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There are plenty of news apps out there where we can read about the latest breaking news and world events, and it’s really a matter of personal preference whether you decide to download it to your mobile devices. For me, I like to concern myself with the local happenings which is where Patch is your resource. Make Patch your local news app for your iPhone or Android device.

More about Patch

patch news appThere is no personal information required to download and register the app but rather just your location or zip code will be necessitated to get started. Once your location is identified, the screen will be populated with your city and list of other local cities whereas you can choose cities and communities of your preference. Now, you have personalized your local news page…a nice feature. You are now free to browse and read any of the pertinent news articles of your choice. In addition to general news related items and events, the app will provide job listings and local weather forecasts and alerts as you will notice the current weather is displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Notifications will be sent to your device for important breaking news. Browsing is even easier. Scroll up and down to view article postings and swipe left and right to switch between your preferred cities and communities. You have the ability to always go back and add a city or cities of your preference by tapping the “+” sign in the upper corner.  And like most apps, there is the option to share and bookmark any favorite or worthwhile articles. You can even post an article of your own if you think you are Pulitzer worthy. However, you will be required to create an account to post your own article(s).

Patch Final Thoughts

patch appThere are couple of unique features which really sell this app for me. For starters, the streamlined format and personalization of this app is very appealing for me. I like the ability to be able to pick and choose articles I want to read whether it be good news or bad news. I often find myself cringing at some of the stories broadcast on my local news stations not because it’s bad TV, but it is genuinely something I would prefer to not even know about. Even when you aren’t trying to pay attention, sometimes you just can’t tune it out it in the background. Lastly, what I like about the Patch app is not being blasted with a collage of ads everywhere like your local TV news apps. The ads are present but well blended into the page so you can scroll past them easily. There are actually some ads which caught my eye for once so don’t forget to support the “sponsors.”

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