Block Puzzle AR – Hits the Tetris Style Gameplay

Block Puzzle AR

Developer – Gamma Play Limited

Price – Free

I recently reviewed the Push & Pop game hoping to find a bit of a Tetris style puzzle app, but they just missed the mark. On the other hand Block Puzzle AR hit the throwback addicting, but simple style of Tetris.  Think of the game as reverse Jenga.  Instead of pulling the pieces, you are trying to build the tower.  The basic game play is to drop varying blocks of different shapes and sizes to create an even 4 x 4 grid with no holes.  When this is accomplished that level of the tower is deleted, and your tower is decreased by a level.  Any holes in the tower will allow it to continue to grow similar to the Tetris style which took the 1980’s by storm.  Unlike Tetris, the game does not have a time limit to drop a block or automatically drop the piece, but the tower grows from the bottom and the speed continues to increase as you pass levels, so time is a factor.  The game does show you your next piece giving you the ability to think ahead and try to make the best move.

While I don’t think anything will replace the compulsive nature Tetris encouraged, this game is a fun, free puzzle game that keeps you thinking and wanting to play more.  I have been playing every chance I get. I played it in the grocery line and mostly, while I sit on the couch all weekend much to the dismay of my wife. If you need to pause the game(to acknowledge your wife), simply push the back button to your home screen, and your game will automatically pause.  I will continue to play this one for some time, and I may be posting a picture of my high score when it is respectable enough.

Gamma Play did a great job with this one.  The advertising exposure is minimal, and most of the time you don’t even realize it because the ads are inconspicuous and located at the bottom of the start screen. Give this app a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Best Puzzle GameHigh Score Challenge (Completed)

First person to beat my high score of 1356 (pictured to the left) gets 25 bucks and a Reviewthisapp T-shirt.  Start trying now because I am going to keep working on my high score and will update when I break it.  Utilize our “Contact Us” page on our website and email us a screenshot and picture of your score with some verification (take a picture with the phone sitting in front of the daily Reviewthisapp article) and we will update the post showing the high score and your gamer name (if you choose). We will send the money via PayPal, mail, or another method you may prefer. (Your email will not be used for any purpose other than to get a proof of your high score).


Best Puzzle GameCongratulations do Bigtime Gamer 84 who just beat my record with a score of 1368!

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