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 The men and women who voluntarily enlist and serve in the military are automatically heroes in my book. As we approach Veterans Day, the emphasis of honoring those who have served his/her country should be on the forefront of our minds and not go unnoticed. It is not just a day where we complain about the banks not being open or not getting the mail, but rather a day of acknowledgement and gratitude for every member of every branch of the military. Since I am an outsider looking in from this perspective, the least I could do is review an app in honor of our service women and men.

Military News Highlights

military apps for iphoneMilitary News is exactly what its namesake suggests and more. Registration is as easy as using your email address and creating a password. You will then be prompted to select the branch of military by which you are a member of. To be clear, I am not a member of the military so my lame-self bypassed this option and landed on the app’s home page. The home page lists the top news stories and feature headlines, but there are many more specific pages one can view. There are news articles specific to each branch of the military for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The app goes even further with pages for “Gear & Equipment,” “Global Hot Spots,” “Terrorism,” “Finance,” “Pay & Benefits”, “Veteran Benefits,” “Fitness & Off Duty,” “Family & Spouse,” “Discounts,” “Veteran Jobs,” “Special Operations,” and “Military Videos.”  Based the plethora of choices offered, I am assuming you will find something of value and entertaining to read. However, as I not an expert on anything military, heed my advice cautiously, but I remain optimistic you will find an article(s) of interest. When you do come across an article(s) which grabs your attention and peaks your curiosity, pin it to your favorites by tapping the star in the upper right of the screen. Your favorite articles can then found under the star at the far left of the ribbon containing all the other aforementioned categories of pages.

military apps for androidThe simplistic format and ease of use of this app makes it a desirable download even if you are not military personnel. The topics and articles are definitely abundant, but if military specific content doesn’t strike your fancy, then this isn’t obviously for you. Regardless, let’s not forget about our military whether it’s Veterans Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, or any day for that matter. Thank a Vet and honor all service women and men who protect our freedom and allow us to wake up every day knowing this.

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