Faceu – Fun Camera App


faceu app downloadDeveloper: Lemon, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Faceu is one of the latest apps out there that allows you to customize a photo in any way you want. You can take a selfie with the app and then you can modify the image as you see fit. It’s really fun, and the fact that it automatically recognizes your facial features is great too. This way you will have no problem adding in some cool new hats or glasses without any hassle.

faceu app storeMoreover, Faceu also has some beauty filters that are quite nice to be honest. The visuals in here are amazing, and you will always be quite impressed with the great value and quality. There’s also an expressions pack, which means you will have a lot of fun enjoying the addition of expressions if you so desire!

But the nicest thing about Faceu is that you get to add makeup to yourself and see how it looks. It’s quite amazing to be honest, and the entire host of features is designed to offer you a great experience as a whole.

The facial recognition tech used by Faceu is amazing and it’s very accurate. Plus, the filters and results you get from using them are very good too. It just goes to show that Faceu looks and feels genuine, and the results are a great testament of that.

face uAdding in visuals to your selfie may not seem like a stellar idea right off the bat. But the app looks great, feels really nice and it has exactly the stuff you need from a cool, pastime app. It’s really special and fun to go through, not to mention easy to customize.

As for enjoying the app, that’s up to you. There are only ads, so no in-app purchases are here. Which is great, although sometimes the ads can be a bit annoying. But still, if you want to enjoy an app that brings in filters and some cool stuff as well as nifty visuals, this may be the right one for you. Overall, I enjoyed using Faceu and I am sure you will like it too!

Knife Hit App Review


knife hit android appsDeveloper: Ketchapp

Rating:  Everyone

Price: Free. Remove ads for $2.99.

Knife Hit Apple Download

Knife Hit Apple App Download


Ketchapp strikes again with another addictive mobile app, Knife Hit. It is harder than it looks which makes it difficult to stop playing. Yes, it is challenging, but it is not like “brain teaser” hard where you just want to give up, but rather quite the opposite.

Game Play

knife hit on app storeThere aren’t many motor skills involved in actually playing Knife Hit, and it’s more of a timing thing. The object is to chop the circular tree section with a series of knives automatically allotted to you. You simply tap the screen to launch a knife to lodge it into the tree block until one of your knives splits it. Your impulse will be to finger swipe to throw the knife, but tapping is better and quicker as timing is crucial especially as you progress through stages. If you hit another knife or stake already in the tree section, it will be deflected and the stage will be over. However, don’t be discourage because it’s not a big deal to restart and I am betting you will be restarting a lot. It is desirable to knife the apples. Apples act as your currency for this app allowing you to upgrade you knife arsenal. You can also upgrade your knife inventory by beating “bosses.” Boss stages will appear at every five stages. I use the term “boss” lightly as they will appear as a cheese or tomato in lieu of tree section at least for the first ten stages. The object is the same for the bosses as it relates to the throwing knives. Knife to kill! Each stage is unique and the tree will rotate slow, fast, and in opposing directions to test your hand/eye coordination. It can be almost hypnotic at times.

Closing Thoughts

I can see why Knife Hit is a top trending app at this point and time. It is a positive mobile gaming experience for everyone. It is offered for both iOS and Android devices and is a free download to play. There are ads and if you wish to remove them, pay $2.99 for an ad free experience.


Politaire – Poker Solitaire App

politaire for itunesDeveloper: TOPEBOX(Android),  Pine Entertainment (iOS)

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

Politarire Apple Downlogd

Politaire Apple Download

I must admit when I first read the title, Politaire, I figured a Polish version of solitaire. On the contrary, I am quite wrong, and its poker mixed with solitaire which makes absolutely perfect sense from a namesake perspective. I am a big fan of playing cards and finding playing card apps in right up my alley which is my next conquest is Politaire (as you might have probably figured out by now).

