Best Apps of 2017

This is our last post before 2018, so we thought it was a good time to do a quick 2017 app round up. Our team reviews anywhere from 15 to 30 apps and mobile games per day before agreeing on the daily featured app or game.  In 2017 we have seen a lot, and these are our editors favorites based on categories.  Click on the picture or app name to see our full review.  Remember, for those new to Review This App. We don’t have any affiliates or sponsors from developers so you know our opinions are unbiased and based on our actual experience with the app.

Best Workout and Dieting Apps

Runtastic’s Balanced Food Tracker and Calorie Counter – This app does more than just count calories it helps with your dietary goals and keeps a daily journal of your diet.


Best Puzzle Game

The Guides Axiom – The Guides Axiom is a unique puzzle game that has a high level of difficulty. The puzzles and codes vary and require knowledge from the previous puzzles in the game.

Block Puzzle AR – There were so many great puzzle games this year we couldn’t get it down to one and with The Guides Axiom being so unique we chose Block Puzzle AR as our second best puzzle game. It is a very conventional puzzle game and basically combined Tetris with Jenga to create a challenging but very addicting puzzle game.


Best New Community App

Captioned, Say Show Share – Captioned allows user to create and share their own videos and pictures. We found some really great content and the app is awesome if you are just looking to burn some time with low stress fun material to watch.


Best Shopping App


Hitlist – Hitlist is strictly dedicated to finding you cheap airline tickets. It has many categories to choose from and even has last minute getaway deals.

Stadium Goods – I had to throw Stadium Goods a shout out as I have used it more than any other shopping app we have reviewed for the sole reason I became a sneaker head after reviewing the app. They deal with only dead stock sneakers and have just about everything at a reasonable price.


Best Game

Into The Dead 2 – We reviewed a lot of great games this year, but gave the nod to Into the Dead 2. They took Into the Dead One’s addictive style and added a storyline, a lot more weapons and many different levels.


Best App You Really Don’t Need But Love to Use

best app for hacksLife Hacks – Life hacks are fun, simple little tips and tricks that aren’t needed but help you with everyday tasks. Checkout the app for a few minutes and you are bound to find some new little tip that gets you to say “Huh? Never knew that before”.


We didn’t posts an app or game that we really didn’t like or enjoy, so take some time and to checkout our other reviews. We also want to thank all of our readers and especially those who provide feedback or email requests.  Have a Happy and Healthy 2018!

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