Artcard by BeCasso – A Postcard App

Artcard by BeCasso – More Than a Cute Name

Developer – Digital Masterpieces GmbH

Price – Free with in app purchases

Don’t get fooled by the app name Artcard. This is not a greeting card app or manufacturer like Felt Card, but rather an app which allows you to turn your personal photos into what looks like etchings that can be shared on social media and stored as other images. The best part is the ability to change an image into a post card format easily and quickly. Plus, they even mail it for you!

The app is simple to use and doesn’t even require a login (haven’t seen that before). Pick a picture from your photo library, or take a picture with your phone.  Next, you will be provided with the ability to choose a theme (currently there are more than enough themes to use) to automatically transform you picture into genuine artwork (see the examples picture to the left).  Save your picture for free and share as you please, but note the picture will have a small watermark on the bottom left advertising the app.  For a one-time $1.99 fee you can have the water mark permanently removed on all images.  The postcards are $1.99 each and include shipping.

Overall, the app is enjoyable and easy to use. Definitely download it and mess around with it for a little bit.  Those that enjoy and appreciate the arts will get much more use out of it, but most will find value in it for one or two pictures.  It is really a nice free app and the watermark is not obnoxious if you choose not to fork out $1.99.  Being in the digital age and a grown adult, I don’t typically purchase stamps and mailing a letter has become a difficult task for me. Additionally, if you are traveling it is a really nice cheap and easy way to send a postcard to family and friends.  The app allows you also to just send the picture without the artwork if you prefer an unmodified picture.

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