Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App Review

animal crossing appDeveloper: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download with in-app purchases

Our friends at Nintendo has gifted us with the game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The Nintendo Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app is rated for everyone, but at first glance it seems to be more meant for adolescents. The graphics are CG and it deals with your character mingling amongst talking animals on a camp ground, but remember, this is the same target audience which made Super Mario so renowned. Ultimately, you will be the judge while we tell you what you need to know.

Getting Started

nintendo appThis game is available for both your iOS and Android devices so no restrictions here. Once you download, Animal Crossing, you can login in choose to login with your Nintendo account or simply bypass this option to get started. This game takes a while to download (at least it did for me), so be patient if necessary, and you will be rewarded with a singing dog who will ask you a couple of questions as an introduction. After this brief interview, you will chose your screen name and able to create your character traits ranging from hairstyles, eyes, and associated colors. It kind of reminded me of creating a Wii character, but it’s maybe only due to my disposition toward Nintendo apps. You can always go back and change your character settings so don’t feel obligated to spend too much time with this step if you are anxious to get started.

Once you are satisfied with your look, proceed onward, and you will arrive to camp in your camper which resembles a VW bus. You will be greeted by Isabelle who is basically the camp manager. Here again, you will be interrogated regarding your preferences specifically pocket camp appthe theme of your camp. FYI, I chose sports and Isabelle stated it would be a while until my camp was set up. I must advise you that we are dealing with animals so the conversation is incomprehensible and resembles high pitched gibberish, but thankfully, it is translated.


Going to Camp

Basic controls require using your finger to drag your character along the map, tapping certain characters to initiate informative conversation, and tapping objects to help gather items and help other campers called “requests.” As I waited for my camp to become established, I looked for an adventure by tapping on nintendo animal crossingthe map. My first request was from a bird, Jay, to gather fruit for him to eat after his so called long workout. All I had to do was tap the fruit trees, tap to pick up the fruit, and return the goods to Jay. Jay was so grateful he gave me some hearts (which help level up), some money (bags), and some cotton. The main currency for the game is Leaf Tickets which is where the in-app purchases start. Upon completion of my successful encounter with Jay, I returned to base camp where I was happily rewarded with my sporty digs of my new camp site whereas I was quickly solicited by craftsman, Cyrus, to build some furniture for my camp. I was able to trade my cotton and money bags for a new bench. The bench will take time to build, but you can speed up the process with Leaf tickets. You see where I am going here? In short, this is the general flow and cycle of the game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp  Wrap up

I haven’t made it very far or accomplished much, but it is a Nintendo app after all so I am confident it has much more to offer. As I stated earlier, I don’t feel Nintendo views me as its audience, but the app is brand new so I felt the need to get on it and see what all the hype is about. I will say it is ideal for kids, and might you lend some peace and quiet during the upcoming holidays. Nintendo’s reputation is reason enough to download this game.

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