Remembear – More Than a Cute Name

           Remembear:  Password Manager

Developer – Tunnelbear Inc.

Price – Free, with Premium Version pricing to be determined


Remembear – What is it?

Remembear is an automatic login and password program that automatically generates unique strong passwords for websites, apps, payment forms and banking accounts.  Each website, app or banking account can have a unique password and all you need to remember is your Remembear master password.  Now, you get the name as it is a play on words.  We have reviewed password apps like 1Password before, but to our knowledge this is currently first password manager that will offer free versions.  Please note, we tested the beta version of this app and hope some of the kinks will be worked out before launching the official app.   After the beta testing period, they will offer both a free version and a paid version. Currently, the exact features and cost is unknown (we will update this article when pricing and features are known).  The other thing we really like is the terms of service. We understand most people just hit accept and don’t read them which is why we read them for you.  The best part of the terms of use (pictured left), is the passwords you store are your intellectual property and Remembear can’t see or access your passwords.  Remembear also claims to be extremely safe and secure.  The program was engineered for you and only you are supposed to be capable of accessing the passwords. They use a strong end to end encryption and performed independent audits of the security.  You can sync the program with all your tablets, computers, and phones allowing access set up on one device to be shared with all your devices.  The app allows you to migrate passwords from other apps like 1Password to Remembear. I found adding credit cards to be rather easy and if you like shopping, this is a big time saver.  However, adding passwords for website was not so easy, and the app didn’t offer a tutorial of the help section.  I had to Google how to work it, and this being a new app, the Google results didn’t even really help too much. 

Remembear – Remember Our Recommendation

We completely understand the app is in the beta testing phase and have confidence the major issues we encounteted will be corrected.  Not being able to add programs is a major deal for a password program app, but after figuring it out, it was rather easy.  We would like to see a step by step walkthrough added to the app.  If you are currently paying for password management services, don’t switch during the beta testing period and check back in a few months with us after we can see what features the free version has or lacks.  If you aren’t using a password management program, go ahead and jump in now and give it a shot.  We do recommend before using Remembear, you review the security and decide for yourself if Remembear provides a level of security that meets your comfort level.


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