Playing Politaire

politaire for androidI would think this game is new to most who play card apps, but no worries….this app is equipped with a great tutorial to get you started. You are only playing against yourself and you have one deck to work with (in the free version). The game play is simple and so are the objectives, especially, if you are familiar with poker. Three cards will be visibly queued at the top of the screen which is where the solitaire blend is incorporated. Slide the cards from your hand to discard and create poker hands with the deck to score. The scoring is valued based on the odds of the hand so a royal flush will score the highest, for example. For a complete scoring list, tap the “Hand List” tab at the bottom of the screen. Consecutive scoring hands will be rewarded with a combo multiplier so it’s important to plan ahead. If you are good card counter, this will be beneficial to setting up and scoring winning hands. Complete challenges to level up in the game and inflate your ego.

Final Deal

I am going to give this app a couple more trial runs just because it is simple, yet strategy is also important. This playing card app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It’s a free card game app and if you don’t mind a few ads between hands, it can be enjoyed at your leisure. If you can’t stand the ads, upgrade to the premium version for $.99. You will also be rewarded the ability to play with two decks and decorative card backings.

Drag Sim 2018 – Fire Up Those Engines


Developer – Alexandru Marusac OviLex Software

Rating – 4+

Price – Free (with in app purchases)

Drag Sim 2018 Apple Download  Drag Sim 2018 Google Download


Drag Sim 2018 is a fun racing game created with drag lovers in mind. The idea here is simple. You enter the game and then you will race other drivers in order to become the champion. The more you win, the easier it will be to unlock the cars in the game, And there are a ton of cars here. In fact, you can find more than 70 different cars with each one characterized with its own customizations and performance upgrades just ready to be unleashed. The best part about Drag Sim 2018 is it features all of that, all while bringing in front outstanding benefits for the player too.

You have manual transmission, interior view, and other things which will immerse you into the game experience. And if that’s not enough, the title also comes with 7 different car tiers. This way you will find it easier to enjoy the game the way you want as you can easily access the exact car you always wanted without that much of a hassle. I also like the graphics in this game. Despite being an indie game at heart, Drag Sim 2018 is actually very impressive from a visual standpoint. Each car model looks great and you do have a whole bunch of amazing features added to each vehicle too.

In addition, there’s no need to worry about fuel. This is actually a good idea, and it’s great to finally see a racing game that doesn’t use fuel as a monetization gimmick. That being said, there are monetization options here, up to $100 in total. They are mostly fair, you can get some stuff fast, but the in-game upgrades don’t really get to be pay to win. Which is great, because Drag Sim 2018 is a very fun game and the last thing you want is to deal with is paid upgrades that are just a clear. Thankfully, Drag Sim 2018 does have all the features you want to keep you occupied for quite a long time.

It’s also important to note that Drag Sim 2018 also has multiple weather conditions. That may not matter at first, but as you play it does make a lot of sense. These weather conditions do affect your gameplay, and in many situations it can actually make things harder. It’s one of the greatest ways to spruce up a racing game, and the title does a very good job here.

Overall, I found the Drag Sim 2018 game to be really interesting and fun. While it can be a bit rough around the edges and it does have its own share of issues, it’s an interesting, unique and immersive racing experience that everyone will love. The addition of online leaderboards and achievements is great too, as this makes the game so much more attractive for players. And yes, the fact that you have so many unlocks just makes things a whole lot more interesting, so try to check it out if you can!

Patch – Your Local News App

best local news appDeveloper: Patch – Everything Local

Rating: Everyone 10+

Price: Free

There are plenty of news apps out there where we can read about the latest breaking news and world events, and it’s really a matter of personal preference whether you decide to download it to your mobile devices. For me, I like to concern myself with the local happenings which is where Patch is your resource. Make Patch your local news app for your iPhone or Android device.

More about Patch

patch news appThere is no personal information required to download and register the app but rather just your location or zip code will be necessitated to get started. Once your location is identified, the screen will be populated with your city and list of other local cities whereas you can choose cities and communities of your preference. Now, you have personalized your local news page…a nice feature. You are now free to browse and read any of the pertinent news articles of your choice. In addition to general news related items and events, the app will provide job listings and local weather forecasts and alerts as you will notice the current weather is displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Notifications will be sent to your device for important breaking news. Browsing is even easier. Scroll up and down to view article postings and swipe left and right to switch between your preferred cities and communities. You have the ability to always go back and add a city or cities of your preference by tapping the “+” sign in the upper corner.  And like most apps, there is the option to share and bookmark any favorite or worthwhile articles. You can even post an article of your own if you think you are Pulitzer worthy. However, you will be required to create an account to post your own article(s).

