Cornhole 3D: Bag Toss App

cornhole 3D bag tossDeveloper: Re:Creative Studios, LLC

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

 I am a big fan of most outdoor, summer games especially when I am surrounded by family, friends, and a BBQ pit. My expertise would be better suited in the playing “Washers,” but I am not too shabby at “Cornhole” or sometimes referred to as “Bags.” Well, guess what? There’s an app for that now too thanks to Re:Creative Studios.

“Who Wants to Play some Cornhole?”

cornhole android appWhat makes playing the actual Cornhole game entertaining is how everyone can partake in the action and the scoring is very straightforward even if you are already a six pack deep. Well, the app is just as easy to play. You can login with Facebook or just forego this option and get your game on. You are given several choices for game play. Choose 1-on-1 (online play), Classic Single Player, Time Attack, Pass N’ Play, and With Friends via Facebook. Your initial venue will be the “Backyard,” and as you progress you can then play in the “Tailgate” world, and “Tropical Beach” by which the difficulty level increases as well.

ultimate cornhole bag tossRun through the quick tutorial to get a feel for throwing the bags which is just a flick of the finger (not the obscene version) and start playing the game of your choice. Each game has a different set up so make sure you pay attention to the rules. For example, the versus game choices are played in innings with a score limit while the Time Attack option consists an individual effort of you racking up points in order to advance. Like I said, the swipe of the finger and a little touch will lead to immediate success, but be mindful of the wind as it varies from each time you toss the bag. To be honest, the bags seem very rigid and don’t have as much give compared to real world bags. When you first get started, you will find yourself launching a bag into the no man’s land, but after that, it doesn’t take long to get used to and become competitive.

One thing I must mention and you will immediately notice is the full frontal of advertisements you will encounter. You can eliminate the solicitation by clicking the “Adds On” icon in the upper corner and pay the $.99 to permanently play ad free. Otherwise, you will be blasted with ribbons of ads during game play and a video ad after each game. If you are impatient like me, pay the buck, and feel emancipated from the ad world. It’s almost as relieving as fast forwarding through the commercials on your DVR, but you won’t even need to do that to allow for uninterrupted game play.

Final Toss

I view Cornhole 3D as an app which is going to appeal to a certain audience. For the most part, the reviews are in good standing on the Google Play Store, and I would have to side with the majority, as well. If you are into typical games for a summer BBQ or picnic, this app will help you get your fix in. However, I will not guarantee it will improve your overall game.

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