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Happy New Year to our readers out there! We at Review This App wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2018. When I say healthy, I think most of us can relate to the excessive eating and other forms of indulging we partook in starting with Thanksgiving. Now, as the New Year falls upon us, most are asking themselves or each other, “What is my (or your) New Year’s resolution?” Nobody is perfect so there is always something we can work on or an area of improvement. The most common resolutions are to lose weight and save money is some fashion.  However, the iCan app offers more (if you are already skinny and rich).

iCan is a very straightforward app with fantastic suggestions and objectives for all sorts of resolution ideas. It functions similar to a journal app or daily habit tracking app whereas you can select the resolution(s) of your choice and set the month (duration) of the goal and percentage complete. You have to be honest with yourself, or you will only be cheating yourself. I sincerely feel the biggest problem with New Year’s resolutions is the fact individuals go too hard and too fast towards his/her goal(s) such that it becomes unmanageable, thus, causing lack of motivation. I am a big fan of the “baby steps” theory where gradual progression is more realistic.

new year appWhat’s nice about this app’s offerings are its listing of ideas you can implement to work towards a bigger goal. For example, let’s take the easy play and say “Get in Shape” or “Lose Weight” is one of our New Year’s resolution. There are multiple ways to get in shape by which this app helps expand on this particular goal. You can track daily walks, log food intake, or find ways to reduce stress all of which are healthy objectives. Here again, you don’t have to perform all these tasks to feel a sense of accomplishment and remain motivated. Slow and steady wins the race. The app also recommends other goals which you may not think of or aren’t typical like “Become more romantic.” <<Insert wife’s laughter.>> The fun doesn’t stop there as “Quit Farting So Much” is also an option. Tracking daily flatulence is something I have no interest in.  Anyway, if you ever want to remove or cancel a resolution, tap the resolution, and best new years resolution appthen press the “Yes” button and this will toggle it to “off.” And if you start to lose motivation you can add your own resolution or read some inspirational quotes by tapping the icons at the bottom of the home screen.

If you are an Android user, you are in luck, and you can add iCan to your arsenal of apps. It’s worth a download even just to peruse and look for random ideas which you don’t necessary have to qualify as a resolution. Almost all of the ideas are for the good of you and even others you surround yourself with. Start 2018 off right!

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