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dictionary appReverse Dictionary

Developer: Mihca Ceylan

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


You ever get stuck for a word that’s on the tip of your word apptongue? You can describe it, but you simply can’t put a name, person, or place to it. Reverse Dictionary is a very useful app to help you with this dilemma. It functions like a search bar and there are no tricks to it. The app screen is a search engine where as you can select from the following options: Reverse Dictionary, Sounds like, or Spelled like. The Reverse Dictionary option entails an input of a brief description. For example, I typed in “white whale” and about fifty different words populated the search. I guess a beluga is white whale of sorts. The “Sounds like” and “Spelled like” options are pretty self-explanatory. If you need help or suggestions, tap “Examples” from the menu button (three vertical dots), and you will be given some constructive criticism on how to refine your search.

For the simplicity of this app, it is actually pretty amazing and offers a useful app to people who already know English or even those learning the English language which can be very complex at that.


idiom appIdioms and Phrases App

Developer: Rishabh

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free


The English language is apparently a difficult language to learn compared to those of other major nationalities. I speak from the opinions and not experience, but even as a blog writer, I struggle with grammar at times.

idiom dictionaryThe Idioms and Phrases app helps identify the hidden meaning behind all the sayings and expressions we tend to speak and hear every day. For anyone who might not understand one of these idioms, this app will be nice resource. So before you start throwing around this phrase, look it up on this app and make sure you sound like you know what you are talking about before using it out of context. The home screen contains a lengthy list of idioms (and an advertisement every so often). You can use the search feature to find a specific phrase or simply scroll down. If there is a particular expression of interest, you will find an example used in a sentence below the phrase, and you can even hear it pronounced by pressing the speaker/volume icon. Save it to your clip board or “star” it as a favorite.

Make a game out of it and test your knowledge with the quiz option. It is a timed quiz consisting of fifteen questions. You can review your results thereafter by which you will also be greeted with an ad. You can purchase the pro upgrade for $2.49 to eliminate the ads and allow you access to pro features in the future.

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