Dash Quest – Auto Running Meets RPG

Developer – Tiny Titan Studios

Price – Free with in app purchases

Dash Quest The Quick Rundown

Dash Quest Heroes is a new game released for both Android and iOS, but the thing that makes it so good is the fact that this is an auto runner with a lot of class. Basically, it’s an automatic running game that also has a lot of RPG elements. The 16-bit graphics and soundtrack add up to deliver a really good, immersive experience.

At its core, the game is just a 3-lane auto runner. You need to control the action from above and the hero can be controlled simply by swiping on your screen. It’s a really convenient experience and that does work very well.

Also, it’s nice that you can tap left to use the sword and if you tap right you will block any attacks. Since this is an RPG, you will see that the game allows you to learn new skills, acquire better equipment and so on.

Dash Quest Gamplay

The gameplay is very convenient and fun. Of course, you get to explore new locations all the time, and the best part is that your character also grows and evolves the more you play. Basically, you can unlock new adventurers, classes and so on. And the hero you choose has 200 skills that span over 50 levels. There’s a ton of content to be had here, and the best part is that you do have tons of enemies as well.

But why would you improve your skill? Well, there’s a very important reason, and that would be “bosses”. There are lots of boss battles in the game, and these will test all your resilience, power and focus. It can be very hard to prepare for any boss that may appear, but that’s the thing that makes the game stand out. Not only is it very fun, but it also brings in front that sense of challenge that you can rarely find in the case of many games nowadays.

Dash Quest – The Extras

I also like the fact that this game has some interesting mini-games. If you get tired of the regular gameplay, you can enjoy stuff like archery, fishing, mine cart madness and so on. All these things can be a distraction from the main quest, but they are actually a ton of fun.

There are online leaderboards too, so if you are competitive you will definitely want to check those out. But you aren’t required to become the best here. You just have to play the way you want and enjoy the experience, so there’s no pressure there.

It’s the customization and power-ups that will make you come back again and again. There are always new things to find out and you are free to change your hero’s visuals in any way you see fit. There’s no real restriction in this regard, and that’s maybe what makes the game so good to begin with.

Dash Quest Final Thoughts

So, Dash Quest Heroes is indeed a very fun game. The combination of a 16-bit RPG with other similar game types is really interesting, and it does certainly bring in front some nifty opportunities for you to explore. Overall, Dash Quest Heroes comes as a recommended game, especially if you are a fan of exploration, RPG elements and adventuring!

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