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Fender Play ReviewDeveloper – Fender Digital

Price – Free one month trial period ($9.99 per month thereafter)

Fender Play Online Free Guitar Lessons


Fender Play My Rocker Background

the cheapest used Fender I could find in the classifieds.  Remember this was the 90’s and Craigslist was accomplished by reading the classified ads in the daily paper.  I still have the crappy guitar and thinking I had enough guitar background, I figured I would try Fender Play online guitar lessons app and provide a true non-biased review, if it actually helps.

Getting Started on the Fender Play App

Fender Play CostYou will need a guitar. I hope this is understood. I spent fifty bucks and got mine restrung and tuned at my local music mom and pop store. I downloaded the app and provided all the unnecessary registration information all apps seem to require these days.  Note,  by signing up for the free month you have authorized automatic renewal and cancellation steps are pictured to the left of the home screen?.  The app will prompt you with two questions to help it teach you what you what to want to learn.  Choose between electric or acoustic, and then select the style you want.  Both acoustic and electric have the following styles available: Rock (Hell Yeah!), Pop, Country, Blues, and Folk.  I chose electric and rock because while I am a tech nerd and look like one, I am really a rocker at heart.  After making your selection, you  choose your lesson type (called skills), and each skill will have multiple lesson.  There are five levels you can choose skills from based on your current ability (mine would be classified as  bad beginner).

Fender Lessons and is it Worth Your Time?

Fender Play CostEach lesson is a video between two and six minutes long on average. They really do a great job on starting really basic and teaching you as if you didn’t even know what a guitar is.  I would watched the first ten or twenty seconds and could quickly identify if I need to keep watching.  Based on my decade’s old knowledge, level three is where I started seeing value for me.  If you have never picked up a guitar, start at level one.  If you consider yourself a novice and have been messing around with friends to start a band and have already learned a bit, start on level three.  Skip the app all together if have taken or already enrolled in lessons.  I would recommend taking the course outlined in the app before taking any real, one-on-one lessons as it will jump start the lesson process.  Use the app and take one or two of the lessons a day and work on the technique (level one and level two lessons can be taken almost continuous without the need to practice).  You should be able to complete the course in less than a month and spend any money  so don’t forget to cancel the subscription.  Expect to learn basic techniques like chords, learn to read tablature (simple number based music writing method), and probably be able to play a bad version of most simple songs to impress your friends, but this is really about the extent of the program.  Let us know if you do try it and your thoughts.  Have a great Thanksgiving and put down the phone enough to enjoy your family and friends.

Old School Nintendo Contra for Your SmartPhone

contra app gameDeveloper: Classic Contra Game

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free play with in-app purchase(s)

While we are hot on reviewing Nintendo games and apps, I couldn’t help but reminisce about my days of dominating Contra with the cheat code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, start) which gave you unlimited lives. Well, I searched “contra game app” in the Google Play store, and apparently the original developer, Konami, has sold rights to any developer willing to pay their asking price. Needless to say, you will have options. I defaulted to downloading the Contra app with the highest rating, Classic Contra, at 4.7.

Classic Contra Game Play

contra game free download for androidFor starters, you don’t have to blow into the end of the game cartridge or console to get the game to load properly. Just tap your app and you are ready to play. It’s a landscape format game mimicking the Nintendo controller almost exactly with your left thumb controlling the 8-position direction pad and your right thumb controls the A (shoot) and B (jump) actions. Start at Stage 1, The Jungle, and you will immediately notice the similarity to the original Nintendo game. The graphics, audio, and game play are identical to the original Contra with the only exception being you are holding a smartphone in lieu of a controller.

contra game download for mobileYou can’t enter the aforementioned cheat code for unlimited lives as you only get three. Once you die three times, you can chose to watch a video for an extra life or select “no,” and if you want to continue, you will have to sit through an advertisement, of course. Even sometimes when you pause the game, you will be greeted with a video ad. Well, guess what? You can buy your way out of the bombardment of ads for only $.99. You can also purchase additional lives (up to 30) and the “spray” or “spread” gun (the best!) up to unlimited use for prices ranging from $4.99 to $14.99. These are relatively cheap price tags especially if you desire to lose the ads and be competitive. If you know me, my cheap self will suffer through the video advertisements until I can’t take it anymore. Well, I am already at that point, so there goes $.99, and it really is a relief not to have to deal with those annoying ads. This is just the reality of the free app world and is no fault of the developer.

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this article and asking yourself “What’s the big deal with Contra?” Either you aren’t of my generation or just haven’t simply heard of it. Regardless of whether or not playing Contra induces a nostalgic memory, you should give Classic Contra a crack. I will say I had to you get used to my gorilla- like thumbs being an obstacle or maybe it’s just a sign I need to upgrade my smartphone.

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