Snow Trial – Winter Game App

snow trial appDeveloper: FunGenerationLab

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


For those of us who reside in the northern hemisphere, we are enduring winter. When you think of winter, you obviously think of cold and snow which is what has motivated me to download Snow Trial. This app is a mobile game for those who may just want to kill some time or may be ski and/or snowboarding enthusiasts. As you can now gather as to what the game entails, let me delve into it a little more.

winter game appGame Play

No registration is required to play so you are ready to play immediately after installing the app. You can chose from a skier or snowboarder and male or female character. It’s a landscape format game where your thumbs do all the work. The left control rotates your player to help maintain balance and the right controls your acceleration and breaking. The races are relatively easy at first and most courses are pretty short in length so you can really burn through some races in a little amount of down time or while your wife complains about menial work problems. Don’t get too carried away with speed, otherwise, you snow appmay end up in a faceplant and will be forced to restart. Races are categorized as easy, medium, and hard. Each race is timed and the object is to collect coins and coin chests along the way. You can use the coins to unlock more characters and you will also unlock characters as you progress. Coins can also be gathered through miscellaneous achievements so make sure you tap the achievements button to check your status. Once you elevate your status to Level 2, multiplayer racing is unlocked to add another element of competition. Keep on plowing through races and courses and make a name for yourself.

In summation, Snow Trial is a decent mobile game app. It has its unique characteristics and is well developed.  The only knock is the advertisements which you are blasted with after almost every race. Ads are commonplace amongst free apps so you get what you pay for or lack thereof.

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