Sprocket – New Age Frogger Game

Developer – Pixonite LLC

Price – $1.99

Sprocket Gameplay Overview

Sprocket is a straightforward, yet intriguing mobile game that appears to take some inspiration from the 1980’s hit classic, Frogger.  Basic game play is to use your thumb to move your player, the dot, to jump from partial circles called ponds without jumping into the open space.  The ponds rotate and continue to get smaller as they move into the center, like a vortex.  The pond will disappear when it makes its way to the center of the vortex. The game ends if your player is on the pond as it disappears in the bottom of the vortex.  Each jump is rewarded with one point.  During game play, both stationary dots (in addition to your game piece) and moving dot will appear (pumping from ponds). Capturing the dots provides bonus points and will slow down the game play for short interval.

Sprocket Game Tips and required Intangibles

While extremely simple, a quick response reaction time is needed for success. I personally can’t move my oversized thumb quick enough to get a game lasting for more than a 15 or 20 seconds.  To be successful, you can’t just jump one pond per complete rotation, you will need to be able to jump consecutively two or three ponds in a single rotation (see the video below).  In the bottom right corner both your current scoring and historical scoring is displayed. My high score is six which is really quite embarrassing, and I played this game for some time. Fat fingers are my excuse. The best high score currently is 408 which is really impressive.  This fierce competitor probably has skinny fingers and had been texting since birth. I do like the idea displaying the all-time best scores as it is a great way add some goals and continued competition.  I would like a difficulty setting to give myself a better chance at of getting on a real good roll of 15 or 20.

Sprocket Recommendation

I really like the simplistic nature of Sprocket and can see how a lot of people will really enjoy the game or even find it very addictive.  The repetitive nature of the game will appeal to large audiences.  The low price and zero ads should encourage you to give it a shot.  Millennials who have grownup texting at ridiculous amazing speeds will probably be the most successful at the game.  If you like this game, try Lynk for another similar game or try Block Puzzle AR for free.



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