Bingo Treasure Quest – Paradise Island Riches

best bingo appDeveloper: Beautiful Bingo Games by Difference Games LLC

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download and play with in-app purchases


For bingo games in app form, Bingo Quest has released a variety of versions with the latest release being Paradise Island Riches. This is my first go around with a bingo game app so I was enthusiastic yet slightly skeptical as I have never been a big fan of bingo. If you have never played any of the Bingo Quest apps, consider this bingo with a twist.

Playing Bingo Treasure Quest

best bingo gameThis is not your typical bingo environment where you are playing against others but rather an adventure of sorts. Hence, the name quest. There is no registration necessary unless you want to utilize Facebook. You can choose to play a two card or four card format. As a beginner, I would recommend the two card lineup as the four card is pretty intense to keep up with. If a number is called on your any of your cards, use your finger as the dauber. The game is scored in a typical manner whereas Bingo can only be achieved in, up, down, and diagonal rows. You can score multiple bingos on each card. Each time you score “Bingo,” don’t yell “BINGO!” The caller will do that for you and it will be shown on your card as you continue to play.

free bingo games for funTurn your volume up to an acceptable level to hear numbers called or you can view called numbers as they scroll across the top of the screen. The numbers do move fast so I would recommend the volume on if you aren’t trying to play this at work. Plus, the bingo caller is a women’s soothing voice. You can also change the speed by which numbers are called under the settings option. Additionally, you will have a minute and the end of the round to check your numbers. The called numbers are recorded in the right hand margin. Collect keys, puzzle pieces, coins on the bingo card as your numbers are called. Keys will unlock treasure chests to coins, puzzle pieces, and treasures to advance in your quest. You will get to keep anything you accrue during the round whether or not you achieve a bingo or more so don’t be discouraged if it’s not looking too good as the game is concluding. However, the more bingo scores you tally will help you level up and continue on.

Final Thoughts

This app is well developed for a bingo game, and I see the value in it based on its popularity of previous releases. I like the uniqueness and am always a big fan of the adventure games where you just can’t put the game down until you beat the next level. I can’t forget to mention the fact that the app does contain ads but they are tolerable so enjoy this Bingo app and game at your leisure.

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