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For most of us, our only experience with a lawyer is paying the local traffic lawyer who for 75 bucks will make a magical phone call and get your speeding ticket reduced to a noise violation. Amazing! The truth is, as we continue through life we will probably seek the guidance of lawyer at some point.  Obtaining a lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a tough spot or something bad has to occur.  A lot of us will seek the counsel for positive life happenings. Maybe you just bought a company and need a lawyer to review the contract, or you just adopted a child and are required to file for guardianship.  Regardless of the reason for a lawyer, the process of selecting one can be quite overwhelming, and your decision is probably time sensitive.  Most people simply Google “lawyer near me” and call the first couple of Google results only to find out that a secretary or paralegal will ask you a few questions over the phone, quote you a price, and ask you to fill out a questionnaire.  They won’t even spend a few minutes to allow you to meet your prospective lawyer face-to-face.  Don’t worry…selecting a lawyer is only one of the more important consumer decisions you will make.  We had the opportunity to ask the Iseeklaw Developers a few questions, don’t miss our interview, it is at the bottom of the post.

Lawyers Near Me Free ConsultationYour agony is over.  Those readers whom haven’t had to deal with the pain of the selection process, be grateful, and download the iseekLAW legal app. It goes without saying the app is easy to use. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have selected it.  To start, either allow GPS locator or enter your location, and the app will take you to the “Area of Law” page where you can select the type of law specific to your lawyer.  There are 23 selections, everything from Class Action Lawsuits to Estate Planning.  Each type of law is then further broken down into the industry type within that particular field.  After selecting your specific legal needs, a list of sponsored lawyers is provided.  You now can view their locations on a map or request directions (Google maps is the source).  You can even request a quote by filling out a few short fields.  Additionally, you can save your searches for future reference.  The whole process took me about 10 minutes which included cross referencing the sponsored lawyers on Yelp.

Lawyers Near Me CriminalWe reviewed the four most downloaded lawyer apps, and after our extensive research, we found iseekLaw to have the most practicing attorneys in our local area. It is by far the easiest to navigate (this is important since you are only going to use this app once maybe twice, hopefully), and is overall the best legal app in this regard. It is compatible with the both the iPhone and Android operating systems.

Interview With IseekLaw

RTA (Review This App) – What is the screening process you utilize to ensure only qualified lawyers are recommended by your app?

Legal Help AppISL (IseekLaw) – Part of our screening process involves reviewing the status of the attorney with the state bar or bars in which they are licensed. Each state provides whether the attorney is in “good standing” and whether the attorney has any public history of discipline. We check this information periodically.

RTA – Since you are a lawyer, does that background and all the knowledge associated with it help you in the screening process?

ISL – Having an understanding of the licensing and regulatory oversight a jurisdiction has over the attorney allows us to check their status as part of our screening/onboarding process.

RTA – When on the app, if there are no lawyers in the selected practice in the area of the search, the app will request a email address to provide the recommendation.  Are all of these inquires answered with a lawyer recommendation?

ISL – Yes, when an inquiry comes in, we will review the selected practice and re-check our database. If there are no attorneys in the selected practice area, we will let the app user know we will start searching for an attorney and, if necessary, request additional information to help us perform the search. Upon finding an attorney or attorneys (we try to find more than one for the end user to review), we will let the attorney know that there is someone interested in their services. We then provide the attorney’s information to the end user.  We do not charge the end user or attorney anything for such efforts.

RTA – We would love to see an option added where the users could rank the lawyers or provide a short review based on there experience.  Have you looked into adding this feature?

ISL – We have looked at reviews as a feature and are still determining the best way to use this information. We built our app to be innovative (one of the first legal directory apps on the App Store in 2011) and have a few ideas to take reviews to the next level.

RTA  – What are some other features that might be added in future version updates?

ISL – We are looking at a new calendar feature and a refresh of the interface.

Ask a Lawyer AppRTA – We like the how easy it is to request a quote.  Tell us about the process used to develop a quote.

ISL – We let the market determine the costs or fees of a particular engagement. The attorney responding to the request can be as competitive as they want for the work.

RTA – Is the quote guaranteed or is more of just an estimate?

ISL – It is up to the attorney(s) responding and the end user (client) pursuant to the terms of their engagement. We are not a party or involved in that process. Certain areas of law are more prone to a flat fee, “not to exceed,” or other ways that the attorney and client can agree upon when the engagement is formalized

RTA – We particularly like the format of your app and how easy it is to find the recommended lawyers contact information, website, and social media pages.  Have you thought about creating a similar app for other areas, such as the medical industry?

ISL – Yes, we are looking at other industries. Keep an eye out in 2018!

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