Bike Race Game: Traffic Rider of Neon City

bike racing 3DDeveloper: Tiny Lab Productions

Rating: Everyone

Price: Free download with in-app purchase(s)

Today’s article and review is a request of a bike race game from the developer so I would like to personally thank Tiny Lab Productions for the opportunity and reaching out to us. This is our job, and we take great pride in the content provided for all apps we review whether it’s consequent of our own research or at the request from the developer.

This will be the first bike race game I have ever reviewed. I am used to my son playing these kind of games so not only am I going to be giving my unbiased opinion but my son will be contributing as well. This game is only available for Android so don’t try to download it to your iPad as I failed to do so on my son’s.

Game Play

bike racing onlineTo get started, obviously download the app, agree to the terms and service, enter your birth year, and you are ready to race. It’s a landscape format, bike race game. You start with the default motorcycle and will be using your thumbs as controller. Your left thumb will control your balance by tapping the left/right arrows, and your right thumb will be your means of acceleration by pressing the “play” symbol in the lower right hand corner. I literally hold down the throttle the entire level and am able to maintain my balance. It helps to pick up coins and listen to the direction of soothing voice of the computer generated women to guide you through the levels. It doesn’t hurt pick up what I call an impenetrable sphere where you are basically damage proof for about 10 seconds as you speed through the level. I had a good time with the game and my son loves it. He also enjoys unintentionally clicking on all the ads and commercials popping up during game play and after each level. There is no shortage of ads on this app so pay the $3.49 to lose the ads and unlock all of the levels in one easy payment. Needless to say, the app will remain on my phone until myself or my son dominates it. Do yourself a “solid” and give this game a try. The straightforward gameplay and graphics are well established.

In Conclusion…

Whether you enjoy this bike race game or not, you can check out the plethora of other games and apps the developer offers as some of these may better suit your liking. You can tap the “More Apps” icon in the lower corner of the apps home screen or visit their website to learn more. On behalf of my son, I can foresee more Tiny Lab Productions apps in my future.

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