Moonlite Storytime Projector App

bedtime story projectorDeveloper: Spin Master Studios

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download. Purchase projector and stories.

 As a follow up to our Black Friday app review, I find it appropriate to highlight a hot item for the upcoming holiday season. I present to you “Moonlite Storytime Projector”. For the record, this is by no means an advertisement for this product, but only a recommendation for a parenting app by which I hope you will be thanking me later.

How Projector App Works

moonlite bedtime story projectorThe app mimics a viewfinder which creatively utilizes your smarthphone flashlight as a projector. This is one of those ideas you wish you would have thought of first because I remain confident the developer will be successful with this invention. To be blunt, you will need to purchase the Moonlite gift pack at a measly $40 from their website or pick it up at Target in order to utilize this app to its full potential. Look for a deal on the Cartwheel Target app.

moonlite appWhether you had your Moonlite gift pack shipped or you physically purchased it, at some point, you will be equipped with a Moonlite, five story reels, an activation card, and a quick start guide. And if you made the commitment to this purchase, I assume will then have already downloaded the app. The app will require you to sign in with a registered email account, and then you are almost ready for a night time story. The app does a good job and gives a quick tutorial on how to install and set up for story time with your little one(s). The app is paired with the story reel and each story comes with sound effects and background music in harmony with story line. You can always purchase more story reels as necessitated.

Final Remarks

Story time has taken on a new meaning and the app world is once again making our phones even “smarter.” More so, bed time has now become a more rewarding experience and educational event for both parent and child. Yes, this app will require a supplemental purchase, but it is extremely useful and beneficial at a reasonable price. Even if you don’t have children, give as a gift to a family member or friend as this would make for a very thoughtful and unique offering. I only wish my child was still of the age to enjoy story time in lieu of being fixated with a PS4. I wonder if the developer has thought of an adult version of the Moonlite product…oh yeah, it’s called TV.

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