Patch Final Thoughts

patch appThere are couple of unique features which really sell this app for me. For starters, the streamlined format and personalization of this app is very appealing for me. I like the ability to be able to pick and choose articles I want to read whether it be good news or bad news. I often find myself cringing at some of the stories broadcast on my local news stations not because it’s bad TV, but it is genuinely something I would prefer to not even know about. Even when you aren’t trying to pay attention, sometimes you just can’t tune it out it in the background. Lastly, what I like about the Patch app is not being blasted with a collage of ads everywhere like your local TV news apps. The ads are present but well blended into the page so you can scroll past them easily. There are actually some ads which caught my eye for once so don’t forget to support the “sponsors.”

Twisty Tiles – Old School Puzzles With a Twist

twisty tiles for itunesTwisty Tiles Puzzling Art

Developer – Qneo

Price – $1.99

Twisty Tiles Mobile Game Download

Twisty Tiles Puzzling Art Game Overview

The past year brings an explosion of mobile puzzle games. We have seen everything from really good ones like Block Puzzle AR to abstract ones like Push and while I am not quite ready to label Twisty Tiles my favorite mobile puzzle game, I might be ready to distinguish it as my favorite if it continues to keep my undivided attention for another couple of weeks.   Twisty Tiles is essentially your grandmother’s cardboard puzzles with a twist (see how I worked that in).  Twisty Tiles follows the new trend in mobile puzzle games of providing no introduction, tutorial, or directions.  But don’t worry, just like Texas hold ’em, the game takes a day to learn (really only about a minute) but a life time to master.  You are provided puzzle pieces that are already placed into the final format but each piece is rotated jumbling the puzzle.  Just push the tile to rotate it until you complete the pattern.  Sounds easy right, well it is for the first few levels.  As the game proceeds so does the difficulty.  The quantity of pieces increase as do the options on moving the pieces.  In some levels you will be required to move pieces that are grouped, flip pieces, and even rotate 3D puzzles.  There is no score, time limit, or lives and the game is really just about self-satisfaction.  While the puzzles do increase in difficulty rapidly, you won’t find yourself getting too frustrated or your brain too twisted (I just won’t stop with these lame puns) as the light bulb in the corner acts as a hint button rotating one tile for you and following the theme of no pressure or scores. You are allowed unlimited hints.  The music is slow and redundant allowing you to get lost in the puzzles almost hypnotized in a way.  The home screen will always take you back to the level screen, where you can go back and play any level you have already completed.

Twisty Tiles Puzzling Art Final Thoughts

Those of you who are frequent ReviewThisApp readers, know that I genuinely enjoy puzzle games (I still play Block Puzzle AR) and continue playing them well past my due diligence phase and Twisty Tiles is no different. I am not even half way through the levels and find myself reaching for my phone every available minute I have.  The game doesn’t require Wi-Fi connectivity so it is perfect for plane rides or just playing when you exceed your data limits.  With approximately 75 levels, there is plenty of enjoyment packed into your $2 investment.  Twisty Tiles Puzzling Art is also a no gimmick game purchase as there are no ads or hidden in-app purchases in the game.

Bingo Treasure Quest – Paradise Island Riches

best bingo appDeveloper: Beautiful Bingo Games by Difference Games LLC

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and play with in-app purchases


For bingo games in app form, Bingo Quest has released a variety of versions with the latest release being Paradise Island Riches. This is my first go around with a bingo game app so I was enthusiastic yet slightly skeptical as I have never been a big fan of bingo. If you have never played any of the Bingo Quest apps, consider this bingo with a twist.

