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With one of the biggest sporting events on the horizon (and no, I am not referring to the Winter Olympics), I am getting amped for the World Cup in Russia this year. The United States has choked themselves out of this year’s groupings, but that only takes away some of the excitement I would typically expect or suffering I would endure if they did qualify. All of the world’s best players isolate themselves from their ever so profitable club teams to play for their native countries. Who will be the Cinderella story this year? Will the likes of the typical favorites Brazil or Germany prevail? Who knows and this is what makes the anticipation so exciting. With this being said, I have been perusing some apps in advance of this historical event looking for the best World Cup app and have scored World Cup 2018. There are several apps with this same name so pay attention to the developer referenced above to download the correct app (as I see it).

best world cup appThis app has all I need and then some aside from the ad ribbon at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you select your appropriate time zone by clicking on the globe/clock icon. All of the matches are already listed in the order to be played so scout out some of your favorite teams or even find some early round rivalries. The Portugal vs Spain matchup seems like it’s going to be well contested match taking place in the first couple days of the tournament. Beyond the home screen, tap the soccer ball button (or menu, in this case) and you can select from more listings such as Groups, Teams, Favorites, Stadiums, and News. I found the Stadium feature to be very unique with this app’s offering. You can check out all the venues and there is all sorts of interesting information provided about the site to include capacity, matches being held there, and particular information about the city the stadium resides in.

fifa appsFor an event which only occurs once every four years, I encourage all fans to start getting pumped for what’s going to go down starting in mid-June in Russia. I can say after I downloaded this app and read a couple of features news articles, my enthusiasm has already risen.

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