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Tis the season to be shopping, or at least, start thinking about it. Retailers are hyping Black Friday already, and the biggest and best deals are being advertised everywhere. As your app review specialist, I feel it is only fair to offer my two cents. In the app world, I have basically found the Black Friday promotion is simply an extension of existing shopping and couponing apps. Today, I will focus on Black Friday Ads 2017 developed by

black friday appThis app has some pretty nice features and in general, has a useful agenda. Make sure your GPS locator is enabled and start browsing for deals. The app prominently features the Black Friday tab at the top ribbon of the home screen which populates a current list of ads and sales from all of your favorite local and online retailers. Obviously, this app has a search option, but the unique feature I feel I must highlight is the scanning feature. You have the ability to scan a bar code or QR code right there in the store to find the best deals even if the particular item is located in another store. I am sure retailers don’t like this too much, but it only helps out us as the consumer in the long run.

shopping appWhether you like the rush of battling the crowds, or you are more comfortable with the online order process, this shopping app will provide you with the best deals around. I opt to let my wife handle the shopping so she now has this app on her phone now too. I showed her this app at dinner the other night, her eyes lit up, and she downloaded it immediately. If she can navigate this app successfully, it’s a no brainer. I say this in jest as she is very picky about her apps (for some reason).

As time and money are very important to the average consumer, shopping apps like this are great resources. Take the time to do your “homework,” and you will find great deals. Download this shopping app and get head start of the retail frenzy known as Black Friday.

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