Playing Bingo Treasure Quest

best bingo gameThis is not your typical bingo environment where you are playing against others but rather an adventure of sorts. Hence, the name quest. There is no registration necessary unless you want to utilize Facebook. You can choose to play a two card or four card format. As a beginner, I would recommend the two card lineup as the four card is pretty intense to keep up with. If a number is called on your any of your cards, use your finger as the dauber. The game is scored in a typical manner whereas Bingo can only be achieved in, up, down, and diagonal rows. You can score multiple bingos on each card. Each time you score “Bingo,” don’t yell “BINGO!” The caller will do that for you and it will be shown on your card as you continue to play.

free bingo games for funTurn your volume up to an acceptable level to hear numbers called or you can view called numbers as they scroll across the top of the screen. The numbers do move fast so I would recommend the volume on if you aren’t trying to play this at work. Plus, the bingo caller is a women’s soothing voice. You can also change the speed by which numbers are called under the settings option. Additionally, you will have a minute and the end of the round to check your numbers. The called numbers are recorded in the right hand margin. Collect keys, puzzle pieces, coins on the bingo card as your numbers are called. Keys will unlock treasure chests to coins, puzzle pieces, and treasures to advance in your quest. You will get to keep anything you accrue during the round whether or not you achieve a bingo or more so don’t be discouraged if it’s not looking too good as the game is concluding. However, the more bingo scores you tally will help you level up and continue on.

Final Thoughts

This app is well developed for a bingo game, and I see the value in it based on its popularity of previous releases. I like the uniqueness and am always a big fan of the adventure games where you just can’t put the game down until you beat the next level. I can’t forget to mention the fact that the app does contain ads but they are tolerable so enjoy this Bingo app and game at your leisure.

Best Recipe Apps for Your Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker

Whether you are craving a succulent, fast meal or a delicious dish cooked over time while you are away or at work, we have found a couple of cooker apps to help your cause. Of course, you must own a pressure cooker and/or a crock pot (slow cooker) to even attempt these recipes, so either buck up and purchase these cookers or orchestrate an elaborate borrowing scheme like friends or co-workers who borrow something from you and then don’t offer to return the item(s) until you ask, or they conveniently forget to return the loaned goods. Anyway, read further below for our suggestions for simple cooking apps which will add to your culinary prowess.


best instant pot recipesInstant Pot Recipes

Developer: Free Recipes Apps

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


If you are looking for the best instant pot recipes for your best pressure cooker apppressure cooker, give this app a go. After a quick download process, you will be greeted with a home screen picturing all the pressure cooker recipes offered. I must warn you as the illustrations will provide for immediate hunger. I would be alarmed if you don’t find something to your liking so when you do, tap the picture and the next screen contains all the details from cooking time, number of servings, ingredients, and other necessary supplemental instructions. The recipe screen also incorporates a slow motion camera effect of the dish which is alluring in itself. Feel free to share a recipe with friends and family or add to your favorites and save for a later date.

This app does contain ads which is to be expected for a free cooking app. Look forward to more recipes from the app in future releases. This is only version 1.0 so more tasty and instant pot recipes are on the horizon.


best slow cooker recipesYummy Slow Cooker Recipes

Developer: Creative Apps, Inc

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


Slow cooker or crock pot recipes are more up my alley which is why this app comes with a sincere recommendation. This app offers approximately 500 slow cooker recipes which are categorized by dish type or ethnicity which you will immediately notice when opening the app. Dishes and meals range from chili, casseroles, sides, desserts, Italian, Mexican, soups, sauces, and more. I am confident you will find an appealing recipe and probably more than one. Realize most of these mealtimes are much longer than that of a pressure cooker.  Prepare the recipe as detailed in the ingredients and directions and allow patience for yourself and let the crock pot do the work. I must also mention the shopping list feature this app offers. You can simply tap the grocery cart icon when viewing a list of ingredients to add to your shopping list. I can’t count how many times I have made multiple trips to the grocery store for the prep of one meal which is probably why I am not allowed to perform grocery shopping in general.

Not only will your house be filled with fragrant aromas of the particular recipe, but slow cooked dishes are commonly more flavorful. Your patience will be rewarded with the help of this app’s recipes. Remove the ads and unlock additional recipes by purchasing the pro version for $1.99. You won’t regret it.

Golden Volunteer Opportunities – Giving Back Made Easy

Developer – 1 Inc.

