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apps for the blindDeveloper: Be My Eyes

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Be My Eyes is another one of the fantastic ways app developers are utilizing the advantages of the smartphone to help communicate and lend a service to those who are physically challenged and in this case, visually impaired. As a sighted person, it is hard to contemplate the reality of blindness even partially, but the advent of this app gives hope to those living with an impairment. I truly had a feel-good moment when I learned about the existence of this app and am obliged to spread the news.

How it Works

Be My Eyes operates on an as needed basis and it’s easy to become a volunteer. Download the app to your Android or iOS device and login in with your Facebook or email account.  If you use an email account, you will receive a confirmation email in order to make yourself official. Be sure you read the privacy policy and terms of use as it will cover all the bases for using this app.

free apps for the blindOnce you officially join you will receive a quick training tutorial via a call and video. Make sure your audio, video, and microphone features of your device are enabled. This is not only important to communicate, but also something to think about if you are on limited data plan. There is really no “on” feature, and the app only has to be installed to receive calls. If you don’t receive a call for a while, don’t fret, and if you are unable to answer a call, no need to worry, there are over 600,000 volunteers on the network, by the way. Once you take a call, your job is simply to offer live assistance to an individual who is visually impaired. These are everyday tasks, we (sighted people) take for granted. This could be a something simple like helping a person read his/her mail not scripted in braille, or as the training video suggests, helping someone choose his/her clothes. Yes, I know…it is a complete stranger, but remember you are a doing a great deed for someone who can’t perform routine tasks without assistance.

Simple good deeds go beyond the typical etiquette and the doors you hold open for others every day. You are providing a free service and live assistance by which you are essentially lending your eyes. It is comforting to realize the app world can cater to everyone which makes my job more enjoyable and even rewarding. Kudos to Be My Eyes. If you can’t or do not prefer to volunteer, spread the word about this app and pass this article on to others.

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