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My good friend tells me there are three things which qualify you as a man:

  1. You must be able to tie a tie.
  2. You must be able to drive a stick shift.
  3. You must be able to Bar-B-Q.

I can only do one of the three, but do I feel less of a man? Hell no! I will learn how to drive a stick shift when I buy my Ferrari and will use the Real Men Real Style app to learn how to tie a tie. Ties are for “stiffs” anyways. You will only see me sporting a tie at a wedding by which you will only see it wrapped around my head by the end of the night. Anyway, this manly app is a gem. I consider myself a stylish individual and this is one of those apps every man should have.

Manly App Info

The home screen defaults to “Infographics” which list a healthy amount of articles which are updated regularly featuring things like right underwear for body type, a guide to belts, how to fold a pocket square, how to treat stains, and even better ways to hold your phone.

If you tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines), a listing of various categories will be featured to include all articles, clothing, grooming, communication skills, travel and living, videos, premium courses, free e-books, “Ask Antonio,” and recommendations. Although there is no real search option, the variety of best men's appcategories should help you narrow down your topic. Articles feature grooming tips, how to give amazing presentations, best cologne(s), how to pack for warm weather, how to fold a t-shirt, how to match a shirt and tie (if know how to tie one), best razors, best shoes, and so on. It’s really a cool app just to peruse whether or not you heed any advice and/or utilize the hacks highlighted in the articles. Don’t be afraid to explore the video category either.

Best App for Men

Regarding some of the best apps for guys out there, this has to be one of the best ones I have come across. It is very user friendly and candid. The ads are limited, and you will be encouraged to “sign up,” but it is not an obnoxious, in your face form of advertisement. Plus, there are plenty of free readings to keep your attention and help you along in your daily life and routine. It’s men's style appavailable for any iOS and Android device, so get on it men. It gets my vote for best app for guys 2017.

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