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Most people enjoy playing card games of some sort and usually, we have our favorites. In my case, I thoroughly enjoy the game of spades. It’s one of those games which creates the competitive atmosphere of card games, but doesn’t really necessitate betting. With this being said, I have chosen to download Spades – Classic Card Game. This is the best spades app I have come across to date.

Playing Spades

Even if you aren’t spades player, this app has a great tutorial to get you started. Basically, you are given two choices of game play as your opponents, “bots” or multi-player online. I chose “bots” first just to refresh my memory of how to play and to not embarrass myself with the real people online. All the typical rules apply. You have place a bid of how many “tricks” or “books” you expect to win and be mindful of what your partner is bidding as well. “Nils” are in play, and if you are desperate or just simply willing to take the risk, blind “nils” can be bid without even looking at your cards. The risk may be worth the reward as you will be awarded extra points if you achieve a “nil” or “blind nil” bid.

free card game appsA few simple taps of the screen will allow you to play your card. Do your best to “cut” your opponents while achieving your bid. If one of your opponents do not get their number of “books” per their bid, they will lose points and likewise for your team, of course. This also applies to the aforementioned “nil” bids. Strategy is key, and just because you don’t win the majority of the books, doesn’t mean you lost the game. The default game is set to 500 points which allows for several decks to be played out. Once all thirteen books are accounted, the next screen will tabulate the scoring. Regardless, of the hand you are dealt, there is always an approach keep yourself in the game.

Final Deal

This spades app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s a free game and if you don’t mind a few ads here and there, it can be enjoyed at your leisure. As I stated earlier, it is the one of the best spades apps I have played and will continue to play. Good Luck!

HQ Live Trivia – Win Real Cash


HQ Live Trivia

Developer – Intermedia Labs

Price – Free

HQ Live Trivia Rundown

HQ Live Trivia is a new app and just like the title, you play trivia with thousands of others in real time for real money. HQ Live Trivia was founded by Rus Yusupov, who was the cofounder of the former social media site, Vine.  Yusupov is starting a new idea with HQ Trivia making an app real time based and interactive.  Every day at 3:00 EST and 9:00 EST, they perform a rapid fire 12 question trivia game hosted by comedian Scott Rogowsky.  Get lucky or just be plain smart enough to answer all ten questions correctly, and you win the jackpot.  The jackpot is split equally among all winners. The price pool is always increasing as revenue increases.  The first jackpot was only one hundred dollars. The app first launched 3 months ago and the jackpot has already increased to $10,000 for tonight’s event (12/10/2017).  We are playing for real cash here, and it is paid to you through PayPal instantaneously if you win.  The questions are all general trivia with varying difficulty.  It does not appear the questions increase in difficulty as the game goes on.  You have only ten seconds to answer each multiple choice question (3 answers only).  The host Scott Rogowsky delivers each question with excitement and ending most with a little joke.  While playing or after you get eliminated, you can comment and join the live conversation below the game.  The app just started a cool and smart marketing tool which gives players an extra life for each person who signs up for the app and enters your username in the referral section.

HQ Live Trivia Final Thoughts

Not only do I find this app new and exciting, I even allowed the app to send me push notifications for when games are starting. I think this is the first app that I have allowed push notifications to interfere with my life.  The questions are a good variety of topics and not out of the world difficult.  Remember regardless of the outcome, HQ Trivia is giving away the money so they don’t have a motive to keep people from winning.  I would hope in the future the questions would include video or audio or possibly even add guest hosts to change it up a little bit.  I do believe the app will get better and more interesting as the developer Rus Yusupov has publicly stated his goal is less about monetizing the app and more about creating a good user experience with the ultimate goal of creating million dollar jackpots.

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