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Best Cooking AppsDeveloper: Pudu Apps

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free

WARNING! This app will make you hungry…or even want a cocktail. I will explain later. Obviously, I have decided to review the app, TASTY COOKBOOK RECIPES. This app is exactly as it sounds.

This cookbook app is a “walk in the park.” It’s a simple download, and no registration is required. Just chose your language, and you are ready to cook. You are pleasantly greeted with a home screen illustrating the latest recipes, a menu, and a search option. Now might be a good time to tell you there are ads a plenty, but it’s free so just deal with it…or don’t, especially, if you don’t like to cook. If indeed you are fond of cooking, you have a wide variety of categories to choose from in the menu: breakfast, dinner, deserts, appetizers, happy hours, pasta, Recipes 4 Ways, one pot recipes, slow cooker recipes, tasty junior, and favorites. It all sounds good to me with the emphasis on the happy hour category.  The best thing about this is useful app is the YouTube video which coincides with the recipe. For the cooking challenged<<insert me>>, this is a major bonus. The recipe library seems endless. It’s almost just too easy aside from the actual cooking part.

Best Receipe App 2017Here’s my advice. If you are an aspiring chef and can cook as well as my wife, use this app as your wingman. However, if you find yourself struggling with a recipe or just failing miserably, transition to the happy hour category, make yourself a cocktail, and consider yourself a success.

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