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drawing appDeveloper: Spin Master Studios

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

Spin Master Studios has created another intriguing app based on an old school toy. The Etch A Sketch IT! app is just that. In your childhood days, before you discovered video games, there really weren’t many toys which required meticulous hand-eye coordination like the original Etch A Sketch. Even adults had their hand in the popularity of this classic so check out some Google images of the some crazy Etch A Sketch art if you get a minute.


etch a sketch appEtch A Sketch IT! in Action

This is one of those apps you can easily just mess around with, and it doesn’t require too much of a time commitment. Once the app is downloaded, the home screen will offer up some options: Take Picture, Use Picture, Classic Etch A Sketch, and Gallery. The “Take Picture” option is just as it sounds. Snap a picture, click the right arrow to keep the picture, crop your picture as desired, click the right arrow again, and watch the magic happen as the sketch is created.  You will have to keep tapping the right arrow to progress through the steps of the sketch creation.  After you deem your sketch is acceptable, you can replay the video of the creation of the sketch, share the sketch (in mp4 format), and/or save to your Gallery. Import a picture from your image gallery on your phone or tablet and run it through the same process. You can even add some sticker art to the sketch. Or if you get that nostalgic urge, go back to the home screen, and tap the “Classic Etch A Sketch,” and create a masterpiece of your own. Art is not my strong suit so I found utilizing this feature to be a little more challenging, plus, it’s a harder to manipulate the controls on a 5” screen versus the real thing. Once again, I am enamored how the developer takes a classic idea and makes it unique to the world of apps.

In general, I must say this is pretty wicked how this thing works. Take a couple pictures of things around the office and get an idea of how this thing really works. I took a quick pic of the minions who guard my desk, and Walla! Check out the video below. I like easy, no stress, and fun. This app is all of those. You can make it a simple form of entertainment or an art tool, whatever you choose. For those of you who have reminisced with me as I have wrote this narrative, give the app a try, and I bet you end up asking Santa for an Etch A Sketch this year.

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