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Developer – 1 Inc.

Price – Free or Volunteers, Refer to their site for organization payments as payment may be free.

We recently featured an app that helps those users in need (SPA Suicide Prevention App). Following the helping theme, today we decided to feature an app that allows users to help others in need. Golden Volunteer Opportunities is the online yellow pages for volunteer services.  The app requires the typical email and username credentials for creating an account and requires your zip code to sort listings by “closest to you”.  Like most of us, myself included, we associate volunteering to a small window of activities like working at a soup kitchen or adopting a highway.  We are probably less likely to volunteer if our idea of opportunities doesn’t meet our own skill set or your interests. We believe in order to provide the best service and to encourage retention, a volunteer really needs to enjoy the work and find it rewarding. This is where Golden Volunteer Opportunities comes in.  Set your search parameters for when you are available, travel distance, and type of activates you enjoy and the app does the rest by populating opportunities for you to give back.

Like all great apps, it is easy to use, quick to log in, free (for volunteers and many organizations) and direct to the point. The privacy policy is standard as they don’t sell or trade any information you provide.  All information provided is used to help provide you and the app the best services possible.  They will use your email for mailings but do offer an easy opt out.  There complete privacy policy can be found here.

If you have an organization that you do enjoy working with and they aren’t on the app, use the “treasure hunt” feature to contact Golden Volunteer Opportunities to recommend your favorite organization. They will schedule a short phone call to gather information and get your organization on the Golden Volunteer Opportunities app.

I entered all of information and was disappointed to find out there were no opportunities in my area. I used this notice as motivation to utilize the “treasure hunt” feature and recommend organizations that could benefit from Golden Volunteer Opportunities services.  I believe recommending organizations has the potential of providing more help to my community then I can do by myself volunteering.  I will continue to check the app periodically and will take it the upon myself to promote the service as much as possible as I truly believe we live in a period of history where people want to do good and share as much as practical and just finding those opportunities to give back is sometimes the hardest part.

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