Get $20 Free Game Play At Dave & Busters

Dave & Busters Free Game Play?

Dave & Buster’s, a long time favorite for both families and adults looking to relax, play games, have a few drinks (lots if you call Uber), and enjoy great bar style food now was a mobile app that packs convenience and savings into an easy to use user interface. Download the app and register with simply your phone number and start skipping the lines and saving money.

The best part of the app is 20 dollar match coupon available for first time users instantly when you download the app and register. Yes, that is correct download the app, register and purchase a 20 dollar game card and get 40 dollars in play.  Plus, on Wednesdays all games are half price, so we just took 20 dollars and got 80 dollars of game play.

The app isn’t just about the free money, the power cards menu will quickly display live to the minute accounts of your tickets and chips. You can even recharge a card without waiting in lines or using the kiosks.  For those of you who routinely lose your wallet, the app will allow customer service to print you a new card for the typical 3 dollar card fee and your tickets and token balances will transfer.  While on the road, don’t worry about Googling (Dave & Buster’s Near Me), just open the locations menu for all of their current locations.  The help menu will answer frequently asked questions for you and while the account menu allows you to change user settings, profiles and add credit or debit cards for the quick recharging option to add money to your card.  Rounding out the menus is the offers menu where from time to time you will be surprised with great coupons.

While the huge draw to the Dave & Buster’s app is the 20 dollar free game play, the app offers plenty of other features so this is one to keep and not just download for the free money and uninstall to make space for your fourth fantasy football app. The offers will pop up saving you money while the quick recharge option saves you time especially on the crowded Friday and Saturday nights.  Check bad with Review This App as all this month’s articles are about finding you great deals and free give away.          `

Stop the Bus: Best New Card Game App

best card gameDeveloper: Crystal Squid

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free (upgrades are available using any major credit card i.e. Card, Visa, Mastercard)

Remember the card game Blitz? Well, Stop the Bus is Blitz with a twist. Even if you haven’t played Blitz before, this card game app will quickly become addictive.

best card game appSo you ask “How does the name ‘Stop the Bus’ have anything to do with cards?” It’s simple. Each player will start the game with three bus tokens and if you lose all your tokens before everyone else, you are off the bus. At some point, you or another player elects to stop the bus, each player will receive one additional turn, and then the hand will be over and all cards will be revealed. Each hand is reshuffled at this conclusion. Basically, you are trying to get as close to 31 with a three card hand. Aces are worth 11, face or Royal cards are worth 10, and all the other cards are at face value. Cards must be of the same suit in order to count towards 31, and as I mentioned there is a “twist.” Three-of-a-kind is worth 30 points no matter what the face value of the cards.

best mobile card gameAs far as your opponents are concerned, you can choose to play online or against computer players or “bots.” If you choose to play against the computer, you can select easy, average, or challenging opponents. Options for playing online include a quick game with random opponents or custom game by which you can pick who to play with so reach out to online friends, family, or even random opponents for invite to a more personal game.

best mobile card game appIt is my duty to mention that there are video ads which will pop up between hands and games, but they are quick and easily closeable. The game is free and can be played endlessly which another reason why this is one of the best card game apps going out there. As an additional feature, the app will keep track of your stats, and you also have options such as sounds, background music, and card style selections so make this card game as personal as you can. This app comes highly recommended, and if you find this card game entertaining (which I am betting you will), click on the “more games” icon on the home screen for more app offerings by this developer.

Water Park Craft Review: Waterslide Building Adventure 3D

water park appDeveloper: Fat Lion Games

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free, in-app purchases and contains ads

Water Park Craft is a game that does exactly what it says. It enables you to create your own water park and water slide. You are free to use whatever tools at your disposal in order to make the water park of your dreams. It’s a visually distinct experience here and at the same time you will like how clear and easy to use the game really is.

Of course, while you have blueprints, you also have free choice. You are free to choose how to play and how to enjoy everything, which is always a good thing to have. The game does a very good job at bringing in front some unique gameplay ideas, and the best part is that you can also see people race against one another. It really is a fun moment, and it just makes everything so cool as you play.

water park craft appThey did an amazing job with the graphics too. While you can take a while to enjoy everything, Water Park Craft is all about relaxing and enjoying the experience. It really is a nifty and fun game dynamic that you will like a lot.

People wanting to play this will notice that there is no particular holding hand. Sure, you have blueprints, but you can ignore those. The game has a clear focus on fun and on bringing you some cool mechanics which adds to the overall intensity and it makes the overall results a lot better than you would expect.

water park craft reviewA good water park experience is all about having fun with friends. While you can’t play this game with friends, you can try to create some of the best and nicest experiences that you can find out there. Since it’s basically a crafting game, it puts all the power in your hands. You can be as creative as you want, and that does mean a lot for a game like this. Water Park Craft is known for being quite challenging, but at the same time it also has its own, fair share of mechanics that you need to remember.

water park craft app reviewYet despite all of that, it offers the very best way to maintain a good creativity and enjoy your time here. The game is cool as it’s designed for people of all ages and it’s quite challenging at times too. While the experience can be rather tricky at times, overall you will notice that it does take a little bit to create the best water park. And that’s fine, because there’s a lot of content here.

As a whole, I find Water Park Craft to be a very good water park simulator. You get to craft your own water park, and that’s amazing. Plus, the visuals are very good too, and I didn’t really encounter any type of problems with this. It may take quite a while to get the best possible experience, but as long as you don’t rush, then nothing is impossible. Try the game and test your creativity. You will love it!

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