Last Day on Earth: Survival – Another Good Zombie Game

Developer – Andrey Pryakhin

Price – Free with In-app Purchases

Last Day on Earth: Survival – What Is It

Survival is one of those games that feel harsh in the beginning, but does tend to grow on you rather quickly. Simply put, the idea is you are on a post-apocalyptic location and you have to stay alive for as much time as you can. The thing you have to remember here is that this is not a friendly location. As I played, I realized everything will try to eliminate you, especially zombies. So yes, it’s a rather challenging  zombie game, but this is where the game shines.

It’s the survival aspect of this title which makes it standout for a lot of people. And it has to be like that, because the gameplay idea is rather simple. You are in a very challenging game world and you need to stay alive for as much time as you can. You either kill zombies or they kill you. Thankfully, you are not alone.

There are a lot of people in this game world, and each time you get to enter a group and kill zombies. You can play alone, enter a clan, and so on. You will find lots of fun possibilities to be had in here, and the experience can definitely be among one of the best out there. It’s fun either way, although cooperative gameplay does make it a tad better.

Last Day on Earth Even Has Crafting

But what about crafting? As you can imagine, Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival game at its core, so it does come with crafting. You need to gather stuff and craft items if you want to stay alive. The more stuff you get, the easier it will be to create new and helpful items for you. It’s certainly not going to be easy, but in the end it’s by far one of the better options for you to explore.

You can find multiple weapon types in the game, and you can also try to adjust and upgrade them if you want. Controls as a whole tend to work very well, and the game does a very good job at bringing in outstanding solutions and ideas without much of a hassle. It really is an intuitive title with a lot going on for it, that’s for sure.

But then again, what sets Last Day on Earth: Survival apart?  The fact you do have a massive world to explore and you have to stay alive the best way you can is the “it” factor. It really is a challenging thing to focus on, and in the end, it will obviously bring to the forefront quite a lot of demanding situations.

Last Day on Earth: Survival Last Thoughts

Last Day on Earth: Survival can help you prepare for intense situations and it can definitely become very challenging and fun to play all the time. The customization functions are great too, and the game doesn’t have many bugs making it a blast to play, and if you join up with a clan or play with friends, then the experience is even better!


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