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knife hit android appsDeveloper: Ketchapp

Rating:  Everyone

Price: Free. Remove ads for $2.99.

Knife Hit Apple Download

Knife Hit Apple App Download


Ketchapp strikes again with another addictive mobile app, Knife Hit. It is harder than it looks which makes it difficult to stop playing. Yes, it is challenging, but it is not like “brain teaser” hard where you just want to give up, but rather quite the opposite.

Game Play

knife hit on app storeThere aren’t many motor skills involved in actually playing Knife Hit, and it’s more of a timing thing. The object is to chop the circular tree section with a series of knives automatically allotted to you. You simply tap the screen to launch a knife to lodge it into the tree block until one of your knives splits it. Your impulse will be to finger swipe to throw the knife, but tapping is better and quicker as timing is crucial especially as you progress through stages. If you hit another knife or stake already in the tree section, it will be deflected and the stage will be over. However, don’t be discourage because it’s not a big deal to restart and I am betting you will be restarting a lot. It is desirable to knife the apples. Apples act as your currency for this app allowing you to upgrade you knife arsenal. You can also upgrade your knife inventory by beating “bosses.” Boss stages will appear at every five stages. I use the term “boss” lightly as they will appear as a cheese or tomato in lieu of tree section at least for the first ten stages. The object is the same for the bosses as it relates to the throwing knives. Knife to kill! Each stage is unique and the tree will rotate slow, fast, and in opposing directions to test your hand/eye coordination. It can be almost hypnotic at times.

Closing Thoughts

I can see why Knife Hit is a top trending app at this point and time. It is a positive mobile gaming experience for everyone. It is offered for both iOS and Android devices and is a free download to play. There are ads and if you wish to remove them, pay $2.99 for an ad free experience.


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