Think! Think! – A Learning App for Kids

best learning appDeveloper: Hanamaru Lab

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


In our world of smart devices, we often find ourselves staring down in the direction of our hands, hopefully, while not driving or even at work. Anyhow, we have to lump our children into that same population nowadays. Granted, while letting my son play games on my phone during dinner night out certainly keeps his attention, however, these are usually games conducive to an adult level of intelligence. I shall now segue into my recent discovery of the Think! Think! app. This is a great app for kids and is a learning app at the same time. BONUS!

best app for kidsThink! Think! is only available for Google Play users so we will just put that out there for starters. The best part of this app is the free price tag and no ads. Can you believe that?! I figure it’s probably so the kids don’t click on an ad and buy something inadvertently. Smart design by Hanamaru Lab, I assume. Anyway, after you download the app, the basic registration process simply consists of creating a username. No password or email is necessitated. There are a variety of games and challenges to conquer, and you will unlock more as you level up. Basically, you are dealing with puzzles, mazes, and other skilled games which put your brain power to use. I must admit I have actually been partaking in these games.  Even though the challenges are kid friendly, each stage game is best apps for kidstimed so quick, accurate thinking will only help the cause and creates some intensity for the challenge. You can pause the game at any time, ask for a hint, and even skip the board during the stage if you are simply stumped or have a brain fart. At the conclusion, you will be ranked and graded by which these points are accrued to enable you to level up.

In summation, there are many learning apps and apps for kids offered out there, but this app has definitely caught by eye and in my opinion, would fall into the one of the best apps for kids category. Some may feel it isn’t appropriate to encourage children to stare at a phone or tablet and play games, but at least Think! Think! offers the benefits of learning.

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