinking Game AppAnyway, each turn consists of three darts. Drag your finger across the screen to aim, flick your finger to throw the dart, and rally to beat your opponent. If you are successful, you will be awarded coins and points upon each victory. Points will help you level up and coins contribute to customizing your gear aka darts. I would recommend getting used to the “touch” of throwing the darts before spending any coins on new and improved darts. As you level up, you also being working towards another goal to “league up.”

Darts App

Throughout levels you will randomly win coin boxes and unlock achievements to obtain gems. Since coins and gems serve as the currency for this app, the purchase point lies in buying gems which are offered in quantities ranging from 200-7,000 gems from $.99-$29.99, respectively. Gems will allow you to purchase more coins, re-throw your game winning dart attempt, and buy more tokens. Tokens (blue arrow symbols) are key to playing as you need tokens to play a match. If you run out of tokens, you can wait for tokens to regenerate every ten minutes, watch a video containing ads, or add more with your stockpile of gems.

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Final Thoughts

As you have probably already gathered, this gaming app comes highly recommended, and it didn’t take long for my addictive nature to set in. This game is hard to put down, and the only thing stopping me from continuous play is driving, work, and my time dedicated to reviewing other apps. Needless to say, Darts of Fury has left all the other dart playing apps in their dust and will have a nice home on my phone for a long time. Nice job Yakuto!

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