Price – Free or Volunteers, Refer to their site for organization payments as payment may be free.

We recently featured an app that helps those users in need (SPA Suicide Prevention App). Following the helping theme, today we decided to feature an app that allows users to help others in need. Golden Volunteer Opportunities is the online yellow pages for volunteer services.  The app requires the typical email and username credentials for creating an account and requires your zip code to sort listings by “closest to you”.  Like most of us, myself included, we associate volunteering to a small window of activities like working at a soup kitchen or adopting a highway.  We are probably less likely to volunteer if our idea of opportunities doesn’t meet our own skill set or your interests. We believe in order to provide the best service and to encourage retention, a volunteer really needs to enjoy the work and find it rewarding. This is where Golden Volunteer Opportunities comes in.  Set your search parameters for when you are available, travel distance, and type of activates you enjoy and the app does the rest by populating opportunities for you to give back.

Like all great apps, it is easy to use, quick to log in, free (for volunteers and many organizations) and direct to the point. The privacy policy is standard as they don’t sell or trade any information you provide.  All information provided is used to help provide you and the app the best services possible.  They will use your email for mailings but do offer an easy opt out.  There complete privacy policy can be found here.

If you have an organization that you do enjoy working with and they aren’t on the app, use the “treasure hunt” feature to contact Golden Volunteer Opportunities to recommend your favorite organization. They will schedule a short phone call to gather information and get your organization on the Golden Volunteer Opportunities app.

I entered all of information and was disappointed to find out there were no opportunities in my area. I used this notice as motivation to utilize the “treasure hunt” feature and recommend organizations that could benefit from Golden Volunteer Opportunities services.  I believe recommending organizations has the potential of providing more help to my community then I can do by myself volunteering.  I will continue to check the app periodically and will take it the upon myself to promote the service as much as possible as I truly believe we live in a period of history where people want to do good and share as much as practical and just finding those opportunities to give back is sometimes the hardest part.

Medieval Life

medieval life appDeveloper: Alphaquest Game Studio

Rating: Teen

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Medieval Life is a cute game with a rather simple premise. As the name suggests, you get to enjoy medieval life in any way that you see fit. The experience is really enticing and fun, but the best part is that you can create your own castle, customize the interior and also see how the scenery, day and nigh as well as other changes can influence your castle and the people in it.

It’s nice to see that you can create your own castle, and you can also travel around the world as you try to hunt a variety of mythical creatures and enjoy a unique set of challenges that may come your way. It’s safe to say that Medieval Life is quite demanding and sometimes even increasingly challenging. The best part about this game is that you do have 8 different castles. That does get to make the gameplay more distinct and fun, which is exactly what you want to take into consideration in here.

medieval life simulation gameAnd yes, you also need to think about the multiple customization options. The title has around 150 customizations that you like a lot, and you certainly want to use this approach to your advantage. The thing to keep in mind here is that you do have multiple quests in the world. As a result, visiting new locations can open up new quests and other cool stuff for you to enjoy. It’s definitely going to get a lot more interesting and fun, which is exactly the thing you need from a game like this.

Medieval Life isn’t only a simple game, it’s also a challenging one at times as well. You do have 9 weapons with various attributes, so you can eliminate your enemies and enjoy the experience the best way you can. Capturing all the legendary creatures in the game isn’t a simple feat, but you have to do it and it can get really fun as you play.

medieval gamesYet that’s the thing that you will love with Medieval Life. It always manages to evolve and it can definitely bring in front some nifty solutions to all the problems that you encounter! I also liked the fact that you can bet in the Frostland Tavern, that’s a nice mini-game which does make sense in the overall ark of the title.

Moreover, it’s nice to see that you can set traps and you can also explore the world bit by bit if you so desire. It’s one of those things that do make a lot of sense for you and which can be incredibly fun all the time. You are definitely going to enjoy the Medieval Life simulation presented here. It’s a blend between interesting and cartoony, which is really cool. But the best part is that the game is really funny, and it always tries to be better and better. That’s why you want to try it out, because it’s fun and it always offers you something cool to do. Medieval Life is a great simulator, and it’s offering you a great blend of tycoon and RPG.


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